My Husband Is Her Boyfriend

My Husband Is Her Boyfriend

By:  Varisha  Ongoing
Language: English
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Every woman has a dream wedding, but what happens if a girl has to get married only as a replacement for her lecturer lover who is lying in a coma? Anya is a poor girl who has to temporarily marry her professor who holds an ace card related to an incident that almost claimed her future. Getting married based on not liking each other or love for love, makes Anya have to endure suffering in her marriage. Will Anya be able to survive such a loveless marriage? Come on, follow the story of Anya the surrogate wife!

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There was a girl who had a beautiful and sweet appearance and a slender body with a height of 158 cm, running in the corridor of one of the famous universities in the city of Jakarta. She was hurrying towards one of the classes in the psychology faculty building. Out of all the days, for some reason today she came late to her campus. In fact, at eight o'clock, she had to be in Mr. Dimas' class, a lecturer who was famous for being disciplined and not tolerating those who were late even if they were only one minute late.Upon arriving at her destination, the girl was shocked to see the lecturer already in the classroom and staring at her intently."Who gave you permission to enter my class?" asked the young lecturer."I'm sorry, Sir, but I took this class." The girl replied matter of factly."I don't care about undisciplined students like you. Get out of my class right now!" the young lecturer snapped at the poor girl.All eyes in the class immediately focused on Anya and their lecturer
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As per the address Angel had sent, Anya was now at the job offered by her friend. Feeling anxious, Anya walked among the people who were busy dancing to the high-volume music. Anya wanted to leave the place, but she was already bound by a promise from Angel who gave her one million dollars."Oh, this is the beauty Angel said, come here, love you, sir," said one of the men with a slightly pot-bellied belly who was sitting between two other men."Sorry, sir, I think I'm in the wrong place, excuse me," said Anya who was struggling to contain her fear of seeing the three men."Hey, you ignorant woman! I've paid a lot of money to just walk away." The man held Anya back by grabbing her shoulder and making her tremble."Here, beautiful. Satisfy us first and then you can go." The man's friend began to help him to enjoy Anya's body which was still covered with clothes."No, sir, please let me go," she said frantically. "Help! Help!" Anya, who was already crying in fear, continued to try to scr
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Anya was shocked when she heard the words of the lecturer who was famous for his discipline and expressionless look. The man with a profession as a lecturer, easily invited Anya to get married. Anya, a beautiful and sweet girl, has only been busy studying and earning money, so she has never once felt the beauty of a romantic relationship with a man, was very surprised by the invitation of the man who was sitting in the driver's seat."What did you say? Getting married? Didn't I hear you wrong, sir?" Anya asked, confirming the truth about Dimas' words."You didn't hear me wrong, An, I asked you to get married.""Why, sir? You and I don't have any relationship, why would you ask me to marry you?" Anya asked again. Let her be called chatty, the important thing was that she didn't fall for Dimas' trickery. It was enough that the girl felt stupid and hurt by being deceived by Angel."Yes, the reason is so that I will keep my mouth shut about your behavior at the bar and if you do agree to
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Anya, a beautiful girl who had just turned 22 years old, was of course confused about whether to accept or reject Dimas' offer to marry him.Who would have thought that the lecturer whom she secretly admired for his intelligence and success at a young age turned out to have a selfish side, in order to still be able to marry his lover who was lying comatose in the hospital, the man had the heart to take advantage of her who was experiencing bad things."I don't have long to wait for you who have been silent, quickly answer my questions or I will take you back to the bar.""You are a psychology lecturer but your patience is as thin as tissue.""How dare you call me names.""I'm sorry sir, I didn't mean to call you names but I just want you to be a little patient because all this is hard for me." Said Anya who was actually very tired, wanting to lie down on her bed."Alahh, you just have to answer yes or no, what's the difficulty?""Heemm, sorry sir for now I can't answer your question.
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Anya was very surprised to find out that her mother was still awake, if she knew this, why was she sneaking around like a thief."Answer Anya, where have you been, how come you just came home this late?" Asked Mrs. Ani (Anya's mother) who felt worried about her daughter."Heem, right, Anya had already asked permission from mom if Anya wanted to work in a group, mom, we have something to discuss related to internship preparation, mom." Anya replied that all her words were just made up."Why do you have to discuss that at night, child? And why did you come home so late?" Not fasting with her son's answer, Mrs. Ani threw another question to Anya."Because many work mom and can only work at night mom so we agreed to discuss it at night, sorry mom we were so busy chatting that I forgot the time so I just came home." Well again Anya made up a story just to lie to her mother.Really Anya felt very guilty to her mother because in order to cover up a lie she had to lie again, for a long time s
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Anya hoped that what happened to her last night was just a dream, but she realized that everything was real, as evidenced by the incoming message from Mr. Dimas. [Hi Anya, don't forget you owe me an answer, remember tomorrow is the last day.] It was still early in the morning, Anya's mood had been ruined by reading a message from Dimas, her lecturer seemed to urge Anya to immediately give an answer to his offer yesterday, even though there was still one more day, namely tomorrow. Without replying to the message from the lecturer, Anya immediately closed the application with the white phone icon on her cellphone, she better take care of something else than that unimportant message. "Morning, Mom!" "Morning dear, how come you're not ready for class?" asked Mrs. Ani. "Anya doesn't have class today, Mom." "Why, An? Aren't you usually like this, girl?" "Anya, she's not feeling well, Mom, so today she's excused from class, Mom." Mrs. Ani, who was making the batter for the caramel s
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Since last night, Anya had memorized the voice of someone calling her, so she didn't want to turn to the source of the voice."An, you were called by Mr. Dimas," Anita said, patting Anya's left shoulder."I know, just let it go, Nit, pretend not to hear.""What's wrong, An? Are you causing trouble with Mr. Dimas again?""Just shut up, Nit, let's keep going," said Anya."Come on, I'll follow you."Just as the two girls were about to walk away, Dimas called Anya back."Anya Syafitri, come here," Dimas called with emphasis."There you go, An, look at Mr. Dimas' face and voice, it's really scary, like he wants to swallow you alive.""Yes, Nit, I'll go to the lecturer without that expression first, bye.""Bye."With slow steps, Anya walked towards where Dimas stood."Hurry up, don't look like a snail.""Patience, sir. What's the need, sir?""Don't pretend to forget, hurry up, I'll wait in my office."~~~As instructed by her lecturer, Anya was now in Dimas' office. Without further ado of o
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Of course Anya was shocked to hear Mrs. Adel's explanation, she did not expect that Arya's family could accept her who was not comparable to them, even she said they would go to Anya's house the day after tomorrow to discuss the marriage between the girl and Arya. "I'm sorry Ma, didn't you hear me wrong?" asked Anya bravely. "It's true, beautiful, how could we mess around with such an important matter," replied Mrs. Adel confidently. "By the way, you said you've been dating for about a year, why haven't you ever told us about Anya, Ar? We told you to bring your girlfriend here too and you never did, just this time, tell us your reason?" Mr. Aditya is indeed the type of person who doesn't talk much, he only speaks when he needs to, but once he speaks he will get straight to the point without beating around the bush, just like now. "The reason is because we agreed not to expose our relationship at least until one year Pa. Arya's status as Anya's lecturer makes Anya a little afraid th
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After waking up and feeling better, Anya rushed out of her room so she could tell her mom and dad something important."Mom, Dad!" called Anya."Yes, daughter.""What do you want to talk about, An?" asked her father.Pak Adi saw that his youngest daughter seemed to be holding something back and found it difficult to say, so he automatically grasped her hand, giving it his warmth."Tell me, An, don't be afraid, mom and dad will always be willing to listen to what our daughter has to say, is your daughter in trouble?""No Dad, Anya just wants to tell Mom and Dad that there is a family coming here tomorrow.""Who, An? What do they want to do?" asked Mrs. Ani curiously."They want to propose to Anya, Mom.""WHAT?" Mrs. Ani raised her voice, reflexively hearing Anya's statement."Mom, keep your voice down.""Sorry, Ma'am, I was reflexive.""Who is that guy, Anya? The man who is going to propose to you? Have you known each other before?""We know each other, Dad, he's Anya's boyfriend.""Wh
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10. YES, I DO
Those who were in that place were waiting for Anya's answer, all hoping that the girl would accept Arya's marriage proposal. Although they knew that Arya and Anya loved each other, they were still worried if Anya refused the good intentions of Arya's family who came to propose to her."Bismillah," Anya said. "I accept Arya's proposal.""Alhamdulillah," they all expressed their gratitude after hearing Anya's answer."Alright, since Anya has accepted our proposal. I'm going to say it directly here, that we want the marriage to take place as soon as possible. It's not that there's anything that makes us rush, we just want to see our old bachelor son get married as soon as possible." Mr. Aditya deliberately spoke like that while patting Arya's back to make the atmosphere less tense."I also think it's a good idea, so that Anya and Arya have a legal status in the eyes of religion and the state, so it doesn't cause slander, but I leave everything to Anya and Arya," said Pak Adi."What about
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