10 Billion To Get A Wife!

10 Billion To Get A Wife!

By:  Violet Evergarden  Completed
Language: English
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25 years ago, because of desperate, her father left her in the forest. 25 years later, a billionaire offers her 10 billion dollars just for the role of 'bad wife' for 5 years. Between life and dignity, she chooses life. Her life completely turns upside down after she married into a billionaire heir. Bit by bit she knows who is her real family is.A king that keeps her heart go crazy while her knight keep protects and loves her wholeheartedly, she stuck between these two people. Sometimes, love can make people be such an idiot and blind, sometimes love also can change a person. Between love and be loved is two different things for her.

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10 Billion To Get A Wife is an exciting romantic novel with a tinge of suspense and humor. Hai Rin receives a strange offer from a wealthy man named Richard. He offers her 10 Billion if she becomes his wife for five years. The deal sounds bogus, but she needs the cash for her grandmother's surgery. Five years is a long time. Can feelings grow during these years? And what is this mysterious past that haunts Hai Rin? It is as if a part of her was lost and now seeking its way out again. Will the truth only result in a loss? Or will it make her feel whole?

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"Honey, run!!" Yu Ran shout from behind Zhi ling when he suddenly saw one man from the group that chasing them take out a gun.Bang!He feels a sharp pain on his shoulder. However, he still needs to run. He uses his right hand to press the wound from his left shoulder while his left hand is carrying his daughter close to his chest. He continues running behind his wife, who is also bringing his son.Because he lost a lot of blood from the wound, his vision starts to blurring, and he lost his sight of his wife. He ends up at the edge of the cliff. In front of him is a waterfall that is not too deep. He keeps looking at his right and left.He found a straw basket not far from his standing point, he put his baby in the basket and give her his necklace with an R letter pendant. He then put the headphone that hangs in his neck to cover both of his daughter's ears. He looked at his dear baby with a loving and soft expression, like it's the last time he can see h
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"Miss Hai Rin, Mr. Chan, was looking for you in his room right now." A voice from the intercom was interrupting Hai Rin, who is currently busy with her paperwork.She sighs before she answers it with 'Okay.' She walked toward her boss's office with a notebook in her hand. She knocks on the door before a man's voice asks her to come in."Sir, are you looking for me?" She asks with a dull tone. A bit irritated when she was busy with her pile work and got disturbed by his call."Ah, yes, I want to know more details about your dealing with the customer from Genka company. How is it going? Is he okay with the price and the product?" A tall man who's wearing a navy blue suit and white shirt with a short hair look at Hai Rin with a deep gaze.She ignores the gaze of the man. How could she return the gaze when she knows that her boss already had a girlfriend and his girlfriend is a super annoying one."Mr. Genji said he can accept the term, and ou
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10 Billion Dollars
"I'm sorry, but who are you?" She asked while scrunching her eyebrow toward that man."Me? I'm Richard.""So, what do you want from me, Mr. Richard?" She tries to be polite. She wipes her wet face with the tissue she grabs inside her bag."I heard that you need some money. Coincidentally I also happen to look for someone that needs money. So, are you interested?" Richard said with monotonously. Not showing any expression at his face either."Huh?" Hai Rin tilts her head a bit."Do you need me to repeat that word again?""No, I mean... Are you a shark loan or something like that? If you are, then I'm sorry, I'm not interested." She picks up her bag and ready to leave."Wait. I offer you 10 billion dollars if you want," Richard said again. This time, Hai Rin didn't move. She stares at the man in front of her with a pitiful look.'He's so handsome, and his aura can give a women's heart jump out from the body, but is his brain
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In front of the bureau building.Hai Rin looks at her wristwatch. It's already 6.30 pm, she needs to rush back to the hospital now."I've already transfer 5 billion dollars into your account. Another half will be transferred after our divorce 5 years later. Do spend it wisely, Mrs. Lee." Richard said while he still engaging with his phone."Sure. Then, I'll head back to the hospital. I need to take care of my grandmother and my mother. I call you later, Mr... uh... what was your name again?"  She softly scratches her head and tries to remember his name."Richard." He looks at her for a while and averts his eyes back on his phone's screen."Ahh, yes... Richard, so I call you later. Thanks for your help." She turns around and walks out from the lobby, but she stops her pace after that because he said something."Wait, Hai Rin. I'll assign my butler to you from now on. He will take care of all of your daily needs. I have to return to Imper
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I Am Your Shield And Your Sword
She looks up at the man who is standing in front of her with a frown on her face.'Did he say he's my butler? What ages is this? Do people still hire a butler nowadays? I thought when he told me a butler, it'll be an 'assistant' or something like that.'Seeing her confused expression, he coughed a little before saying. "Madam, I am your shield and sword. Anything you want me to do, I will do without any question and doubt. You can trust me and order me around." He kneels before her, just like a knight kneeling to his master. A few bystanders who are also waiting at the waiting room surprised by his behavior. They all looked at the girl on the sofa.'Holy shit! What is he thinking? Kneeling and saying those misleading words??' She screams inside."Oh! Please stand up. Don't kneel down there. People will talk bad later." She suddenly feels like she wants to jump from the sofa where she sat right now."Ah... also, please don't use an
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Don't You Remember Me?
Just before Hai Yin wants to say something, there is a knocking sound on the door, and it slides open by Andy Lu. He walks toward Hai Rin slowly as he sees that she lean on her mother.Hai Rin turns her head around and looks at the man who walks toward her. She raises her eyebrow a little asking him what the matter is?"Madam, Master is on the phone. He said that he called your phone, but it was turned off." Andy Lu whispers in her ear to let her know the reason he had to come into the room.She nods her head and took the phone that Andy Lu handed to her. She looked at her mother and said gently."Mama, I need to take this call. It won't take long. I promise you, okay?" she smiles and walks away from the room.Andy Lu, who just want to follow Hai Rin, was dumbfounded when suddenly Hai Rin's mother grabs his arm softly.He turns his head and facing Hai Yin with a smile. "Yes, Ma'am?" he asked nicely."Ma'am? Honey, don't you remember m
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New House
"Err... Is it alright if I stay with you?" he shook his head and asked again."No, what I mean is... it'll be just the two of us. If people see us together, they will talk something bad about you and your family, right?" he tries to be rational."It's okay... Our family is always being bullied by others, so I don't really mind what they said. But, if you don't mind to travel 40 minutes away and get back to me in the morning tomorrow, then I also wouldn't mind though. It's already 1:00 am right now.""Uh... But if master..""I won't tell him, okay? We're not a lovey-dovey couple. We just married to fulfill each other's needs and responsibilities." She cut his word before he could finish. He is sure a very loyal servant to his master, huh?"After all, you said you can be my shield and sword, right? So this is my order."  She insists Andy Lu has to stay with her tonight is because she was afraid of staying alone at home. Ever since she was a kid,
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I'll Always Be By Your Side
After the doctor confirming her that her grandmother is in good condition, Hai Rin walks toward Hai Yun, who is still lying in a hospital bed.Her hair has long turned into a greyish color. Her once beautiful face also has a lot of wrinkles now. She smiles, lovingly at her grandmother."Nainai, how are you?" she asks while her hand was still caressing Hai Yun's hair."Hmm... I'm too old now. I must be a burden to you." She didn't answer Hai Rin's question, but she patted her hand, her voice sounded a bit sad. Like she was blaming herself for troubling her granddaughter."No... Nainai. You're not a burden to me. You're in fact, a blessing to me. I'm glad that I can be your granddaughter in this lifetime." She hugs her and kisses her softly on the top of her head."Rinrin, I have something that I need to tell you..." Hai Yun faces turn serious, along with her voice.She stare at her grandmother's face, feels a bit uneasy in her heart, but she
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Top Wealthiest in Asia
A few hours later, they arrive at Imperial International Airport. Andy Lu leading Hai Rin to the lobby hall while waiting for the driver to pick them up. While they were waiting, there's a crowd and commotion around them. All of them are girls and also a bunch of reporters who take the opportunity to join the commotion as well.At the same time, there's a red striking Maybach 6 slowly park at the lobby entrance. The driver then opens the passenger seat and a young man in a burgundy suit and white shirt step out from the car.That man is so handsome and a few girls standing there starting to make a 'kyaa~' sound among them. Hai Rin just takes a glance at the man who is walking with prestige and grace not far from them.Suddenly the man's eyes also stare at her at the same time. They both look at each other. A weird feeling arouses between the two of them. Both of them squint their eyes a little before turning their head around back.'Who's that girl? W
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She's My Girlfriend
Xin Me ignoring Mu Ning words. She had no desire to argue with that woman. She then looks at her son and the woman beside him. Well, her clothes look modest though.Richard Lee calmly holds Hai Rin's hand and walks toward the elder, Lee Zhen, and bowing to him respectfully."Grandpa, introducing my wife, Hai Rin from Calestical city."Hai Rin also does the same, she bows her head to the elders and said politely. "Nice to meet you, grandpa."Lee Zhen looks at the girl's face. He smiles a little before he nodded his head. "Nice to meet you too. Welcome to our family, miss Hai Rin.""Father! How come you accept her as my son's wife? She was just an unknown girl. We know nothing about her!" Lee Han starts to cause trouble."Yes father, Richard never mentioned her until now. How could we agree to this? Just because we're not agreeing him to marry Su Zhin, he must be put this act to fool all of us." Xin Me looks at her father-in-law with a worried
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