My Innocent Girl

My Innocent Girl

By:  Pinu  Completed
Language: English
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She was at the top of the world when the cold boss, Chris Brown, accepted her as his girlfriend. Everything was going just as perfect as one would expect --- until one day she is kidnapped by The Mafia Boss, who claims to be her fiancé. What would happen when she's forced into a marriage with him? Would she fall for him, or run back? Would he let her?

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princess Efya
nice story though buh how do i gain coins
2021-03-29 07:17:39
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Sarah Marie Jones
liking the stroy
2021-02-23 04:18:01
user avatar
Odelia Mcdonald
interesting characters and storyline still little confusing but would defently would love to read more
2021-01-01 21:00:54
user avatar
Chinedu Abuah
really love to e be book
2021-01-06 05:31:54
user avatar
princess Efya
i love this story really good but how do i gain coins✌✌✌
2021-03-25 20:54:27
66 Chapters
AshleyI had enough reasons to cry. But I didn’t, because I wanted to give a last try to my job.  I packed my things as Lara wished for me to win. “Bye, Lara,” I said while taking my phone off the charger.“Bye. Good luck, sis”“Thank you” I left the house taking my suitcase and took a cab for the airport. I am Ashley Jones. I had been a good girl, but not a lucky one. I had been kicked out of my last job and had voluntarily left the preceding
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Chapter 1: The Interview
Ashley I woke up and checked the time on the watch that hung on the wall. It was still 6:55 AM and I could sleep peacefully for another five minutes. I swear I will wake up after 5 minutes, I am very sleepy. I dozed off for another nap as laziness took control over my brain and the next time I opened my eyes, fear engulfed me.God, please tell me that I slept only five minutes… I looked up at the same watch that showed me the time… 7:34 AM. 
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Chapter 2: Generous Boss
Ashley“Get ready for your task one” he smirked and I nodded.“Follow me” he ordered and I followed him as he led us to some distinct corner. He looked at the small sensor at the corner of the door and it opened. It was… iris recognition.We went inside and trust me, it all felt like I am doing some high-level FBI work.As I stepped inside, he stopped. “You have completely five minutes, find the 56th desktop, and write an email convincing Mr. Houston to agree to 6% shares other than 10%. Only one chance, no mistakes accepted and yes”, he looked at me. “I mean it”Before my brain was able to process any doubts, he left the room. Five minutes, girl. I looked at the room. It was very big, more like a
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Chapter 3: Beautiful Friendship
Ashley“Lower the blinds of the window, Ash” he ordered me.“Okay,” I agreed and lowered them.He called me towards him.“Here. See this. This is the most confidential document of this company, I am showing you this so,” I looked at him. “I trust you” I looked at the laptop screen.I nodded.“I am only showing you cause I need you to study this and know about our strengths and weaknesses. I want you to be aware of our capabilities. Only you are allowed to read and see this. No one, and I mean not another soul should know this”I nodded. “Okay, sir”“And Ash” I again looked at him. “Don’t lower the blinds just because someone told you to. You can’t possibly trust anyone, i
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Chapter 4: The Brown Luxuries
Ashley“The Brown Luxuries,” he said and I looked at the building astonished.The Brown… in the sense his company owns them?“Woah. It is so beautiful” I uttered as we paused in front of a building.He looked at me and I shut my mouth and came out of the car as he did.“I am gonna tell you about this all today. Here carefully. You have your phone?” he said while making his way inside a building.“I guess, sir” I replied.“Take notes if necessary. Or better…” he went to the receptionist.“Mr. Brown! How may I help you?” she asked politely.“Give me a Live Scribe 3 SmartPen”She gave him some pen and damn, it looked expensive.
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Chapter 5: The Confidential Document
AshleyI woke up and checked the time as usual.Nothing is as usual.I am definitely fired.I suck.I should die.I think I should stop cursing myself and call him to apologize.I took my phone and hastily dialed his number. I know he must be boiling in anger by now. Oh god, he is not even picking the phone. I am doomed. I AM TOTALLY DOOMED. It is fucking 9:17.He picked it up but the line went silent.“Um… sir,” I said in a low tone.He didn’t reply for a moment but then exhaled loudly. “In my cabin in 10 minutes”“Yes, sir” I replied and the call ended.Woah. Just when I thought that everything was going
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Chapter 6: Apology
Ashley“I apologize for that,” he said.Was it real!?Was the ‘rude’ boss really apologizing to me? The CEO of this heaven?“And trust me or not,” his vision lingered on my eyes for a small moment. “This was my first apology till… now. I never apologized to anyone”The sole sound of that sentence made shivers run across my body. He was here; he was apologizing. Maybe I shouldn’t be that stubborn anyway. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding and I shouldn’t make a big fuss and I should forget.I didn’t say anything as I was drowned in my thoughts and I didn’t even know how to react. I mean, the staff, the people, and Kate, I could feel everyone staring at us. He didn’t whisper anything, he said everything audibly. Everyone heard everything
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Chapter 7: Resignation
AshleyI couldn’t believe my own ears. After everything was going fine, suddenly fired? This was pre-planned, wasn’t it?I went down, to save whatever self-respect I had left and I really didn’t want to co
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Chapter 8: The Media
AshleyI made my way towards the door as I heard the doorbell. I opened it and gosh, I think I am hallucinating. “A-Ash,” he said and I think I am not.“Why are you here? Not humiliated me enoug
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Chapter 9: Boyfriend
Ashley“Then fine. Let me be your boyfriend” As he said those words, my eyes widened. 
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