My Pervert Boyfriend

My Pervert Boyfriend

By:  Keyna Azura  Ongoing
Language: English
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The harassment that Nara experienced during OSPEK made her half hate her died with a man named gnats. The senior brother who doubles as the head of the BEM took the opportunity when he lay unconscious due to the heat. He's a stranger pervert! Living quietly as an ordinary student failed miserably. Nara was horrified by feeling has a tail named gnats. The man turned into a paparazzi and crazy psychopath with a handsome face. Before the girl had the chance to go to the shaman asking for a magic charm To stop getting annoying annoyances, Gnats first offered him a surprising deal. But the thing that made Nara even more surprised was the fact that he was willing to accept the offer that Gnats made.

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15 Chapters
1. Stranger Pervert
Have you ever read the story of a woman who hated a man so much that it turned her feelings into desires to have?* * * The long-haired woman named Deenara Shinta, usually called Nara by her friends. Now she is in a hurry to go to the women's toilet to release something that feels full in her bladder.But from earlier what he was looking for was never seen. Her legs are sore walking around in heels even though it doesn't really help. The 155 cm tall body wants to look a little taller because he feels he has to change because of his student status. Even though in his heart he cursed and swore that tomorrow morning he would never wear those damn shoes again.Arriving at the back of the faculty building, his smile broke. He saw a sign with toilet writing side by side with a picture of a woman. He rushed in and immediately closed the door tightly without caring about the person who had been following him.After finishing
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2. First Harassment
To be precise six months ago, when Agas first met Deenara Shinta. At that time, Nara was undergoing OSPEK activities in the campus field. Gnat who is two semesters higher is one of the BEM members who take care of all MABA.In the middle of the scorching heat that was burning, Nara and her classmates stood in the middle of the field at the orders of her senior brother. The gnats beside the field seemed indifferent to all the students who were moaning from the heat.All of them panicked when one of the students fell unconscious. Gnat who saw immediately approached and saw Nara lying with sweat on her face. Her face was pale, but somehow his attention fell on her lips.Looks tiny and very seductive.The guy who became a lot of idols on campus was a little interested. He drew closer, causing the crowd to whisper gossip too. Without preamble, Gnat carried him straight to the health room."Who, Gas?" Annabelle - one of the members on guard, asked. Somew
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3. The Princess
Monday is such a maddening day. When all subjects have extra hours, Nara will add a new list that on Monday she was harassed for the first time.The girl who was walking in a hurry stopped her steps when she found the person who felt she was right to be asked for help was standing with two other friends.Nara shouted, "Bang Meka!"The shrill voice of a Nara is truly extraordinary. The man in the hat, called Meka, was immediately given the ignorant stares of his two friends. "Well, the girlfriend called," said Andre seductively."Gustii, I'm always jealous when I see you get close to the campus Queen. Her face is ruby." Dito also commented. Her tone is utterly hyperbole."Watch out if you dare to do anything!" Threatens Meka in return. The two friends immediately put on a gloomy face and had received a ban from the girl's father.Besides being friends, Meka is one of Nara's close friends. Every time a man approached, Meka would put on a stanc
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4. She's Mine
"Why?" Meka asked after they stopped. He invited Nara to the back of the faculty building which students rarely passed.Nara silently glanced at the women's toilet that could be seen from there. Memories of harassment returned to her beautiful head. The girl swallowed hard, afraid."Why Nara, is someone bothering you again?" His tone was filled with worry. They saw the beautiful face in front of him for a while when they still didn't get an answer."Bang, I want to change campuses," said Nara suddenly. Being on a campus that feels perverted makes him want to go far to a safer place.After all, Nara always feels threatened when many girls terrorize her or the masher who keeps flirting despite being ignored.Being beautiful is hard. Many like it, not a few who hate it.Is natural beauty wrong?"Why, why?" Meka asked frantically. "Come on, talk to Brother, who bothered you?"The girl shook her head. He held the sling bag tightly w
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5. Feel Like You
News Flash,A girl estimated to be nineteen years old was found dead near the Ciliwung River.It is suspected that the victim was killed by an unknown man while in a quiet place.Until now the police have not found a motive for the murder.Pletak.One story in his head was enough to make Nara aware of his imagination. The girl moaned. Because he was in a quiet place with strangers, he remembered the news on television this morning."Don't think about anything." The gnats commented. He chuckled when Nara rubbed his forehead for flicking, "Sorry, I'll wipe it.""NO NEED!" Nara replied shouting. He spontaneously retreated giving them a distance of up to four meters. "just stand there."Nara must remain vigilant. However, the incident when he was in the toilet should be an experience. And when he chose to drag the gnats from before Meka earlier, did he not know whether he had done the right thing
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6. Sweet Boy
Happy reading, guys..***I like you..
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7. Bad Couple
"Bang," Nara called who knows how many times. Since he said that Agas is his girlfriend, Meka immediately dragged him away and then put Nara into his car to take him home.With normal speed, Meka is still focused on staring at the road in front of her. He heard but somehow was lazy to discuss this kind of thing with his little 'sister'.How could Nara date a guy with a bad reputation on campus?Agas and Meka are students in their class. It's just that the moves are different. The boy who always put on a wise face turned the car into a big house. The security guards opened the gate and bowed respectfully to the master."Why are you here?" Nara asked when she realized Meka took her to her house. He looked at Meka who looked back at him disappointed, "bang ..""Nara," he interrupted. The young man stopped the car just as he entered the garage. He asked, "are you going out with gnats?"The girl was silent.What should he say? If only the
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8. Deana Amora
Hello...Sorry for the late update. But thanks for leaving the feedback, both in the form of Vote and Comment.And ... those who have added 'My Pervert Boyfriend' to your reading list, enjoy reading :)Let's comment, let it be crowded: pHula-hula greetings from Nara;) ***Gnats walked with a happy whistle. Along the way, he kept grinning indistinctly. Some of the female students who were about to say hello were discouraged because they were afraid that the people they were greeting were crazy.Guys who are used to wearing hats don't care. Even though Nara was taken away, she already had the opportunity to throw her single status away.Remembering something, Gnat who had arrived at the campus yard turned towards the whereabouts of his friend. It felt like he wanted to immediately inform that he would soon be going
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9. Private Room
Shit.Nara was restless in her heart when she saw the man she wanted to avoid standing at the campus gate while leaning coolly. The boy must be waiting for him. Just look at the time when he smiled broadly when the car Nara was in stopped right in front of him.Why did he know that Nara had my eyes in the morningthis?Gnats walked over.The girl winced at her casual style. Gnat opened the car door and looked down as if he was a royal princess. The driver, who felt that his job was being taken away, saw confusion."Morning my honey," said Agas Lebay complete with a grin.The guy currently wearing the Dracula t-shirtdeveloping a thousand-watt smile. With the sneakerscommonly used, the complement to the hat adds to his handsome appearance.Several pairs of eyes that passed were whispering. Thinking that the queen of the campus can finally be crushed too. Especially with seniors who are considered charismatic.
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10. Start Again
The city park looks crowded. There are some elderly as well as young people who spend their time just sitting or relaxing along the way.They look happy. Very different from a woman sitting on a park bench alone. Facing the lake with wandering thoughts.He turned his head when he saw a pair of lovers running after each other. Laugh. Then the girl will scream when her body is caught.Very sweet.Even though he lives in wealth. Always spoiled for everything. She had never been as happy as a girl who had grown up.During the nineteen years of office that she currently has, Nara has never once had someone she deserves to be a lover. Of course nota fake lover likes gnats.Ah, he remembered again.Nara smiled wryly. "When can they be as free as they are,"he murmured painfully."Want to try?" someone's deep voice replied. Nara turned and glared. Gnat grinned, "You like it, don't you open your eyes like that?"Af
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