Nicole's walls

Nicole's walls

By:  Godwin Hosanna Aga  Completed
Language: English
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At 19 years old, Nicole Adams has gone through things no teenager should ever go through. Losing her father at the age of 14 being one of the simpler things, she has built a wall so high and so strong around herself, that not even Hulk himself could penetrate it. Join her in a world she has created for herself- a world so tiny and so lonesome that the only other person in it is her mother. Maybe, just maybe, someone is about to change that.

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61 Chapters
Chapter 1
Part one Dedicated to my late parents, Mr. and Mrs. Godwin Alfa. ~~**~~ Listen to life for rent by Dido. ~~**~~I walked through my mother's room door without knocking and regretted it immediately. I gaped at the disgusting sight in front of me."What is going on here?" I asked in incredulity, while my brows bumped together into a scowl. "Out!" Mother yelled.After shutting the door, I pivoted out of the house on my heels and took off. I bent and rested my hands on my knees to catch my breath when I realized I was far from home, away from mother. Standing upright, I shoved my hands into my pocket and plodded down the streets of Canada. People were everywhere, making my skin creep. I disliked being seen by people, but I just needed to clear my head. I heard nature helps to clear the mind so here I am nature, help me! I boarded a bus and decided to stop at my favorite ice cream shop named desert blast. "What can
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Chapter 2
Listen to seventeen by Alessia Cara. "Hi, Melanie." Sophia smiled at my best friend and ignored me like I was invisible or she was too blind to see me.I go with she was too blind."What are you doing with this weirdo?" Irritation laced Sophia's voice, while she eyed me like I was some disgusting bag of shit. "You shouldn't be seen with losers like this."Anger boiled in the pit of my stomach and I yearned for my fist to make contact with her face."Watch it! She's not a weirdo, she's my best friend." Melanie fired back and I mentally gave her a pat on the back."What ever. There's still a spot for you if you wanna join the yums." She rolled her baby doll eyes. "Do you mind explaining the maths Mr Murray taught us today?"The yums, the stupidest crew name I've ever heard. The yuks sounded better because they were nothing, but a bunch of jerks who liked to see other people sad.Melanie glanced at m
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Chapter 3
Quotes..... Stay exclusive, don't be everywhere, don't involve yourself with just anyone. Leave a little mystery to your life.  *******************"I've warned you never to lay your hands on her." My dad dropped his black suitcase on the floor and glared at my mother. I looked at my dad and back at my mum who seemed like she was about to blow up. "What's going on here?" He asked. "It's this disrespectful thing you call your daughter!" Bellowed mother. she took a spoon to hit me, but my dad held her from behind. "Why mother, Why?" I asked in tears. "What did I ever do to you?" I asked with a shaky voice."You are so dark, weird and disrespectful," She said through gritted teeth. "You better tell him." I whispered and widened my eyes. She stopped like she was giving what I said a long thought.&nbs
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Chapter 4
 Quotes...Pablo Neruda said, some day, somewhere, anywhere, unfailing, you'll find yourself and that, and only that can be the happiest or bitterest hour of your life. ****************I tried to wriggle my wrist out of his grip, but I couldn't. "What are you doing here sweet face?" He asked. Sweet face? "Number one, last time I checked, my name is Nicole and not sweet face." I finally snatched my hand from his grip. "Secondly, this is my house. I have the right to be anywhere." I spat and rubbed my wrist.I hated it whenever some one called me names like sweet face or cutie, they suck and make me want to barf. He was mute, but raked my body with his eyes in this seductive way that was creeping me out. He rubbed his chin and licked his lips. He rose to his feet and it felt like I was standing beside a tower.Damn!
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Chapter 5
Life isn't a bowl of cherries. It's no longer a secret if a second party knows. "You twat, your mother is a whore." She abused. "I need to protect my boyfriend before she gets her tits all over his face with her legs in the air." She demonstrated in her short Jean skirt that showed her beautiful legs."That makes her a bitch right? Making you a bitchling, if there's anything like that." She added, her minions guffawed and sounded like hyenas to me.I wish I could yank her hair out of her skull."You're just going to be like her." She said, making me to clench my fist and I remembered when I told Melanie about my mum weeks back.Oh my God! Melanie was a traitor, how could she? After how much I trusted her.Sophia slapped my books to the ground and walked out with her girls. I bent to pick them up and saw Melanie bending besi
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Chapter 6
He walked in. I mean, I could hear his giant steps. "You have a beautiful house," he complimented, making me to roll my eyes. I looked at him with disgust written all over my skin. This man made my skin to creep.  "Why are you acting like this is the first time of coming into my house?" I questioned, packing my hair in a loose ponytail. "Hey, I was just complimenting." He raised his hands up in the air like I was pointing a gun at him.  "I don't need your fake compliment." "You're one rude, little lady." He shook his head like he was in awe.  "Don't you have an office to go back to or something?" I questioned with irrita
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Chapter 7
 "My best friend." I whispered. "No, my ex best friend," I swiftly said, swiping a tear off my left cheek. Mr Robert remained silent, but gave me the 'I'm listening, go on' look."She told my secret to the world," I said, looking at him with red, swollen eyes."Oh my, that's intense." He scrunched up his face."She lied," I began. "She lied to be my best friend, lied that she cared. She lied so she could get close to me, get something personal and crush me with it." I sneered."Wait, isn't Melanie your best friend?" He asked with confusion written all over his face."My ex best friend." I corrected."Hey, slow down tigress." He gave me a foxy smile. Does he not know when to smile and when not to smile? He's been squatting there for, lord knows how long. He should be sore by now."Isn't she the nice girl that came visiting the day you
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Chapter 8
"Euw!" I exclaimed. "No, not in my room," I said. They both chuckled. Mother's phone rang out loud, causing her to excuse herself out of my room. My father sat beside me, but his happy face was gone. "How are you princess?" He asked, sounding worried. "I could really go for a big, warm daddy's hug now," I said, shutting my eyes. Father drew me in for a warm hug. It made me feel so safe, so comfortable that I didn't want to pull out. I held him tight like it was going to be our last hug. "What's wrong baby? You're making me worried," he said, while he rested his jaw on my head. He told me he heard I wasn't in school, but I remained silent. He said he was becoming really worried. He said I could see a therapist if I wanted, but I refused, telling him I
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Chapter 9
Listen to trouble by Taylor Swift. "Detention for tweeks!" He snapped, saying that leaving the school premises was a punishable offense."But I didn't mean to." I whined. He asked what happened, I told him I was being bullied, while chewing out my lips."So? Was that like your first time? It happens to you all the time, aren't you the one they called mcundies and ugly Betty?"  He scuffed."It hurts a lot and I'm not used to it. You don't even tell them anything concerning this. Do you know this can make a person suicidal?" I blurted. Honestly, I didn't know where the nerves to speak to him like that came from."Get used to it." He remarked and adjusted the glasses on the bridge of his nose. "Out of my office now and oh--before I forget, Bam!" He snapped his fingers. The Bam simply meant final decision. If there was no 'bam' after he gave a punishment then there wa
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Chapter 10
Listen to what now by Rihanna. He showed us the poster about my mum and that was all I needed to cry. The tears came rolling down. Mr Elliot looked at me with pity, something I hated very much. He questioned Sophia, but she tried to lie. He scolded and gave them detention.  "One more of this to Nicole and I'm calling your parents." Mr Elliot snapped to the yuks. ********Detention was over and I was walking out of the school premises with a heavy heart. I saw Sophia walking angrily with her minions towards me.  "Well, well, well, if it isn't the daughter of a slut," Sophia said briskilly as she stood arm's length away from me. "Leave me alone!" I yelled, my voice harsh and tight with emotions. "Do
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