Once Upon A Prank

Once Upon A Prank

By:  Richie Stuner  Ongoing
Language: English
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Principal Rockwell isn't the only unusual thing at HG Wells Junior High school. The prankster strikes again and again and the inhabitants of the school are powerless to stop them.Till one day, they make a surprising discovery...Bullying beefs, jerky jocks and feisty kids.Hilarious pranks are made by the Prankster. Until what is thought to be a prank results into the death of a student and the incapability of the other. Hunter Zoey, Chirag and Josh do not believe these are mere coincidences.And they're all set to prove it

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20 Chapters
Chapter One - Holy Incarnation!
Dude we're gonna be late" "I'm walking as fast as I can right now. Don't push it" Hunter scoffed at Josh who was waddling like a penguin, his geeky glasses slightly askew on his face, a sheen of sweat glistening on his face. Josh had a thing with neatness, he couldn't bear being dirty. He didn't play like normal children, act like normal children or ask questions like normal children. Like yesterday, he asked his mother why the lightning glared across the sky before the horrid thunder stroke. The puzzled mother told him it acted as a warning so we would know if thunder was gonna strike soon. Josh, his best friend since seven was a little overweight an
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Chapter Two - I'll Do Anything
Josh counted the number of cobwebs In Principals Rockwell large office. By the side were numerous trophy's encased in a large show glass - to intimidate people - Josh was sure. He counted the files disarranged on the table, bellying the urge to get up and stack them right.  He noticed the worn out chair that was chipped at its edges. He noticed the creak of the worn out chair if you leant backwards. He saw the stack of books high up on the shelves that looked like it hadn't been touched in years. There was a portrait of Shakespeare hanging on the wall, looking directly at him. He looked at the name tag on the desk and wondered if Principal's Rockwell had a last name. Maybe he was just Mr. Rockwell. Simply, he was bored. He had been here for the last fifteen minutes and the principal still wasn't here. Maybe he forgot that there was s
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Chapter Three - Cinderella Costume
Josh was thinking. A lot. He was upstairs, laying down on his bed. He'd gotten himself into a lot of trouble. All because of Brent. Brent.  His name tasted like dead leaves in his mind. Always taunting him. Always finding a way to manipulate him. But there was nothing he could do. His hands were tied behind his back. "Joshie!" Josh's mother's annoyingly overprotective voice floated upstairs. "Yes, mom?" "Your friends are here!" Almost immediately, he heard short footsteps pounding on the steps. Hunter. He almost didn't have enough time to snatch the piece of paper he was mulling over and threw it under his pillow. 
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Chapter Four - You'll Be Hearing From My Lawyer!
Principal Rockwell herded the monstrosity of kids out of the building.  A pile of wet, paint-ish, looking, snotty kids. Mr Toby would not be pleased. And also why was a boy wearing a Cinderella dress in school? If he wasn't right, this had to be the month of July. Halloween was still a long yet.  Oh. It looks like that boy Josh. The boy he caught with an improper description of a nude woman. The boy he'd bullied into his numerous tasks. The boy who didn't let him under his skin. Most of the kids fashionable clothes were already streaked with stumps of paints. Red mixed with blue, amber, spots of pink and bubbles were floating out of the school. The younger kids giggled and tried to catch them, clearly enjoying the scene. One particular kid streaked
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Chapter Five - I Like Him
The car cruising past was a blue Honda Accord. An old lady was inside blasting Katy Perry songs through her speakers. Six cats poked their heads out of the windows, their ears and eyes flapping in the wind.  What's with old ladies and cats anyway? Always feeding any puss they come across. Maybe its loneliness. No one knows and I'm afraid no one ever will. Most of the kids had took buses home and the place was halfway deserted. But some of them weren't ready to face the chores they were sure was waiting for them at home. The popular kids. They hung around discussing their latest clothes, the hottest boy in class, which show they'd attend on the weekend.  Another car? parked in the school's parking lot. Principal Rockwell was sitting on the foot of the fountain⛲. He looked up to see who it was. He was wr
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Chapter Six -None The Wiser
Hunter cycled lazily on his bike. He mostly kept to the bicycle lane, careful to avoid traffic. The cars and motorists moved slowly, typical of Californian street roads. Honks and curses interchanged each other as they flowed, a never ending stream of rude remarks and quippy quotes. Hunter watched the world wheeze by his bike. He watched a woman wheeling a baby cart down the street. He saw a child playing outside on the lawn. He saw the billboard advertising a generic soap. He saw the troops of people moving into the movie theater. He saw a traffic warden sticking tickets on the cars who'd over stayed their parking pass. He saw the laughing trio of girls, shopping bags hooked under the crevices of their arms. He saw the black man ahead helping an elderly lady into her house. He saw the police officer parking his car on the street, moving towards them. He braked and his bike jerked forward and he stuck his foot out to ste
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Chapter Seven - Aaaaaarrgh!
The whole class was eerily silent unlike class fifteen, the class known for being the most loud compared in comparison to the other classes.  All the students leaned forward in their desks and anticipated the ending of the historic program they were watching on the projector.  Josh adjusted his prescription glasses as they slipped from the bridge of his nose. He didn't normally put on glasses at school because if he wasn't mocked for being a nerd, then it'll be knocked off his eyes. But he'd come late to history class and the only available seat was at the back of his class so he couldn't see clearly. Fregley pushed himself forward in his de
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Chapter Eight - Citation
Presently, all the cool kids had jumped up on their chairs. Hunter almost laughed out loud. Josh scoffed. Zoey looked amused. Chirag was offended. "Get it away!" Michelle was screaming. Chirag pushed back his chair and marched to their table. "What're you doing? Come back!" Zoey called. But Chirag was determined and took nine short paces to the table.  With a jab, he yanked the lizard out of the sauce and laid it reverently on the ground. Nearby kids scampered away in fear.  "Don't come near me!" Linda said, shooing him away with her hands. "I h
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Chapter Nine - At This Hour?
"Detention's over. You're free to leave". The podgy teacher announces.  Hunter doesn't hear whatever she said because he's asleep, drooling at the mouth. The other kid shakes him awake and he rubs his eyes, trying to wake himself fully. "Let's go, detention's over". The boy repeats. Hunter stands up hurriedly, slamming his head to the kid's forehead.  "Ow!" He cried, jumping on one foot. "You did that on purpose!" He accused. "No i didn't. It was a mistake". Hunter apologized. "I'm sorry". He slung his bag over his shoulder. "Let's get out". "OK". They're about to leave the room when the teacher said "Feel free to visit anytime". Hunter and the kid run out of the building. "I'm Carl". He said, holding out his hand. His cheeks are rosy from running too much. His blond hair is disheveled and almost covers his eyes. He looked about
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Chapter Ten - Need A Ride?
Zoey breezed into Hunter's yard, jumping off her bike, almost crashing her bike and Josh. She bent down on the gravelled driveway and picked up some smooth pebbles which she thought would be enough for signalling Hunter. "What are you doing?" Josh asked. "I'm going to throw these at his window, dummy". She replied. "You're really out to break windows, aren't you?" Josh brought his phone out of his pocket. "Why don't we text him".  Zoey smiled. "You know, since I've known you, that's the only sensible thing you've said". She taunted. Josh scowled. "Sent that text yet". Zoey asked, keeping herself busy by removing dirt from her nails. Josh peered into his phone, not seeing much because he'd dimmed the brightness. "Scoot over". Zoey said. Josh scooted a bit on the steps. "Hey, why is your phone so dark?" She asked,
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