Killing Game Quarter

Killing Game Quarter

By:  Jacket Josh  Ongoing
Language: English
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11 Students wake up in a completely isolated building, with no way out, and no way to tell the time of day. They are forced to follow the rules of a "Killing Game' in order to earn their freedom, where murdering means a potential escape. From personal tensions and handpicked motivations, will they be able to find a way out before they all drop dead?

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Reyes ETFCollar
I love it!!!🥰
2021-03-30 12:27:06
88 Chapters
I'm outside, waiting for them to show up. The air is cold, but my concern for everyone's safety is more important to me. I hear footsteps and turn around to see them, and I can already tell that something's up just from the way they walked towards me."Hey, you said you wanted to talk to me in private...Is something wrong?" I ask, as they continue to get closer. At this point I am starting to feel concerned for both of us, so I begin to back up."W-What's wrong?" I ask again, this time with more anxious inflection, but as I ask that, they stop in their tracks for a moment, only a few feet away from me. Their stance is
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Chapter 1: An Empty Room Full of Talent Part 1
Once the door was shut, I noticed the girl's expression. It was distant, anxious, and worrisome about what had just happened."Hey," I said, walking up and resting a hand on her shoulder, "Don't worry about him. We can come back to get him once we figure out the situation we're in." My words made her seem a bit less anxious, so to help her relax more, I started to walk down the hallway, gesturing for her to come with."What's your name then? I gave you mine, so I think it's fair to reciprocate, right?" My new invitation for her to open up worked, as the girl's face lit up as she followed behind me in our adventure down
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Chapter 1: An Empty Room Full of Talent Part 2
"So… What're we gonna do if our kidneynappers are in here with us?" Questioned Akira, as we walked."I already thought of that possibility, and a good answer is to just overpower them five to one." Responded Liam."Wha-What'll we do if there's m-more than one of them?!" Stuttered Jinju."I guess then we'd hafta run away or fight for our lives, simple as that!" Poppy exclaimed positively.
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Chapter 1: And Empty Room Full of Talent Part 3
"Don't you find it strange that there are four keys remaining?"……Shit. I forgot to take the bald guy's key off the ring! My careless mistake caused Mia to stand up and continue."Furthermore, don't you find it quite odd that Nishinzu and Hale weren't with a third person when they came by to free the rest of you?" Everyone collectively turned to look at Poppy and I. The suspicious
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Chapter 1: An Empty Room Full of Talent Part 4
"Well, if that's all, then we might as well get a move on folks. We've still gotta find an exit." Akira announced, which caused everyone to head for the exit. Mia silently followed behind everyone, with a confused but determined look on her face, causing me to feel like her suspicions weren't completely gone yet."Hellooo, anybody in there, Ikea?" My thoughts were stopped by Poppy lightly knocking on my forehead, "Everyone's already gone, we gotta go." Pulled out of my thoughts, I nodded and rushed out the door to catch up to everyone, feeling a new found sense of pride in accidentally proving Mia's theory wrong. Once we caught up, everyone was already in the middle of chatting.
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Chapter 1: An Empty Room Full of Talent Part 5
"Basically, you are all going to kill each other, one way or another."…Those were the clear words coming from the loudspeakers. It filled the room with silence afterwards for a few moments, before someone finally spoke up."What?" It was Mia, who had finally spoken up again, looking extremely concerned."K-Killing each other...Why would we ever consider doing such a vial thing?" Next to speak
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Chapter 2: Empty Stomachs and Hollow Promises Part 1
……… It's all a jumbled mess. A jumbled mess of sounds, all from different people..."-A̵k̷a̴.̵""B̵o̶o̵k̷w̶o̸r̸m̷-"...All of them feel so familiar, but I can't think of where I've heard all of these voices...
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Chapter 2: Empty Stomachs and Hollow Promises Part 2
…Once it was about to be 9 AM, and five cups of coffee had been consumed, I could tell I wasn't the only one waiting. Everyone has quieted down, or kept to themselves instead of openly chatting amongst each other, probably due to everyone getting tired of being in such a large group, which I could understand."Are we officially allowed to go down our own paths for the day now? I would enjoy some much deserved solitude." Liam asked, breaking the silence."Yes, you can leave now if you wan
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Chapter 2: Empty Stomachs and Hollow Promises Part 3
Who should be the next person I spend time with?. . .After I gave it some thought, I decided to check up on Poppy, to see how her body guarding was going. I finished up my lunch, cleaned up, and headed over to the room she was guarding. As expected, I found her pacing back and forth at the door like a toy soldier. She had accumulated another tray of food, making a small pile of said trays in the corner."Oh, heya Shiznit!" She called out, waving dramatically as I approached.
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Chapter 2: Empty Stomachs and Hollow Promises Part 4
"AKA!" I snapped awake to Poppy knocking on my forehead and invading my personal space."I'm up, I'm up. You can stop now." I said, swatting her hand away. I stood up and stretched, trying to ward off this sleepiness."This confirms it! You're a heavy ass sleeper! You slept through the announcement AGAIN!" Poppy told me, laughing maniacally, clearly finding my deep sleeping to be top tier in the comedy department. After she composed her, she quickly dragged out of my cell before I could even blink. "How late am I this time?" I asked groggily.
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