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Nine students were invited to the mansion of the famous Artist Gregorio Santillan. But, the students were unaware of the danger that awaits them. What do Alyssa's dreams mean? Is that a warning or it just a dream? How Alyssa can save the eight students from the curse of every painting they sign if she is also a prisoner of the cursed painting?

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Esther imoseme Aruna
I love your writing style and the story line is very thoughtful and intriguing. Writing errors are very slight. Good job! I’ll try to read it till the end.
2022-08-05 12:40:52
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Looking forward to read this......
2022-04-01 00:29:53
48 Chapters
Chapter 1
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, some places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination and are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.ALYSSA looked around, unfamiliar with the place where she was. She was walking around when she saw a big tree full of fruits, but she also did not know what tree it was. There were surrounding plants and beautiful flowers enticing her to approach it."The flowers are so fragrant." Alyssa sighed and took a breath of fresh air.  She picked up a pink flower, pinned it to her right ear, and went for a walk. In the distance, she saw a beautiful white chair.Where am I?What place is this?The surroundings were quiet as if she was the only person. Alyssa looked around. She saw flying butterflies of different shapes and different colors."Am I in heaven already? " Alyssa felt she was in paradise. Sh
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Chapter 2
"I know you can't stand me." Alyssa smiled while hugging her friend."I'll take back what I said." Maggie joked with her."There's no deprived girl, maybe there's a handsome one there," Alyssa whispered to Maggie's ear."Oh girl, I'm loyal to my feelings for John noh!" Maggie said, looking thrilled."Why don't you try to court John? so that you don't always dream that you have a relationship with him even if you don't have one." She joked with her friend. It's a good thing that Maggie is not angry about her joke."Excuse me, girl! I admit I had a crush on John, but I'm hard to get." Maggie said arrogantly.The two friends laughed at the same time and quickly finished the meal.ONE week the two friends were preparing for their trip to San Victoria, but their parents still wouldn't let them. They just excused that it wa
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Chapter 3
Day 1; Alyssa... Alyssa...Alyssa woke up. She blinked her eyes, looked at those next to her on the bed, they are still asleep.Alyssa heard someone calling her name while she was sleeping. She got up from the bed and sat down. Her eyes were still drowsy.The girl yawned, her eyes were still drowsy. She got out of bed, went to a small table where their bottled water was placed.Her throat is dry. She picked up one bottle of water, opened it, and drank the water.She was about to go back to bed when she noticed a painting hanging on the wall, Alyssa approached the painting and stared.Nice !! She exclaimed.The beautiful ocean is in the painting. Mermaids are sitting on the rocks, various kinds of fish, and sea plants. Alyssa feels she is fascinated by what she sees. The girl slowly brings her right hand closer to the picture and gently closes her eyes.Alyssa sighed when she felt a hand pull her into the picture. She opened her eyes, s
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Chapter 4
"THANK you, Sir!" Alyssa replied. She was happy, she was told very impressively of the artist she idolizes."Rain forest?""Yes Sir," Alyssa answered cheerfully. She likes to draw forests because it is fascinating in the eyes of the people.The artist nodded.Gregorio approached some other students, they all heard good praise from him.Everyone was busy drawing so they didn't realize the time.Gregorio clapped three times. "That's enough, it's time for lunch. You can continue that again later in the afternoon."Alyssa stretched before standing up and putting away her belongings. She approached her friend. Maggie was very serious about what she was drawing.Alyssa secretly laughed at Maggie, sweat dripping down her forehead. Her friend has a lot of paint on her face and clothes."Put a red circle on the tip of your nose, you will look like a clown." Said Alyssa. The girl laughed out loud."Don't laugh, I'll hit you." Maggie
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Chapter 5
CARLOS wants Alyssa to be friends first, they are still on the stage of getting to know each other.The nervousness that Alyssa felt was replaced by disappointment at what she heard. Carlos just wants her to be his friend. Alyssa secretly laughed to herself. Assuming!"Oh! Love starts with being friends." Maggie said in a teasing voice, she was not convinced by what Carlos said.Carlos held out his right hand to the girl. "Can we be friends?" He asked the girl.Alyssa reached out his hand. The two shook hands in acceptance of each other as friends."Friends!" Alyssa replied smiling. The girl felt electricity flow through her whole body when she shook hands with him. Although Alyssa was confused about how she was feeling she still tried to act normally.Maggie approached the young man and shook hands with him.The three quickly became comfortable with each other. In a moment, the garden was filled with laughter, the young man's story was comp
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Chapter 6
SOFIA has already started to choose drawings, almost all of them have been painted but the others are not finished yet.Using the paintbrush from the artist, the two began to paint.Sofia chooses the drawing of a woman in a red hat.Miguel on the other hand is the image of a couple walking on the beach.Gregorio was sitting in front of them secretly happy. He picked up the phone on the table talking to his caretaker Mang Nestor."You already know what you're going to do," Gregorio spoke with a weak tone of voice to the person on the other phone line. Miguel looked at him. The artist smiled at Miguel and said just continue painting.Miguel smiled back at the Artist. He continued to paint again.An hour later when the two had finished, Gregorio approached them. He first looked at what Miguel had done."Great!" Gregorio applauded. "You did a good job, Miguel.""Yes!" Miguel said excitedly. Sofia glanced at him. He made a quick wink
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Chapter 7
"SOFIA's belongings aren't in the room," Charlotte said."Miguel's belongings aren't there either." Carlos also said after swallowing the food in his mouth.While Alyssa and Maggie exchanged glances. Their minds were also blank with the disappearance of the two students. The two seem to like each other. But they may not think of escaping.Alyssa choked on her last thought, she immediately took the glass filled with water and drank it."Are you okay?" Maggie asked her worriedly. "Slow down, Alyssa, there's a lot of food on the table," Maggie giggled.Alyssa scolded her friend. "Hmph! you are not funny,"Maggie just laughed at what she said."Finish the meal first. Then later, work together to find Sofia and Miguel. Maybe they were just here in the mansion, maybe they just slept somewhere." Said Gregorio, continuing to eat. "Or later, I'll tell Mang Nestor to go to town to ask questions there, maybe the two just went for a walk." He added.
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Chapter 8
GREGORIO nodded. "Teenagers are aggressive. When they want something, they immediately do it without thinking about it." The six students bowed and listened. "All right, take a break. Lunch is also coming up. I'm canceling my teaching all day." He added. The students secretly enjoyed what they heard."Yes!" Noel said in a weak tone of voice."Did you say something, Noel?" Gregorio asked him."Nothing," Noel answered while nodding his head. His fellow students secretly laughed at Noel."I'm leaving, you already know the rules here inside the Mansion. When it's lunchtime, you should be in the kitchen." Gregorio reminded them."Yes Sir," they answered at once.ALYSSA was about to get out of bed. She didn't realize that she had fallen asleep after their lunch. She picked up the small alarm clock that was sitting on a table next to the bed."It's four o'clock in the afternoon," Alyssa whispered to herself. She g
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Chapter 9
"THE one there is already in love." Maggie teased her. "No!" Alyssa refused, She didn't want to admit to her friend how she felt for Carlos."Your answer sounds like it's out of your nose," Maggie added and stood up. "You look good together, you're both beautiful and handsome, you're both talented. Most of all, you have the same passion!"Alyssa also got up and followed her friend who was already sitting on the bed. Alyssa also sat next to her.Maggie opened both arms and lay down on the bed."Don't worry Maggie, when Carlos becomes my boyfriend you'll be the first to know," Alyssa said almost in a whisper as she stared at the ceiling.Maggie sat up in bed at what she heard."You said you didn't like Carlos, but you hoped Carlos would be your boyfriend," Maggie laughed out loud.Alyssa seemed embarrassed. She took the pillow and slapped it on her friendMaggie also picked up a pillow and slapped Alyssa as well. And when the
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Chapter 10
AT EIGHT o'clock in the evening while having dinner, Daisy mentioned her plan to go home the next day."Why Daisy?" Gregorio asked the girl. He reached for the table napkin and wiped his mouth.Some students stopped chewing food on what Daisy said, apart from Maureen and Charlotte who first found out about Daisy's plan."Why Daisy, is there a problem?" Asked Alyssa."Did Alyssa and I do something you didn't like?" Maggie asked. She carefully placed the spoon on the side of the plate. Maggie just thought Daisy might be mad at them. Because they were noisy, especially to her, Daisy might feel like she was out of place."Of course not!" Daisy laughed. "My dad is in the hospital." "Is that so, so sad. What happened to him?" Alyssa continues eating her dinner."Mild stroke," Daisy answered.Daisy looked at the Artist, he is silent as if it was deep in thought."Sir?" Daisy calls attention to him. The Artist seemed surprised. "I
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