An awkward lunch

It was all starting to make sense. The reason why Serenity bore a different last name from her parents. Turns out, they're not her biological parents. Her real parents died in a car crash when she was just three years old. Grace, Serenity's mother, stated that she'd like custody of her daughter to be given to Logan should anything happen to her. Her husband, Tim, did not contest her statement. Neither did any of their family members.

But, if there weren't biologically related, how comes the uncanny resemblance between Serenity and Patrick? The older woman wondered to herself, then shrugged it off.

Currently, they were in Hannah's car driving for lunch with her parents.

Now, Hannah could only hope they felt the same for her, given that Logan's facial reaction back there hid so many hidden words.

"I don't think your mom approves of me" Hannah Morales uttered as they reached their destination and she took off her seatbelt. Her gaze swept over to her lover and zeroed in on her.

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