The Forbidden Mate

The Forbidden Mate

By:  FluffyFatCat  Ongoing
Language: English
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To avoid the death sentence, Jeremiah has to solve the murder cases that happened in the Blackfrost castle. *** Jeremiah, the only omega who lived in BlackFrost castle was falsely accused for a crime he didn't commit. King Jayden Blackfrost, who blindly judge Jeremiah based on his hatred on Omega kin, sentenced Jeremiah to death. Without knowing that it would be something that King Jayden will regret the most. Could Jeremiah reveal the truth and escape from his cruel fate?

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103 Chapters
Chapter 1: Jeremiah
Chapter 1: JeremiahMy name is Jeremiah, the only omega wolf in the Blackfrost kingdom. The kingdom mostly consisted of alpha and beta wolves' race. They have accused the omega of treason; that was why the entire omegas were executed or fled. My father, as the leader of the Omega race in the Blackfrost Kingdom, was murdered in the massacre along with my relatives. But strangely, they let me live for an unknown reason.
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Chapter 2. The Misery
Chapter 2. The Misery Once upon a time, in the werewolves' only world, there was a Blackfrost kingdom, located in the Northern region of Wolftopia and surrounded by the eternal ice. The kingdom ruled by an iron fist leader, named King Jayden Blackfrost, an alpha wolf with a big and strong muscular figure and a very handsome face. His eyes were hazel with medium-length black wavy hair. He was everywoman's dream.&
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Chapter 3. The Bomb
Chapter 3. The Bomb As soon as he finished his chores, Jeremiah quickly reported his duty to the head servant that his chore had been done. Lauretta Saige just shook her head ignoring the fact that there were bloodstains on Jeremiah's torn shirt.
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Chapter 4: The Voices
Chapter 4: The Voices After he ate the cookie, Jeremiah looked at the sky, ‘It still have plenty of time before the curfew,’ he thought. Every day before midnight, Loretta Saige will check every room in the servant quarter to make sure that everyone was already in th
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Chapter 5: The Magic
Chapter 5: The Magic Honestly, Jeremiah was afraid of ghosts, but he was more afraid of a human being that could physically hurt him. He then decided to check who was coming. He walked quickly to the second floor’s foyer while gripping the candleholder tightly in his right hand and observed the library’s entrance.
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Chapter 6. The Party
Chapter 6. The Party Later that night, our poor little Jeremiah was sleeping inside his freezing dark cellar. His body was shivering in cold, as the thin linen cloth wasn’t enough to resist the chill fr
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Chapter 7. The Anxiety (part-1)
Chapter 7. The Anxiety (part-1) Every werewolf that already reached the age of eighteen or more always felt anxious before the matchmaking party. That was because they were afraid they could
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Chapter 7. The Anxiety (part-2)
Chapter 7. The Anxiety (part-2)  
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Chapter 7: The Anxiety (Part 3)
Chapter 7: The Anxiety (Part 3)  A few moments later, Selena returned to the garden, where the injured boy hid. Each of her hands carries a big plate of desserts combines with Jeremiah’s most favorite dish, the cheesecake. “You come at last!” Jeremiah cheerfully smiled when he looked that his friend had arrived.
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Chapter 8: The Truth
 Chapter 8: The TruthThere is a fine line between the reality and the truth and Jayden Blackfrost knows it… very well. When he saw that Ethan Brownfur stand next to King Victor’s dead body, inside the office; he was trying to deny that his step-uncle was the prime suspect who killed his father. Unfortunately for Ethan, all of the evidence was leading to him. That’s why; based on the reality that he saw, Jayden Blackfrost accused Ethan Brownfur as a murderer.  
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