The loud and continual bang on the door made both Hannah and Serenity stir and grumbled in their sleep. Both woman, who were wrapped in each others arms, entangled themselves further and went back to sleep.

Then came another bang. And another. And another. Until Hannah groaned in frustration and struggled to come out of Serenity’s hold.

“Hannah! You need to wake up,” Rachel’s impatient and loud voice came from the other end of the door. As Hannah fought to cover her body with a robe, more bangs echoed.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Rachel! I’m coming. No need to tear down the door,” Hannah grumbled, tying the knot of the robe firmly around her waist. The door flew ajar, an exasperated look lingered on Hannah’s face.

“You better have a fucking damn good reason for waking us up,” Hannah spat.

Rachel ignored her outburst. “You need to come down stairs. Your mother is at the reception causing a scene,”

Hannah’s heart dropped to her chest at those words. She stood frozen on the spot, una
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