Our Romance

Our Romance

By:  Airisrainy  Ongoing
Language: English
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-WARNING 20+ ONLY CAN READ THIS!-If you are not a fan of MATURE ROMANCE DONT READ THIS! This story is completion of different types of romance, if you are interested you can read this!

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26 Chapters
Fabian and I have been friends for a long time but I just noticed that he has a beautiful body. Ever since I noticed this, I have always been looking at his body, when I think I think his body is getting hotter.  
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I’m here inside the car waiting for Wence to come because i need him. I need the warmth from his body that giving me, I can’t get over from this warmth.
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Break Up Sex
“hey where are you Jay?” i said when Jay finally picked up my calls. “I have still a meeting, meet you later” he said and hang up the phone.
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Neighbor Part 1
I woke up when I heard someone moaning in the other room, Hiro brought another woman again. I said to my mind.
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Neighbor Part 2
When we finished having sex he lie down beside me and we cuddle until we both fell asleep.
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I am finding a comfortable spot when I saw a  brown  girl kissing a guy’s neck found it chessy worthy. And then again, I saw a girl seducing  dancing on a guy’s lap. Never thought in the first place that I will come to this bar, well didn’t know that this will go wild. I’m still strolling when I saw a tall girl casually talking to a guy, it caught my attention because they’re the only one who isn’t dancing, just like me. I was about to approach them when the music stopped and the mic turned on.
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Unmatched eye
Chapter 1     **************** What will you do if you encounter an unmatched girl will you call her monster because of her eyes? *******************         3years ago I'm just a normal girl but it suddenly changes my life when I found out that, I was adopted but too bad before my real parents can get me. I got kidnap for some reason, And there I met sunhoo he's a bodyguard he always checking on me and taking care of me so I don't feel scared when I'm with him because I know that he will protect me.     “ Let me go!!!”  
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“hey where are you Jay?” i said when Jay finally picked up my calls.   “I have still a meeting, meet you later” he said and hang up the phone.     I just lay in my bed thinking how can I break up with Jay, He always busy with that damn meeting, He always rejecting me when I ask him to date me.     I looked lime stupid for begging his attention so I will break up with him tonight.     A hour passed I went to his condo and wait for him to go home.     I called him again to check where he was now. “hey where the hell are you!” I said t
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Alone in the House
“Ohhh” I loudly moan when i keep thrusting the dildo in my pussy. It’s summer now and I’m alone in our house because my family went to our hometown. I would rather spend alone in this house than to come with him. I always exploring about sex and I’m watching porn to, to know about it.  
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