Our journey from engagement to marriage

Our journey from engagement to marriage

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Book1- Our journey from engagement to marriage#1 Book2- The journey of love #2 Both books are on Siddharth and Preeti Preeti is a simple girl like every indian girl. Her parents fixed her marriage to Siddharth who lives in America. Siddharth and her family came Preeti's home to celebrate Diwali with Preeti and her family and to know their culture closely. Both Preeti and Siddharth come close during this time of period and fall in love with eachother. How they feel about each other, how the confessed their love to each other. How a billionaire from America fall for a simple and ordinary Indian girl Preeti. 'Preeti looks beautiful in wet hair. Her red suit is all wet and sticks like second skin. I wanted to kiss her. "may I " I asked her in my husky voice. She closed her eyes and I took it as a yes and start leaning. ..................................................................... But what happened after breaking her heart, after crushing her soul he came back in her life only to maker her his only. How he win her heart again? But Preeti knows he was also going through a hell? Why he broke her heart if he love her so much? To know the answers of all questions please join their journey from engagement to marriage where two souls loves eachother like no one can ever love to someone.

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69 Chapters
Characters Name
KAPOOR FAMILYSiddharth's father- Akhil KapoorSiddharth's mother- Nita KapoorSiddharth's sister- Keerthi KapoorAGARWAL FAMILYPreeti's father- Ramesh AgarwalPreeti's mother- Isha AgarwalPreeti's sister- Shivani AhoojaShivani Ahooja's Husband- Anit Ahooja Shivani andAnit's children- Abhi and Shreya AhoojaPreeti's brother- Anshul AgarwalPretii's friends- kshama, Neha This is my first book. English is not my first language so there must be some grammer mistakes and spellings mistake. Please ignore them. It's an arrange marriage story but different from other stories. I am sure you will like it Please give it a try.Cover credit goes to :- krisha from TeluguUsers_2020
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Preeti's point of view "Hii..do you complete your work?" kshama asked me." Yeah almost." I replied focusing on computer.Kshama come and sit beside me on the chair." Why don't you tell our boss to give you less work and give some work to his girlfriend." Kshama irritately pointed to Priyanka."Hahaha.." I laughed at her comment." It's not like that kshama, you know very well that I work slowly, so don't feel bad for me, now let's go my work is done"."Ok.." she said with pout. I take my handbag from desk and said to her."you know you look very cuet when you are pouting." I said."I know. " She replied with a smile.I and kshama going to home from our office. We took a autorickshaw and sit on it. We both chit-chat in our way to home. Kshama is my best friend. She understands me very well. I and kshama working in a private Bank from last year. We became a very closed friend to each
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1. The Perposal
Preeti's point of view   "Good evening mummy." I greet my mother in a dull voice, when i came home. Preeti's point of view  "Good evening mummy." I greet my mother in a dull voice, when i came home. " Good evening beta..tired?" she asked me. " yeah little bit." i said while putting my hand beg on a table. "you want something?" she asked me from the kitchen. "no... mummy, i'm fine. What are you doing?" i asked her while making my way to the kitchen and picked the glass from the shelf. I opened the fridge and took out a water bottel. "cooking dinner. you freshenup till then i'll prepar
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2. Friend Talk
Preeti's point of view  "Are you serious?" kshama asking me with a shock. "Woohooo.." she wistling.  "why are you so excited, It supposed to be me who should be get excite." I asked her with confusion.  I told kshama everything which happened yesterday. we are sitting in CCD after ofice  "Arre... yaar my best friend is getting married,to mai kaise na exited hu. (how i'm not getting excite)" she said me joyfully.  "Madam abhi sirf rishta aaya hai(only propos
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3 Siblings Talk
Preeti's point of view  "Nervous." Shivani di asked me while handing me a coffee. "yeah.." I answer her truthfully. "Why." Anit jiju and Anshul (my younger brother) asked me in unison. Anshul came from jhansi late at night,we all went to railway station to recive him. Now we are all siblings and Anit jiju sitting in a livingroom having chit-chat. Papa mummy and toodlers are sleeping. "I don't know..i never did this before..I.... This is first time I'm in this type of situation.I don'tknow what i'm going to ask him' what will his first question to me, will he like me o
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4. First meet
Preeti's point of view  "wake up.." mummy is calling me while shaking my body. "hmm..bus 5 minutes mummy (only 5 minuets)" I replied her in half sleep while turning to the other side.  "Wake up preeti.. aaj tumhe ladke wake dkhne aane wale hai.(Today kappor's are coming), how much more you sleep". mummy is now shake my body harshly.  Listening this i 'm wide awake. "What's the time." I asked her hurridely. "It's 8 a.m already, now get up and get ready. They are comin
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5. Decision
Preeti's point of view  I want to know you. What if the person is not judging you but wants to know you and feeling the same emotions which you are feeling right now. His words echoed in my mind again and again. No one wants to know me because there is nothing interesting in me, then what he saw in me that he wanted to know about me.  I am just a plane and simple girl who always wants to keep her thoughts to herself so no one can judge her or mocked her.  I am afraid to let out my thoughts because I know there are many people who are intelligent then her and
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6. Engagement
   Preeti's point of view  I was sitting in my room with Shivani di's kids while everyone is preparing for rokka and engagement.  "Preeti..massi.. Are you going to marry Siddharth uncle." Abhi asked me while hugging me from behind and put his tiny head on my right shoulder.  I blushed at the thought of getting marry to Siddharth. "Will he also give us presents like Anshul mama (uncle) gave us whenever he came from jhansi." Shreya asked me while holding my both hands in her tiny one. 
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7. Siddharth
Sid's point of view   I'm thinking about Preeti while driving a car. She looks like an angel from haven in that lehnga and the blush on her cheeks whenever she looks at me add making her more beautiful. I just wanted to look at her without a blink. Do I sound like a creep...? Yeah...may be. But I can't  help it. She is such a beauty from in and out. "Maa Preeti bhabi is so pretty." Keerti said while looking at maa over her shoulder because she is sitting on the passenger seat beside me. I pretend
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8. Preeti
Preeti's point of view  It's been a week now when I and Siddharth engaged. Alway a smile came on my face whenever I think about him and my cheeks became red when I thought about a kiss. Though this is early to kiss but I like it. I always thinks about him like what he is doing right now, is he eat his food on time, is he also thinking about me too etc.etc. When I told kshama about Siddharth and my engagement she became over excited about my marriage. I also showed her my engagement photos. Siddharth looked very handsome in every picture. Almost every night I looked at those photos especially him. In every picture he us looking at me with a glint in his eyes.
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