Owned By The Mob Boss

Owned By The Mob Boss

By:  Maickeyyy_  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You need money; I need a wife."    Peony Sinclair, a workaholic girl, crosses paths with Mattia Luigi D'Amato, a notorious mafia boss with a deadly secret. While Peony works hard to pay her dad's medical bills, Luigi lives a double life, doing dark things that no woman survives. He killed every woman who had sex with him.   Due to the rising bills in the hospital, Peony needs to find a job that will pay her a large amount of money. As desperation drives Peony to seek lucrative job opportunities, their worlds collide. She had ended up in the auction after being deceived by another woman who promised her a lucrative opportunity.   Will Peony's resilience and purity be the beacon of change for Luigi? Or will she face the same fate as his other victims?

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11 Chapters
This is a work of fiction; names, characters, businesses, places, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to the actual person, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.If you're looking for a perfect story don't continue reading this. Thanks!THIS STORY WILL CONTAINS MATURE WORDS AND A SCENE, SO READ IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.****PROLOGUE"AH! Damn it, Luigi. Please h-harder... Ugh!"I continue recession myself to hers. She likes it deeper, so I did what she wanted, because later, I'll do what I want.She continued calling out my name and moaning until we both came."Ah! That was fantastic!" she exclaimed. She really looks satisfied.I gave her a slight smile before pulling up my pants. As I stood up, I walked towards my cabinet. She sat on my bed, smoking, with the comforter draped over her body.I didn't know her well; we just had a casual encounter. She was a willing participant; I didn't force h
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Chapter 1: Waking Up
PEONY's POVI rubbed my eyes as I rose from the bed. A sharp headache took me by surprise."I didn't have any alcohol last night," I murmured to myself, opening my eyes.Even with the throbbing pain, I forced myself to get up, realizing this wasn't my room. It was far too grand and beautiful compared to what I was used to.Where am I?*CREAK*I swiftly looked toward the source of the noise. Darn it, I felt even dizzier after my actions. I instinctively touched my forehead once more.A woman walked in, holding a food tray and dressed as a maid. Wait, when did I get a maid? I didn't get reincarnated or anything, right?"Good morning, madam," the maid greeted me, even giving a slight bow."G-good morning," I replied, stumbling over my words.She smiled, walked over to the table, and set down the tray. After bowing once more, she turned to leave the room. I immediately stopped her from asking a question."Wait!" I called out, standing my ground.She turned to face me, asking, "What can I
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Chapter 2: Little Secret
PEONY's POV"I went to the address she provided and waited there for a few minutes as she mentioned someone would approach me. Indeed, a few men in suits came forward. I wasn't sure what happened next, but suddenly I felt a needle prick at the back of my neck. Before I lost consciousness, I saw the woman who provided me the address, receiving money from one of the men," I explained.He nodded in understanding. "So, that's how it went down.""But you can't keep me here. My father needs me, and I need to work," I protested."Who said I'd confine you here?" he sighed. "While you're with me, you're free to do as you wish. If you're looking for work, you can work for me.""R-Really?! What kind of job?" I asked excitedly."I'll think about it. For now, just finish your breakfast," he said.I smiled and continued eating. Lucky me! Who would've thought I'd find work here? Let's set aside for now the idea of him buying me; he surely won't harm me, will he?I'm excited. What job will he offer?
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Chapter 3: Dining Together
PEONY's POVWhen Sir left, I found myself drawn back to watching the flowers dance. I had hoped to visit the garden for a closer look, but I wasn't allowed to step outside. I wanted to convey this to sir earlier, but he advised me not to leave the room.I sighed in resignation. Since I'm just a guest here, I understand I can't argue. He was just concerned about me. He's cautious because I don't know his friend; there's a risk I might get hurt or be misunderstood as a trespasser.I expressed my disappointment by pouting and then decided to lie down on the bed due to a lack of activities to engage in. I'm at a loss for things to do. The room is big and has a modern look, but it doesn't feel right for me since I'm accustomed to smaller, more cozy spaces.What can I do to occupy myself and pass the time? Since there's no TV available, I thought of alternative activities to keep myself engaged and entertained.Feeling bored with nothing to do, I tried to go to sleep. But as I was about to,
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Chapter 4: The Contract
PEONY's POVLuigi leaned forward, breaking the brief silence. "So, tell me, what kind of food do you enjoy?"Should I ask him now about the job he'll give me? But he might think I'm rushing him. Ugh!I glanced up, still a bit nervous. "Uh, I like Filipino dishes, sir... I mean, Luigi."A small smile appeared on his face. "Good choice! Any favorites in particular?"I hesitated for a moment before replying, "Adobo, sir. It's my go-to comfort food.""Ah, a classic! Can't go wrong with adobo," he said, nodding approvingly. "I'll have to take you to a great local place that serves the best adobo in town."Wow! Is he really serious? If so, I won't say no. I have a lot of favorite Filipino dishes, and it might take us until tomorrow if I go list them all one by one.I smiled, feeling more at ease. "That sounds nice, Luigi. Thank you."He leaned back again, studying me with a thoughtful expression. "You know, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable earlier. It's just that I don't want you to
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Chapter 5: Kind Yet Cold
PEONY's POVI know challenges lie ahead. Marriage is no small commitment, and there will be hurdles to overcome. But for now, the immediate concern is ensuring Papa's care. And if aligning my fate with Luigi's can guarantee that, then I am resolved to see it through.I'll have to discuss this with Luigi, of course. There are conversations to be had and details to sort out. But one thing is clear: whatever it takes, I'm ready to do it for Papa.After deciding, I didn't talk to Luigi in case my mind changed. He gave me a week to think about my choice. If there's another way to pay for Papa's meds without marrying Luigi, I won't go through with it.I sighed before lying down on the bed. With nothing else to do, I grabbed my phone by the bedside. Upon unlocking the screen, Aunt Audrey's message popped up.From: Aunt AudreyWhen can you visit your father again? I have to work tomorrow, and if you're not available, no one will watch over Paul.Paul is my dad, and Aunt Audrey is his older si
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Chapter 6: How rich is he?
PEONY's POVIt was supposed to be Luigi opening the car door for me. I don't really know if this man is Luigi's secretary or driver because he didn't mention anything to me. When he stepped out of the car to assist me, he just introduced himself and mentioned that Luigi sent him to pick me up due to an ongoing meeting.While in the car, I stayed silent. We weren't close, and it was my first time meeting him, so I wasn't sure how to initiate a conversation.We arrived at a tall building around noon. Afterward, we headed straight to Luigi's office, but he wasn't there. The man then told me to wait for Luigi in the room, leaving me alone.Oh, I shouldn't call him 'that man'; his name is Riley Morgan.With nothing else to do, I strolled around the room. The office is spacious, with a big desk and a comfy chair. There's a fancy computer, a big window with thick curtains, and shelves filled with important-looking books. The walls proudly display awards and diplomas, and a plush carpet cover
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Chapter 7: Decision
PEONY's POVAfter eating, we decided to head home. I also wanted to rest, but the scenery at the hotel seemed to be urging me to stay. I really enjoyed the view, and the dishes were heavenly. No wonder the cost was high; it matched the taste of the dishes.As we left the five-star hotel, Riley greeted us. By the way, I forgot to ask Luigi whether Riley is his secretary or just a driver. But, well, there's always next time. I'll just ask him another day. It would be awkward to ask about Riley while he's with us.Riley opened the door for us. Luigi gestured for me to enter first before following. During the ride, I couldn't help but appreciate the views along the way. Luigi was staring at his iPad, which appeared to be related to his company. Meanwhile, Riley drove quietly until we reached Luigi's house.We arrived at Luigi's garage, where he shows off his different types of cars. The way out goes to the driveway, and before you get to the garage, you walk through a spacious living area
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Chapter 8: Breakfast with Russell
PEONY's POVThe next day, Luigi called me and said I could eat in the kitchen. He mentioned the option of having the meal delivered to my room if I preferred not to dine with his friend Russell. However, I felt it would be awkward to have the food delivered, so I opted to eat in the kitchen, even if I didn't want to dine with Russell.Upon entering the dining area, I found Russell had just finished eating. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw me, but that quickly turned into a grin."Good morning!" he greeted me, waving.I didn't want to ignore him, so I offered a smile. When I looked at the table, I was surprised by the variety of food spread out before me. Seriously? All this for just one person?"Is it someone's birthday?" I asked, still eyeing the table."Matty arranged it before he left earlier," Russell explained. "Isn't it your birthday today?"Huh? Did Luigi really arrange this? Could it be his birthday today?I turned to him and shook my head. "No."He shrugged. "Matty se
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Chapter 9: Does he know or not?
PEONY's POVI sighed, remaining there for a few seconds, staring at the door where Russell entered before following his instructions. Unsure, I felt a mix of nervousness and embarrassment, thinking about the housemaids talking about me.It's not that I'm embarrassed by any negative comments they made. What bothers me is that I'm new here, yet there's already some resentment towards me. They might think I haven't quite met their expectations or that I haven't been very outgoing.Isn't it discouraging to feel like an outsider when you're in a new environment and the people around you aren't very welcoming?I returned to the room, feeling lethargic. As I stepped inside, I slumped onto the bed like a starfish. "Did I do something wrong? Why are they angry at me? I was just thinking it's a waste to throw away food. Maybe they didn't like what I said," I muttered to myself. After a moment, I laid on my back and stared at the ceiling.Russell wouldn't scold the housemaids for talking behind
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