Tiara was sitting alone on a swing in the garden. She moved the swing with her feet slowly. Tiara was waiting for Aland. He said he want to buy her a drink. The little girl looked up to see some canaries perched on a tree. Then Tiara looked down, turned to observe a pair of her shoes that were slightly dirty with dust.

Her sapphire eyes widened as someone spilled water over her head. She can hear some people laughing at her when the water splashed down on her tiny body.

"Hey, do you guys know why she didn't scream?" one boy asked another of his friends.

"Because she's dumb!" replied his friend. "Haha!"

"Why is this fucking orphan looking down? Are you scared of us, huh?"

"She must be scared, boss."

One of them grabbed Tiara's hair, forcing her to look up. She glared at the child with the dark brown hair in front of her.

"What? Want to fight me? You should pay respect to your seniors!

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