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Malisa a Young Teenager lived in a society where women weren't respected as they were only seen as a child bearing tool , so because of this poor Malisa and her fellow females weren't sent to school, they had to stay at home with their mom to learn how to do house hold chores so they can be good wives to their husbands. In the society where Malisa lived, young girls were given out for marriage at age Eighteen to The ' Rich ' men in the village who were decades older than the young girls , the young girls were helpless they only had to accept their fate but Malisa never accepted that fate, she was determined to go to school and become somebody great in life. Will she succeed or will she get married off to old men like the others? Read this amazing story to find out.

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74 Chapters
Author's note
 Authors Note. Hey Readers! I am happy to be here! I am now writing one of my dream books! It's dedicated to all girls.Especially the ones who are suffering from gender stereotypes.Don't worry, you aren't alone.To the Dreamers.Never give up on your dream no matter the situation you are in.Go for it! If you can think it then you can do it! And here I present to you, My book titled, Persistence!  A story of a girl who believed in the beauty of her dreams.  This will be published exclusively on this Platform so don't worry about not being able to finish reading it. Goodbye for now readers.Love you! I hope that you'll support me in my writing journey.Thank you!
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Malisa's POV. I still can't believe that I am turning eighteen soon, it still felt like yesterday when I and Princess Gabriella said our goodbyes. I miss my only best friend and comforter, she was the only one that understood me the most. I am very grateful for all the times we spent together. She taught me a lot about life, if not for her, I will be a girl with no direction. I still remember vividly the day we last saw each other. How we both became emotional as we knew that this was probably the last time we would see each other. It's funny how she made me make a promise to her that I wouldn't give up on my dreams no matter what. Well, I don't plan on giving up on my dreams but... It's hard, very hard I must say. Today is the beginning of a new month, March 1. My eighteenth birthday is in 24 days. I am supposed to be happy about it but I am not. I feel suffocated, I wish I could change my fate. I want to fulfill my dreams. I don't want to get married to Ronaldo Jone
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Chapter one : Life
Malisa's POV.I sat down on my wooden bed, just staring at the wall.Time is passing, seconds are becoming minutes, and minutes into hours.I'll be Eighteen soon.I wish I could change all of this.Soon, I felt a presence in my room, it was My Mom.What does she want now? ' I thought." Good day, Mom. " I greeted." Hm, what are you doing idling away? , Just because I asked you to stay away from the kitchen till you get married doesn't mean that you'll have to sit around doing nothing. " She ranted.According to our tradition, an engaged girl is not allowed to enter the kitchen a month before her marriage to avoid injuries or bruises." But mom there's nothing else to do. " " Really?, What about the drums of water that need to be filled? "
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Chapter Two : Marriage Annoucement
  Two days later, I was summoned early in the morning by my Dad to the family living room.After getting dressed in a simple Lemon Knee-length gown I went out of my room and headed to the family parlor.  ' Why am I summoned so early in the morning? , What do they want to talk to me about?, Or do they want to talk about my marriage? , I hope it hasn't been brought up. ' With all these different thoughts going to my mind I reached The family parlor in no time.It was a Mini large room with Five Single Brown Sofas which were as old as me or even older, it also has one large Study table and an old portrait of my Dad while he was younger, I guess, The room was painted Dull Yellow, though the colors were already fading.The room happened to be the largest in our Five bedroom home which was single-handedly built by my Father and his Workers.Well, my Dad isn't as poor as you guys think he
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Chapter Three : Groom
The next day.I woke up very early in the morning as soon as the cock crowed, I checked the old wall clock and saw that it's just 4:00 am.   ' 6 days more to go. ' I thought sadly.The morning was a little colder than usual just like my mood, who would be happy to know that they'll get married off soon to an old geezer.  ' What a life! ' I mumbled.I then decided to do some meditation before going back to bed as it's too early to be awake.I stood up from my bed and walked towards my cupboard and after searching briskly for minutes I finally found what I was looking for.It was a book with a black hardcover.  It's The Bible.I kept it in a secluded place because I knew that I'll be dead meat if my mom or dad should find it there.   My village
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Chapter Four : Circumcision
Chapter Seven: Circumcision.* Happy new month, readers! I hope and pray that this new month brings you lots of joy and happiness! , Happy new month my Dearests! *Days went by and now it was the day for my circumcision.I was very nervous and sad.I don't want to be circumcised, I don't want to be violated.I don't want to alter God's creation.He created me perfectly so why should people go to lengths just to alter his creation? Why? He created the Clitoris in women because he knew that it was needed and necessary so why should I be removed? It wasn't stated in the Holy Bible that women should be circumcised so why?Why should we have to go through pain and torture just because of some useless culture and tradition? Why? Women are humans too? ,
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Chapter Five : Mystery
MeanwhileLittle Mary walked towards a large mango tree nearby in a secluded area, she sat on a small bench beside it and after relaxing for a minute, she spoke." I have done as you instructed, brother. " She said and almost immediately a Young Man with a Rasputin -blue eyes which were as clear as a calm lake, he had a Wavy black hair, bristly eyebrows, he was very light-skinned and tall about 200cm. he also had a hawkish nose, he looked quite handsome and dashing in a casual White top and Sweatpants." Alright, I hope you are finally happy and satisfied now? " He asked in a deep but soft voice." Not yet, brother, I can't be happy yet as Sis is still going to be forced to get married to an old man in two days. " " I know, Mary but what can you do? This is not our territory remember? We are just Strangers here so you can't
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Chapter Six : Thoughts
In case I didn't mention it readers then note, Malisa Bree is a Black girl, an African actually, I'll post the picture I imagined her to be on my Instagram account.Follow me on Instagram @qebunoluwa to see it.So see you there.******It's been two days, two whole days and I had been thinking of my life, my situation.I was still left wondering how someone took my place and was circumcised instead of me as I was told by little Mary and what was most amusing about this whole scenario is that I realized that little Mary always arrive just in time to save me though it was only being twice.Lest I forget, though there's no way in hell I was going to forget the fact that today is my wedding day.I was to be married to Mr. Aldron Jones though I don't want to.I have no other choice.
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Chapter 7
 ---- Malisa -----I had been debating on the pros and cons of running away and after hours of thinking, I realized that running away is indeed the best solution for me at this moment.I decided to escape after breakfast as it would be a very stupid move for me to escape before then.As I didn't even know where I was going to escape to or whether I'll be able to eat while I am at it.'' Lord, please show me away. '' I muttered.Perhaps it's because I have been crying all night as I just couldn't hold back my tears.I found out that crying makes me light-hearted and better.So well.My voice feels very hoarse now from all the crying.I badly needed a cup of brewed tea.As if my Wish was granted the next moment.
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8.The next time I awoke, I found myself back in my room.I was tied to my bed from all sides like a mentally ill patient.I tried to recollect what happened earlier but failed.' How did I get back here? ' I thought.Then I heard the door opening and my mom's displeased face came into view.' Did they know about my escaping? ' I thought." I never knew that you will still attempt to escape despite knowing the consequences of your actions, I am very disappointed in you, how could you do this? Don't you care about the reputation of our family? , How dare you to try to drag us down with you! " As she said this, her eyes were blazing red with anger. " If not for the fact that you are getting married today, I would have given you a tight slap. " She added. As expected. She then moved closer to me on the bed and carefully untied
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