'Beep, Beep, Beep'

I wake up. I can't wait to go to school today, only because of the blue-haired boy. He's been on my mind since last night. He even haunted my dreams. His skin I crave, his soul too.

"Xavier! Let's go!" I heard my mother yell from downstairs.

I feel a bit awkward around my family because of last's night bout. Like there is a screen hanging above my head showing my father screaming at me to everyone who sees.

I was confused at her tone of voice. Why was she telling me to hurry up? I just got up.

"I have to go to work Xavier!"

Work? She never has been to work since she had children. I stumble out of bed puzzled. Maybe if I get to school early, I might see the boy. I skip my shower and quickly get clothes on.

"Oh no." I wince as the sleeve of my shirt brushes on top of the cut. The pain reminds my lapse I had last night. A permanent reminder

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