Please Stay

Please Stay

By:  Claudia K. Kaspa  Completed
Language: English
10 ratings
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A modern tale about two young boys who find their love to hard to pursue. Xavier is a trotted over teen who finds purpose in creating poetry and art. His family is cold and distant. He hopes for a better future at his new school but things turn for the worse when he falls for the popular guy, Cole. Xavier has one friend though, the voice in his head, but for poor Xavier this is complimented with the dark voices that almost always over power and rule Xavier's world. Xavier isn't fitting in too well at his new school and his new found love for popular boy Cole, turns his quiet life upside down. He finds support in no one and finds it difficult to trust anyone who offers a hand. Everything around him betrays him and leaves. If everyone leaves, is there ever a chance someone will stay?Trigger Warning: Self-harm, suicidal thoughts, abuse, violence.

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brandon janway
It’s a great read
2020-09-17 23:03:43
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The synopsis was so engaging and kept me on edge the whole time. Amazingly written... Wonderful work author
2020-08-13 12:53:28
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Calliope Hidalgo
This story is so sad, but I hope they can both find comfort in each other's arms. Kudos to the writer, you are great!
2020-07-20 13:26:42
user avatar
Mel Dixon
I am full of so much sadness! Saddddddd
2020-07-06 10:09:38
user avatar
Michael Shelby
Awesome book u have going..????
2020-07-01 08:38:11
user avatar
Oni Kehinde
A spectacular plot with a talented Author. Simply beautiful❤
2020-07-01 08:12:41
user avatar
Rehana Siraj
good storyline and the intro part is awesomely described. I could feel Xaverie's loneliness in his home. when his voice in mind pops up. poor boy.
2020-06-22 19:42:47
user avatar
Oni Kehinde Omotola
Nice work!
2020-06-22 15:52:38
user avatar
I want to read next chapter
2020-06-07 17:00:02
user avatar
Nick Dion
Your book is actually really good. Keep up the good work;)
2020-05-28 03:37:42
67 Chapters
"I can't do this anymore!" A loud smash echoed from downstairs from the living room."He is a freak! I can't have him living in our household!" "He brings disgrace to our family name."Xavier stayed in his dark room. Curled up in a ball. Wishing he was someone else. But he wasn't, and he can't change that. He sobbed quietly, not wanting his family to hear. "Look at the time! It's 2:12 in the fucking morning! I need to go to work in the morning and we've wasted fucking two hours arguing about him. I'm going to bed." The man stormed off into the master bedroom, followed by the woman. Xavier checked the glowing green light which showed the time on his alarm clock. "Oh." He said quietly to himself. Xavier had school tomorrow so he better get some sleep. He got up, knowing it was safe to do so, as he heard his parent snore. He got undressed and put on his pajamas
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 I looked to the ground and was greeted by my scattered books.  Why didn't I notice this sooner? "Sorry." I whispered, both to the boy and myself. "Sorry is not going to make the books magically appear in my fucking arms again, for Christ's sake, pick 'em up!" He demanded and he was right. It was my fault. I got to the floor and started picking up the books. Being on all fours, my knees hard against the dirty school floor was demoralising. 'Dumb and blind.'I looked back up. There was something about the boy I liked. His jawline, it was captivating. A solid line from his ear, around his rounded cheeks down to his perfect chin.  Stop Xavier. Be normal. "Stop looking at me you freak pick up the books!" He yelled ringing my ears. Funnily enough his features didn’t seem so attractive anymore. "Here." I say,
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I run out of the class. The halls are empty. I can feel myself breaking down. I can't handle being late again. "Fuck." I curse. My tears threaten to escape my eyes. Hot tears boil in the corner of my eyes. I have biology next. It's not the thought of missing out and being punished by the teachers that is scaring me. It's my parents. "Control yourself. You will be fine." The voice says. 'No he won't. Xavier you are hopeless. Just drop out of school.' "I need to calm down." I say. I decide to skip biology. I need to take a breather. I walk outside. It's so isolated. "If he finds out. He's going to kill you." The voice says. "I know. But let's not think of that now. I can't think...I miss my brothers and my sister." "Yeah. We all miss them." "Why couldn't he die instead of them!?" I yell.
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 Stay? What was that supposed to mean? The colour of the writing really made me curious. It was very red. Almost like blood. No. No. It can't be blood. I thought to myself. The bell rang, which brought me out of my thoughts. I kept this paper. I thought about the other one. Are they clues? But why would someone give me clues? No one really knows me here. I decide to fetch the other note out of the bin. "What the fuck? What are you doing you hobo?" A booming voice comes from behind me. I look up and see it's the same guy from earlier, but this time, he had a gang. I couldn't speak. His mere presence would make me feel like a thread was being sewn between my lips, painfully closing them. "Well?" He stood there awaiting my response. "Don't you have a class to go to?" I asked.
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 I arrived home and knocked on the door. "Hello Xavier." My mother answered the door. "Hi." I say as I walked in. "Well, how was school? Did you settle in?" She asked. I grab a chip packet and sit down at the table. 'Well I was intimidated by this guy named Shawn and then I kind of fell for this really cute boy with the most unique hair and engaging eyes, but I didn't make any friends, that was my day.' But instead I said. "It was fine." "Oh okay, that's good. Your father said he will be coming home a bit late." Silence filled the house. It was awkward at first, but I tried to zone out to ignore the awkwardness. "I'm going to do homework now." I say, getting up and putting the chip packet in the bin. "Okay, bye sweetheart." I climb the
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I immediately regret everything I just said. Waves of heat flush through me and fill up every space in my body."You feel like you are being judged?" My father put down his briefcase and stepped closer to the table.I felt overwhelmed. Like walls closing in on my tiny and immobilised body. I was trapped and just wanted to escape."Please don't do this, come on." My mother said."No!" he snaps his head to my mother, his eyes burning into hers. He slyly turns his head towards me.“He needs to know what is right and wrong.” Quietly, the words escaped from his mouth and pierced into my heart.What is right and wrong? What doesn't he understand? I'm fine the way I am. Aren't I?"Now, tell me what you were saying to your mother!" With each word he slammed his hand down on the table, causing me to flinch.Should I tell him?
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'Beep, Beep, Beep'I wake up. I can't wait to go to school today, only because of the blue-haired boy. He's been on my mind since last night. He even haunted my dreams. His skin I crave, his soul too."Xavier! Let's go!" I heard my mother yell from downstairs.I feel a bit awkward around my family because of last's night bout. Like there is a screen hanging above my head showing my father screaming at me to everyone who sees.I was confused at her tone of voice. Why was she telling me to hurry up? I just got up."I have to go to work Xavier!"Work? She never has been to work since she had children. I stumble out of bed puzzled. Maybe if I get to school early, I might see the boy. I skip my shower and quickly get clothes on."Oh no." I wince as the sleeve of my shirt brushes on top of the cut. The pain reminds my lapse I had last night. A permanent reminder
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"Who's he?" I asked, I blink as my eyes dart from my desk to the door in a nervous matter.I then scanned her face, she seemed scared almost. Who can scare a person this much? She was about to speak, but she looked at the door and quickly walked way.I looked at the entrance.The hair.It was him.He was in my psychology class.Oh fuck. How am I supposed to concentrate now?He walked towards me.Why was he coming towards me?Everyone looked scared. Some avoided him completely whilst others jumped from him to their desks, and others were just caught, like a deer in headlights.Was it him that sits here? Is that why he heading my way?Oh crap. I quickly got my things, ignoring the tremendous pain travelling up my arm. I pushed myself of the seat about to move to another table.
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Crap. Please go away Cole. I don't want you to see it. I don't want you to see me in my damaged form. I want you to see me as perfect and normal. "Do you want me to fix it?" He asks, looking very worried. It made me feel selfish. Like I was wasting his time. He has friends, he doesn't want to spend time with me."Just go away. It's fine." I say a little too curt, causing him to raise suspicion. "I don't think it is." He spits. My breath hitched. I noticed hurt and anger laced in his tone."Cole, just go! Please." I can feel my eyes start to burn and an uncomfortable lump in my throat forms. I need to get away from him. Sorry Cole.I grab my books and quickly run away, out of the classroom, ignoring my name being called by him. I run straight to the bathroom and put the same chair up against the door. Run, run, run. That is all I am good for. "Why did you run away?" The voice asked."I don't know." I replied knowing full well, that I ran because I was scared. Scared of him seeing me
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Cole's P.O.V. "This is Xavier." I say, turning around expectecting him to be there, but he isn't. Where did Xavier go? "Oh, he was here a second ago." My voice drifts away before Sarah interupts. "Shh babe." I feel Sarah's finger on my lips. "It's okay. Now there is a party tonight at my place, everyone will be there, do you want to come?" She asks, blinking seductively. I usually become putty in her hand when she bats her eyes like that, but for some reason, it wasn't doing anything for me, not this time. This worried me, I'll have to admit.  "Please Cole..." She pleaded, while tracing shapes on my collar bone. This didn't work either, it used to, everytime, what is happening to me?
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