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“You know your body is a walking temptation, you should cover it, instead of leading men astray with it," "I am inside the house," "Yes you are but there is a man here too and just in case you don't know, I do men and with a body like yours I don't mind throwing away all my morals to have that dick in my asshole pounding me and taking me to heaven," Jordan said biting down hard on his lips to control himself, but that control flew off the window when Liam dragged down his boxers revealing his hard huge groin. “What if I want to make you lose those morals?” He whispered walking up to him slowly… Jordan Bach has gotten through fazes of heartbreaks and was wary of love, but when a handsome stranger crashed into his bed the night of his best friend's wedding, he is ready to risk it all to find this stranger and give love another chance but Liam wasn't much of a stranger after all, and he wasn't someone Jordan had envisioned falling for...

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Chapter 1
"Rise and shine bestie it's your wedding day,"Jordan happily said rosing Katrina from sleep, the pregnant soon to be bride wasn't so in a good mood as the eyed him and went back to sleep, Jordan rolled his eyes and tried to wake her up again but she refused."Come on Katrina, you don't want to be late, I am sure Lucas won't like that his bride is late to the wedding,"He said the magic words that worked every time, and of course, it worked, she was up at the mention of her soon to be husband, Jordan was happy for Katrina, she had been in love with Lucas since forever and they finally found happiness together, but then an evil monster had nearly ended that love thankfully, they got out of it, he was especially happy for his bestie, Jordan have known Katrina since he was a teenager when they had moved into the same neighborhood, they had bonded immediate, Katrina was like his balance aside from his family, when he had come out as gay, she had protected him from the bullies in school ev
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Chapter 2
"The bride and groom finally left so I am done with my best man duties,"Jordan announced as he came to sit with his friends and coworkers who were having a drink, he was happy to be finally free."Hey Jord, wanna hit the clubs? The boss gave his credit card,"Lara one of his Co-workers announced and the others cheered, his direct boss Addison was a good man, no wonder his team was very happy every time, he made them feel like friends and family and often gave them the opportunity to meet aside work."What's he celebrating this time? Did his wife get pregnant again?"Jordan asked laughing, he was sure she probably did, Addison was a family man and he already had three kids, he said he wanted five in total, which Jordan found extreme."No, he said he is celebrating the big boss finally finding a pussy he wanna bang forever,""What? Eeeew, you shouldn't have told me that, not when the pussy being mentioned is my bestie's,"Jordan let out cringing, he so didn't need that information."Le
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Chapter 3
"Hello?"Jordan let out as he tried to wake himself up, he hadn't even bothered to check who was calling him, he rubbed his eyes to fight off sleep looking around to make sure he slept in his bed, okay not his bed, he was still at the hotel, he had a terrible headache and he knew his hangover would be even worst, thank God it was a weekend, he was just going to spend it nursing his hangover, he checked the clock and it was past ten am."Jordan? Are you even listening to me?"The voice on the other end shouted, he moved his phone off his ears, his mom was always so loud in the morning, and having to hear her voice when his head was pounding wasn't the best kind of moment."Mom, what do you want? I am trying to sleep here,""Oh, you annoying child, where did you spend the night? I am at your apartment,""What?"He yelled getting up, bad idea because his head started spinning her had to sit back down, his mom always shows up at his house unannounced, and always when he is not around, wai
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Chapter 4
"Where the heck are you? We have been standing here for almost three hours,"His mom yelled when he picked up the call, the woman never gets tired of yelling at him, peck if being an only child, sometimes he wished he had a sibling-like his best friend but some wishes never come true, his mom had cancer right after his birth, of course, she fought and won but lost the ability to bear more kids after that, and that's why he was stuck being their only child and the center of their attraction, little wonder how they are so supportive of him, nah, no one wonders that, his parents are overbearing but they were his best best friends after Katrina."Mom, I am almost there, you should have either called me that you were coming over to my house or at least go home first, like I said earlier, I told you I had to make a stop at the office, I wasn't capping, it took a little longer, I am almost home, just wait for me okay? Like a good mom and dad,”He said knowing his mom would probably be trying
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Chapter 5
Liam stared at his phone that has been ringing non-stop, he was this close to throwing the phone away but he knew if he did that, his mom would probably die of panicking, or she will be on the next available flight to New York, he didn't want her to do either of those the phone stopped ringing and he wished she wouldn't call again, but she did, his mom never give up, not even when things are not looking her way."Mom,"He said finally taking the call, he couldn't ignore her anymore."Liam, son,""Mom, I am busy, you shouldn't be calling me during work hours, I have a lot to do here,"He scolded even though he knew she won't listen, his mom was one of a kind, she used to be his best friend that was until they wanted different things, he knew she had his best interest at heart but still, he would have preferred if she had respected his wish and let him make his own life decisions."I am sorry son, I know you are busy but I had to call and check up on you, how are you doing?""Mom, I am
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Chapter 6
Liam spent the rest of the day trying to get his work done without overdoing it, even though he wanted the freedom to do things himself and just live by his own rules, he knew overdoing it might cause him a lot, he wasn't like other people no matter how he tried to think he was, he couldn't be it no matter how he tries, he has always been the sick child, the weak one, the one who couldn't do certain things, who couldn't engage in certain activities, he didn't have a normal childhood, spent most of his days either at the hospital or at home, he had been homeschooled and when he had told his parents he wanted to become a neurologist they had been so worried, they had pushed him to do pharmacy instead, in their words, it was better and requires less work, well he had listened now he wishes he had gone with his original course of choice, don't get it wrong, he loves his job but he still feels he would have been better as a neurologist.After work, he decided to go over to see his baby, Bl
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Chapter 7
Jordan walked into the office on Monday morning hoping to get answers from Philip or his girlfriend, he wanted answers and he wanted to get it soon, his mystery lover wasn't showing up and Jordan wasn't one who did one night stands especially not when whoever banged him did such a good job at it, he wanted to meet this person no matter what and have a taste again, and also talk to the person, maybe get to know him and just maybe he could do love again, funny how he was considered that because of someone he wasn't even sure of."Hey Eliza, can I talk to you for a moment?"Jordan asked her as she walked into the office, not even giving her a chance to sit down."Sorry I jumped you, I have something I really wanna know,""it's not a problem Jordan, you can ask,""Okay, thank you, so the thing is I want to know if you saw me talking to anyone on Saturday night and if you dont mind telling me who it was,"Jordan inquired hoping she had the answers he needed."You were with someone? I am so
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Chapter 8
"I am sorry I couldn't be of help to you Jord,"Greg said after a fruitless search."It's fine, you did your best, I guess it was never met to be,"He said as he got off the seat and made to leave, Greg pulled him back, his hands on each side of his waist, Jordan looked up at him in shock, he didn't have time to process it before Greg's lips came crashing on his, Jordan surrender to the pressure of his lips in his, he held onto him, grabbing his hair and deepening the kiss."Greg, what was that for?"He asked when they finally broke apart, his lips stinging, he touched it still in shock over the kiss"That? I wanted to cheer you up, you looked so down,""Are you drunk Greg? You ain't gay, plus you have a girlfriend,""I am not drunk, just tipsy, yes I have a girlfriend but she will understand that I was just trying to cheer up a friend, I didn't cheat on her, and besides Classy and I are both polygamous, what more, I may not be gay but I am bi,"Greg revealed, Jordan didn't know what
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Chapter 9
Jordan hummed along to his favorite song as he got ready for work, he didn't know why but for some weird reason, he was in a really good mood today, he danced as he brushed his teeth, smiling at his reflection."You are not so bad facial, Jordan, in fact, you are hot, it must be nice being you,"He said to himself, smiling proudly, yes his parents may be emotional bullies but at least they passed their good lucks to him, he wasn't lacking in any way, he got the face and the body that if he were into girls, he was sure he would have been a Playboy, not that he can't still be a Playboy but he was the one always catching feelings, which ends ruining the fun, imagine catching feelings for a stranger, he hasn't been able to get over even after almost two weeks, yeh, that's how much of a goner he was, he was proud of it.He took a bath after brushing and stood in front of his mirror, his body, his body his groin was relaxed but still, anyone could tell that he was loaded down there too, adm
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Chapter 10
"Jordan, my husband wants to speak with you, just listen to him please,"Kat said, yeah right, he wasn't going to listen, his mind was made up, there was nothing anyone could say to make him reconsider."Hey, man, what's up?"Lucas asked, Jordan rolled his eyes, this was his boss, the owner of Evans cooperation and he just hey, maned him, well not that he wasn't used to it, ever since they bonded over their mutual love for Katrina, they pretty much became a best friend, yeah, imagine being best friend with the boss and the owner of a co-operation as big as Evan's cooperation, the dude was worth billionaires, hotels, resorts, even a private Uni, talk about money, well Lucas was humble and nice despite all that money, even though until he and Katrina had become a thing, he had thought the man was full of himself."What? Don't do it, I already made up my mind,"Jordan replied in a determined voice."I am not doing anything, I am just gonna tell you that if you don't help then I will, I h
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