8. Take off your clothes!

"Order five portions, please wrap the two portions. You'll take one later," Ningsih said to Marno. "Oh yeah, don't forget to add two iced tea, okay...."

Marno immediately went to prepare the dish.

A few minutes later.

"Wow...!" said Tukijo in amazement.

They ate it voraciously.

"Tukijo, what you said to your grandma was a lie, right?" Ningsih asked suddenly.

Tukijo was shocked. He almost choked on his food. "Cough...." He grabbed his drink then responded to his sister's words, "Um... yes Big Sis, I just don't want to make grandma worry." The young man bowed his head.

"So, what made you so battered that you lay on the road like that?" Ningsih asked with a serious face.

"Emm, it's Sis ... um ... I ..."

"Are you being bullied?" cut Ningsih quickly with sharp eyes.

Tukijo was silent.

"So, right?" Ningsih insisted.

"Yes Sis," replied Tukijo finally opening his mouth.

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