Poor Youth Becomes Cool

Poor Youth Becomes Cool

By:  Donat Mblondo   Ongoing
Language: English
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A funny, dirty, and poor teenager turns out to be the younger brother of a high-ranking conglomerate. Although he is quite smart, he is stupid when it comes to love, whereas they both like each other. His innocent behavior will make you excited, irritated, and annoyed. He who was initially fainthearted, struggled to become strong with the help of his older sister who had skills like Yoo Leejin, strong, agile and well-trained. Here, you will see, how he and his sister solve their problems against gangs and thugs. The romance? Exist The action? Exist The humor? Exist The mystery? Exist Watch only on 'Poor Youth Becomes Cool'. fb&ig Donat Mblondo ^^

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38 Chapters
1. Watermelon flavored milk
"Kijo ...!" Cecep shouted for Tukijo. "I ordered you to buy watermelon flavored milk, why did you give me the strawberry milk?!" Cecep threw the milk on Tukijo's face until the bottle was denteding. A snub nose, becoming flatters and swollen blue. "Ugh," Tukijo groaned holding his face. "Idiot! Already poor, stupid!" Cecep snapped grabbing Tukijo's hair. Tukijo just looked down with messy hair. He was wearing shabby clothes while holding the pain on his face. However, Tukijo's dirty face managed to cover the bruises on his nose. "I don't want to know! This milk, I consider debt. So, you owe me ten thousand, you understand?!" Then Cecep went outside the classroom. Tukijo looked here and there to make sure Cecep left, the dirty boy cheered, "Yes, I'm free!" He raised his hand. "Tch! Cecep stupid! Cheater! Quadratic idiot! Cuh!" Tukijo sneered without spitting. In reality he just kept quiet and agreed with Cecep's words, when in front of him. Tukijo is a poor orphan who was raise
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2. Udin big headed
After a long wait, finally Mrs. Sulastri came to class. She started distributing the test questions on the chapter on temperature and heat. Cecep threw a crumpled paper on Tukijo's desk. Then Tukijo opened the paper. Paper content: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ANSWER ALL! "Crazy! Cecep is not half-hearted to cheat." Tukijo grumbled. Hearing Tukijo's grumbling, Markonah who was sitting in front of him muttered, "Tsk ... he wants to use you, idiot!." Markonah is a tomboyish girl, but beautiful, sweet and adorable. Her face is always cheerful as if the shin sun. Her appearance was as tough a blooming white rose making the men couldn't stop staring at her. But, her ingrained nonchalant nature makes it difficult for every man to approach her. She tends to be alone rather than hanging out with his friends. The girl is the daughter of the owner of a bakery located at the Mojing Crossroad, to be precise next to Mas Agus Restaurant. Unexpectedly, Udin, who was the class cham
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3. The peak of suffering
Tukijo was awakened by the sound of the bell. The bell rang three times, signaling it was time to go home. He glanced at the clock on the wall that read 01.00 pm Western Indonesian Time. The boy was shocked, and immediately got up out of the school health unit to his class."Oh no, I have to hurry to the restaurant!" Tukijo muttered. He ran to class without paying any attention to anyone.After arriving in class, he found his bag and books scattered on the floor. Shoe stamps everywhere. Not only that, the seats and tables are also full of markers, including; POOR CHILDREN ARE BETTER TO DIE, UGLY AND POOR IS BANNED ALIVE, and IDIOT.Tukijo crouched to tidy up his bag and scattered books. Suddenly, Udin appeared leaning his shoulder in the doorway of the classroom. "Poor fate for you, Tukijo. Haha ...," he mocked. Then, Udin disappeared like a jelangkung¹. He came even though he wasn't invited, then he too just left.While Tukijo was cleaning his desk,
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4. Meet Big Sister
"Ugh," Tukijo woke up and saw a luxury car stop beside him. Out came a beautiful, elegant woman with long flowing hair, accompanied by a bodyguard and her driver.She is Ningsih, the genius woman who managed to grow her father's company to the top. Rumors stated that she had killed her father for obtaining an inheritance, thus being branded as a violent woman.The woman took off her sunglasses and asked the driver, "Really, he lives here?""That's right, Miss. His name is Tukijo," answered Teguh (Ningsih's driver) while showing the young man's photo on his cellphone.Ningsih just realized that in front of her there was a man lying on the road, he was trying to get up. The man was wearing a scout uniform. Beside him was an ontel bicycle leaning against a tree and a school bag on the basket.Then Ningsih came to the man, then squatted down and stretched out his hand. "Want me to help?" bargained Ningsih.Tukijo lifted his head to l
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5. Rice packs
Seeing Tukijo's body full of wounds, Muhiroh said, "Oh my God, Tukijo! Why is your body covered with wounds like this?" His shriveled hand gently touched Tukijo's face."Sorry Grandma. Earlier, my bicycle was hit by a truck, so I fell unconscious," replied Tukijo a little nervously.After treating Tukijo's wound, Ningsih heard her little brother's stomach protesting. She immediately went out to meet Teguh. The man was standing, leaning his back against the car."Teguh! Buy five servings of food. Oh, no. Buy six!" Ningsih orders."Yes, Miss," Teguh got into the car and left to carry out orders.A few moments later."Sorry, Miss, I only found this food on the road," said Teguh, handing him two plastic bags containing three packs of rice each."Yeah, it's okay.""Here are two servings for you." Ningsih handed Tukijo two packets of rice. "You have to eat a lot to make your body fuller.""Thank you, lady!" s
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6. Handsome young man in shabby clothes
The next day, at exactly 07.00 am West Indonesia Time, Ningsih came to Tukijo's house in her luxury car with Teguh and Marno. "Jo! Come on up!" Ningsih invites Tukijo who is standing in front of his house ready to go. Then, he got into the car and sat in the back with his sister. "Where are you working?" Ningsih asked. "The Mas Agus Restaurant is located at the Mojing Crossroad." "Let's go!" Ningsih's orders to Teguh. "Okay Miss." "Marno, you will replace Tukijo later, okay?" "Ready to execute!" Marno replied. "Erm, Sis. Can I ask you something?" said Tukijo a little doubtfully. "What?" "Please keep it a secret, that I have a relationship with someone from the Gaje Company. You are very famous, Big Bro Agus must recognize you." Tukijo put on a pitiful face pleading with his brother. "We have arrived at Mas Agus Restaurant, Miss," Teguh interrupted. Ningsih did not respond to Tukijo's request. It made him feel frustrated. "Ouch, how's this?" Tukijo muttered, biting his finge
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7. Wow! Handsome man!
After buying the cell phone, Ningsih and Tukijo went to the shopping center. They buy uniforms, bags and other school supplies."Come here, Jo! Try this!" Ningsih's right hand holds a white striped t-shirt, while in her left hand she holds a gray jacket.Tukijo, who was busy trying out a new cellphone, immediately put it away and approached his sister.After a while, Tukijo exited the changing room."Wow!" Ningsih said amazed. "This is just cool! Try it, you look at it!" Ningsih turned Tukijo around and pushed him closer to the mirror.Tukijo was dumbfounded looking at himself in the mirror. "It's me?" he said."Yeah," Ningsih answered proudly.Tukijo looked at the set of glasses that lay on the table. Seeing that, Ningsih asked, "Do you need glasses?""Um, my eyes feel dizzy, when I see the writing on the blackboard from the back seat," replied Tukijo."Okay, we'll take some," Ningsih said."S
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8. Take off your clothes!
"Order five portions, please wrap the two portions. You'll take one later," Ningsih said to Marno. "Oh yeah, don't forget to add two iced tea, okay...."Marno immediately went to prepare the dish.A few minutes later."Wow...!" said Tukijo in amazement.They ate it voraciously."Tukijo, what you said to your grandma was a lie, right?" Ningsih asked suddenly.Tukijo was shocked. He almost choked on his food. "Cough...." He grabbed his drink then responded to his sister's words, "Um... yes Big Sis, I just don't want to make grandma worry." The young man bowed his head."So, what made you so battered that you lay on the road like that?" Ningsih asked with a serious face."Emm, it's Sis ... um ... I ...""Are you being bullied?" cut Ningsih quickly with sharp eyes.Tukijo was silent."So, right?" Ningsih insisted."Yes Sis," replied Tukijo finally opening his mouth."Sinc
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9. Meet Markonah
Tukijo was shocked. Instantly his vision was blurred. "Ah, yes Sis ... sorry," he said."What's wrong with you, Jo? Suddenly daydreaming. See the moms hanging out?" joked Ningsih. In fact, Ningsih knew that Tukijo had been transfixed by the sight of a girl delivering boxes."Ish ... it's no use, I see the mothers hang out," he objected."So, what are you dreaming about?" asked Ningsih pretending not to know."Eh ... that ... I saw a classmate of mine passing by on a motorbike," replied Tukijo."Oh, so the girl from earlier was your classmate. She's beautiful too," Ningsih praised."Yeah, she's pretty ... but ignorant." Tukijo snorted."Pfft. Do you like that girl?" asked Ningsih spontaneously."Wh ... who likes her!" Tukijo hid his blushing face by pretending to wipe the sweat off his forehead."Hmm ...." Ningsih wrinkled her forehead, her eyes probed Tukijo's behavior. "Okay, let's continue practicing."They practice until the sun is directly overhead. The scorching heat of the sun ma
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10. In the parking lot
Monday, Tukijo started school with his new look. Before he left for school, Ningsih came with all her belongings."I'll help you, Big Sis," Tukijo offered."No need. You go to school there! You'll be late. Hmm, or do you want Teguh to take you by car?" said Ningsih as she unloaded her things in front of Tukijo's house."I ... just leave now, thanks for the offer." Tukijo left Ningsih immediately. "It could be bad if one school finds out I'm leaving by car," he muttered.After arriving at school, Tukijo put his bicycle in the parking lot near a wooden pole."Whoa! Who's that?""I guess he's new. I've never seen him.""So handsome. I'm sure he will be the first handsome male candidate in Maos 1 State High School."Eh, how about we try to approach him? Maybe we can get his number. Xixixi.""Come on!"Two students whispered to each other seeing Tukijo's new appearance. As they were about to approach Tukijo, someone preceded them."Tukijo!" someone shouted from behind approaching him."So,
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