Purest Hearts

Purest Hearts

By:  BlessyN  Ongoing
Language: English
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Kenny Jones, who has been a man all his life wakes up in a woman’s body! He must learn to live as a woman!! To live the life of a 23yrs old heiress, Lady Marianne Williams, who’s been stuck in a wheelchair and had just become the wife of Francois Davidson -a man with exceptional excellences, in looks and brain, but unlike other human beings, he lacks emotion.Kenny/ Marianne struggles with a woman’s everyday life and the uncontrolled feelings towards the almost humanoid husband!

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145 Chapters
Chapter 1 - A Dream Inside A Dream
Military Base in North Yorkshire:... aack ... haackk ... hak ...Desperately gasping for air. Kenny is struggling to free himself. He is aware of the strength of his opponent. Wishing he didn't finish that drink before going to bed then he would be able to defend himself. Silently vowing that if he survive this then he will never drink again. "Come on Kenny, just die already, why is it so hard to get rid of you!!?" hissed the perpetrator. "I know him! I would recognise this voice anywhere. But ... Why ... Why him!?"The shocking revelation made him slacken to fight back. He could not comprehend what is happening.The ropes are getting tighter and tighter, and the ragged gasps can no longer be heard. Grayer Hospital, Devon: At the hospital, the staff are busy with Marianne. She was just brought in by the ambulance; she had a fall at the cliffs, suicide, but of course, it's not yet certain. Luckily, she was seen by tourists that are passing by, otherwise, it wou
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Chapter 2 Married
At Catterick Garrison, the largest British Army base, Major General Francois Davidson had just gone through with the formalities of his retirement. His action of leaving the army had caused a ruckus to the higher ups. It is something that no one would have perceived, hence the effect is a shock to them. Due to his outstanding and intellectual mind, at a young age of 30, he was promoted as Major General, which is an uncommon practice, at that age, in that field. He is considered as an asset of the government and expected to bring more fruitful outcomes with his brilliant mind of decision making in the future. Of course, his unprecedented retirement brought discontent to many; some had expressed their concerns and had given some persuasive advices hoping that it would change his mind, but they knew of his character - that once he made a decision then he wouldn't change it as he would have methodically considered the pros and cons, and so whatever he decided would be the best
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Chapter 3 Dr. Kenny Jones is Dead
Kenny had been staring at the face of a woman who was staring right back at him. He touched his face and the woman in the mirror had done the same. He feels like he is watching one of those horror movies but it is even worse as he is in it. He had been a doctor for years and had never encountered nor studied anything like this before. But he did watch a movie where the mother and daughter’s bodies had switched. Wondering if this could be happening to him too, he thought of his body. He has kind of an understanding of his situation, though it is still hard for him to process and accept it, what more is this body belongs to a woman and the inconvenience of not being able to walk would be an everyday hassle for him. “I can’t believe that this is really happening! And why me?” Kenny muttered with frustrations. “I must go back to the barracks as the owner of this body could be occupying mine too," he thought. He was about to go out from the toilet when he suddenly realized that he a
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Chapter 4 Kenny's vows
Kenny feels like he is falling apart. He can sense his body shaking or rather Marianne's body shaking. His mind is in chaos. “Steven ... Did Steven ... ?“Am I dead because of him?”Kenny’s breathing became ragged. The pain in his chest is just too much to endure. “How could he do this to me?”“I would give him my everything”Annie was alarmed after seeing Marianne in a state. “Breathe!” a loud voice came from Francois which startled Annie. Kenny came around after the loud sound, wondering what it was, but his breathing had regulated. Remembering the night that he had assumed it was just a nightmare...It’s like he is facing Steven’s handsome face and is turning ugly. “I never would have thought that you would be able to do this to me.”“I had cared and loved you for years.” “My parents had treated you like their own son. They even gave you the house, which was my brother’s. It’s because you are a member of the family.”He thought of the night prior to his death.“We were drinkin
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Chapter 5 The Williams
Marianne is in a shambles again. Her built up positivity is crumbling down. “Co-could you say that again?” she stammered.“Is it not your wish to go?” asked Francois.“Do forgive me, I thought you would like to attend his funeral.” Francois thought about the books that he read before signing the marriage contract. “Women are truly hard to understand,” he thought.Francois, the perfectionist that he is, must know and learn how to be a good husband even though the relationship would be platonic.He bought some books: To understand the rules of husband to his wife, How to be good to your wife, and, How to pick up the moods of women.Also, before he agreed to be a member of Williams Family, his requests are for “no romantic involvement'' and “no heir”, which the other party had gladly accepted.For a man who was rammed in to be a honourable and dignified person, Francois had already programmed into his mind to fulfill his wife's wishes as long as it is within his capability and also not
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Chapter 6 Awkwardness
Marianne was awed and amazed at the view of the castle earlier, but had lost interest in her surroundings after hearing what Francois’ secretary had just said. The tour guide voice of Annie is just like a muffled sound to her ears, her mind is elsewhere. “Annie, why would the Queen invite me? I'm puzzled as to why I am having an invite from the Queen? Is it because I’m Francois’ wife? I wouldn’t even know how to act in front of the Queen!” said Marianne anxiously. “Marianne, come on, you of all people shouldn’t be saying that! You’ve been groomed to be a proper lady ever since young. Also, you’ve met the Queen already. You were bragging about it at school and I was jealous. I even asked you to bring me next time you went there and then you said that you would ask your mum, of course thinking about that now, we were just young then ...” “Annie!” a loud voice coming Marianne interrupted Annie. She has to do this or Annie could go on and on.“Did you say that I’v
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Chapter 7 Requests Obtained
In England, the weather is one of the common topics to most, especially to the locals. It can also be used as a casual topic to start a conversation with a stranger. In a distant view, there is a tall handsome man approaching a beautiful lady on a wheelchair. The man got close to her and they seemed to be in a conversation. The woman stemmed to be saying something while looking up, appreciating the clear blue skies. It’s sunny and Marianne should be enjoying the warmth of the sun, but here she is mad at herself for being impulsive and not acting ladylike. How could she let herself be in this disgusting predicament? She caught sight of the dog owner who is leaving the park with his dog on a lead. She can't help but feel sorry that she made his job harder. “I’m so bad,” she thought.Francois stares at Marianne, checks the mess she is in then takes out his phone. “Lana, could you bring a dress for Mrs Davidson and bring another wheelchair...” Francois didn’t finish what
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Chapter 8 Sleeping Together
The huge room seems to be a very small space for Marianne. She is holding her breath which makes her face like a ripen plump tomato. The embarrassment that she is feeling after her unladylike behavior of inviting him to sleep with her, which is not really what she wants to say or meant to be, is nothing compared to what Francois had just said!! 
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Chapter 9 The Agreement
“What the heck is he saying!?”
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Chapter 10 Steven Cole
“Steven Cole… it can’t be you... right?” muttered Marianne, with a deranged look.
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