Chapter 32

Rachel lifted her head from his shoulder,and he shifted away from her,with a groan.Immediately,she felt the chill in the air as his body heat left her.

    “I don’t mean to lay all this on you,”Galen said,”but today was just one of those days,you know?”   

Oh,she did.After her conversation with Gabrielle,this whole day had gone to hell in a handbag.

The last thing she expected before going to the cemetery,was a visit from the Angel of Death,bringing news of Galen’s demise.She still didn’t know what to make of it all,or if she should even tell him.He had so much going on,and she didn’t want to add to his stress.

His work at the asylum was more than enough to keep him occupied.What he didn’t need,was to worry how and when his death would be.

    “It’s okay,”she replied,”you don’t have to keep these things from me,Galen.If it’s upset

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