Chapter 33

               “Becca,where are you?”    Rachel pulled her dark grey coat tighter against her,staring around the empty cemetery.

The sky was darkening and thunder rumbled in the distance.Where was everyone?Did they leave without her?    

She hesitantly advanced to the open grave as the first drops fell from the sky.She peered in,sucking air into her lungs as the smell of burning wood and scorched flesh assailed her senses,causing her to sink to her knees and gag.    


Dear God,Galen’s voice… 

  “Rachel,why did you leave me to die?”    

Frozen with fear,Rachel stared into the open grave again.The remnants of the casket began to move and sickeningly,she saw Galen’s charred remains begin to move.Screaming didn’t help.She was trapped in a nightmare.    

Inch by inch he beg

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