Chapter 4

The sun was setting when the golden-brown wolf returned to the cabin. Galen howled as he shifted back into his human form and ran, naked, into the cabin. It was small, but comfortable and it had all the basic amenities. Earlier, he'd found the keys exactly where the owners had said they'd be, hidden under the welcome mat at the door. 

Galen jumped into the shower, allowing the hot water to soothe his aching muscles. He'd pushed himself to the limit during his hunt and far from being dissatisfied with his aching body, he felt free. 

For so long he'd been bound to his parent's pack, following orders and this was his first real taste of true freedom in all of his thirty years. He no longer had to bow and follow; he was coming into his own and could finally live his own life. 

When he stepped out of the shower, Galen wrapped a towel around his waist and reached for his cellphone. He had a signal and remembered the owners telling him cellphone reception was actually good on the grounds of the asylum. He punched in Jax's number and waited for a few moments before his brother answered. 

"Good to hear your voice, Galen,"Jax said on the other end. "I was worried when I didn't hear from you. "

"Sorry, little brother,"Galen replied. "I was figuring things out. I didn't want to weigh you down with my drama. Figured you had enough of your own. "

He heard Jax sigh deeply.   "They kicked you out because of me. It’s all because of me. "

Galen ran his fingers through his wet hair. "The last thing I want is for you to blame yourself, Jax. Just stay strong, okay?Talk to you soon. "

When the call ended, Galen threw his cellphone on the bed and walked outside. It was a cool, summer evening and he enjoyed the fresh breeze across his skin. Solitude was the perfect way to figure out the next step he had to take. 

From the corner of his eye, he caught a movement. Immediately, Galen felt the hair on his arms stand up. He looked toward the asylum. Is that the glow of a flashlight in one of the second-floor rooms? Must be kids. Quickly he went back inside to put on his jeans and made his way to the asylum. 

Silently pushing open the door, Galen was struck by the desolation inside. Dirt covered the floor and he cursed under his breath for not wearing his sneakers. The computer at the nurses' station lay on its side and there were beer cans scattered all around. Clearly, this was a popular hangout joint for the local teens. 

Would the decrepit elevator work?Shrugging his shoulders he took the stairs, his keen senses leading him exactly where he needed to be. 

The door was open. A young woman with long raven hair was inside and when he heard her speak, he grimaced. Just what he needed right now. . . 

"Kathy,"she said. "Go in peace. Your time in this world has passed. Follow the light and there you will find love unlike anything you've ever known. "

Galen followed her gaze was and saw a young girl, her spirit at least. 

"Thank you, Rachel, "the girl said, a warm glow surrounding her as she faded away. 

A clairvoyant, crossing over a spirit. So much for peace and quiet. He cleared his throat and she spun to face him, pointing her flashlight in his face. She frowned while she looked him up and down as if not believing what she was seeing. 

"You're alive?"she asked and the surprised tone in her voice was not lost on him. "Who the hell are you?"

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