Rebecca's Revenge

Rebecca's Revenge

By:  Nikka Anne  Completed
Language: English
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Rebecca Dale, a simple woman with a dark past. For her, love is a nightmare that she never want to experience again. What if this feeling haunt her for the second time around? Is she willing to gamble for the sake of putting those broken pieces together? Or another kind of trap that's inescapable...

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80 Chapters
Chapter 1: Memories
Rebecca's POV"Rebecca..."Her voice can be heard from the other room. That sweet, reassuring voice I'd love waking up to. That was exactly seven in the morning. I slowly opened my eyes, blink it slowly as I looked around. The sun's rays are already reflecting through my window. It's a perfect, sunny day to start with."What do we have for breakfast?" I yawned and smiled. As soon as I smelled a familiar scent, I excitedly went to the dining table just near my room. "Good morning, honey." My mom said as I met his gaze. Her smile is as sweet as the aroma of cinnamon rolls and some brewed coffee made by my mom."Whoah, is that cinnamon?""Of course. Just the way you want it, honey." On a separate plate, I had a piece of cinnamon rolls and a glass of milk for me, she loved coffee on the other hand.
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Chapter 2: Meeting fate
Rebecca's POVI am driving along the coastal road ten meters away from our house. I always miss home after my mother's loss. I don't know how to start all over again. I can describe myself as a total mess without any direction to go.It's been months since I last visited this lonely road. I thought I'll never pass this way again but today, I found myself going back. Weird though, I don't even understand the reason why.A lot of things are messing in my mind right now, including the thoughts pursuing my dreams of becoming a successful lawyer in the future. I want to fight for her...protect her from someone who wanted to harm or even hurt her someday. I can't believe that my goals will only be a dream and will stay as it is, now that she's gone.The road seemed to be an endless way whenever I look forward. I glanced at the rear mirror of my car and I could see the scenery of the ocean. It was already
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Chapter 3: Melancholic past
Gavin's POV"Looking for these?" I grinned, trying to tease her. I want to see her reaction after I saw that she's looking for her car keys like crazy. I can see that she's restless inside the car. I smiled and observed what she'll gonna do next.When she glanced beside her from where I am standing, she was shocked. I held out a chuckle. Man, I can't help it. Her reaction is priceless."Yes, can I have my keys please..." She looked at me as if she was never impressed with a guy before. She even folded her arms. Now, she's giving me a blank look that I find really weird. It's like a punch on my ego. When was the last time I was treated like this?This is not the usual treatment I get from girls. From what I used to know, they easily get so attracted to me with just a glimpse of an eye. I can see that she's simply different from them. Her reaction from the way she stared an
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Chapter 4: For keeps
My feet brought me to the second floor. I decided to sleep inside my mom's room. I can still smell her scent everywhere. I don't want to touch her things and everything she owns in the basement. I want to feel her as if she's just sleeping beside me. I know I can be comforted by the warmth of her bed if I will do it. Laying down here feels like she is still hugging me even if her physical presence is gone already.I slowly got up and walk towards the window like I used to do when mom is still around. We used to appreciate the leaves slowly falling off the trees around the house. We even laughed at the sight of squirrels chasing each other for wallnuts that's scattered around the vicinity. All those simple things we're both happy about. It is a painful to know that my life will never be the same again without her.My knees started to lose its strength that I can't help but to lean on the window pane. Instead of bringing back good, old memo
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Chapter 5: A fateful encounter
Sheira's POVWhen I stepped into the house, I can feel the sadness that is seeping my senses. I pitied Rebecca. I understand her being miserable and I respect the coping mechanism she's showing. I always consider her for being a strong person and a trusted friend. I love her for being an "encourager" ever since I first met her. How it broke my heart to see her the first time being helpless and sad for the longest time. The drastic change happened after that car accident that caused the death of her mom.The silence is really deafening. When I twisted the doorknob, its obviously being left unlocked because she's expecting me to come any time. I can say she's probably sleeping inside her mother's room again, tired and exhausted about everything.I put two boxes of pizza on the dining table which is located just in front of her mom's room. When I look at her mom's room, she's standing in front of me.
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Chapter 6: The odds are not in favor
"I'm glad you can still remember me." He grinned."Gavin, right?" I said in a straightforward manner. His smile widened as I say his name again.Why of course? Who can't remember someone who almost stole my car keys.His gaze is melting me deep down. Why am I having this kind of feeling every time I look into his eyes? I guess he's feeling happy because I can still remember him.“Yes, baby girl. The one and only…” He said as if we’re so close to each other. I just look at him. I honestly don’t know what to react. Of all the people that I will meet tonight, here in this place, why him?Baby girl? He's totally out of his mind."Will you tell me your name this time?" He politely offered one of his hand as if he wants to shake hands with me. Sheira's shoulder touched mine as she whispers, asking me who is the man I am talking with. She's not letting her gaze off Gavin, too.
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Chapter 7: Enticing timing
"What?"  "You heard me, right? Or would you like me to say it again for you?" 
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Chapter 8: Gavin's time
"Hi, Rebecca Dale." A lot of their classmates giggled as he called her full name. She blushed in an instant because of the attention he's giving her. She must admit then, that she didn't see it coming. "Wow, girl, you already knew our transferee?" One of her curious seatmates asked her as she poked her arm. She just held her affected arm as she glared at her classmate who grinned at her maliciously. She didn't like it! Of all people she'll have to see, why should it be him? "Nope. Don't mind him." "Ouch, you're hurting my feelings baby girl." He said it boldly that made the whole class wild. "Class, enough. Go back to your seats becaus
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Chapter 9: Screwed up
"You're just too good to be true...can't take my eyes off you, you feel like heaven to touch, oh I want to hold you so much..." He grinned as he started to strum his guitar. I can see that he's good at playing it and his voice is really clear and husky. I walked forward as I search where the sound is  I glared and frowned at him as I opened the lights of our kitchen. However, when I saw an old woman very proud of what he's doing beside her, I started to wave my hand and did an awkward smile. The old woman waved back and smiled at me too. Is she his mom? I literally wanted to punch Gavin because of what he's doing right now. Serenading me and then getting a support system? My goodness he is not playing a fair game. I hurriedly went outside. The si
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Chapter 10: Part-time heartbreaker
She suddenly got up as she held her phone on his left hand and placed it on her left ear. "Don't you want to stop?" Irritated, she tried composing herself so that she will not be mad at him.  "I'm not even thinking about stopping, you know." "You're difficult to talk to. I swear." "I already did what you want me to do. I went home with my aunt. Is calling you still not allowed, too?" "What do you think?" Rebecca groaned as she got really irritated. Gavin could even hear her voice. He couldn't help but chuckle. "You know what, you have to calm down. Your beauty doesn't match what you're doing to me right now."
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