The Next Wife

The Next Wife

By:  Gift Odulesi  Completed
Language: English
4 ratings
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Getting rid of Mina, Fred's wife, after five years of her problematic self, he finally felt relieved. He needed a new wife so he got married to Jayda on the contract that she was going to be given 1.5 billion dollars. Fred and Jayda had shared a strong bond a few years back after an accidental 'one night stand'.Trying to balance their relationship seemed to be a problem as both of them were too enclosed in the fear of revealing their pasts and problems, with Jayda being so cold…READ ON TO DIVE INTO THE LOVE STORY OF JAYDA AND FRED AS THINGS UNFOLD BETWEEN THEM.

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Choo Anna
just finished reading this book... really recommended..
2021-05-27 21:28:28
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please unlock the chapter
2020-11-26 23:02:19
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Confi Mogade
Its all about excitement heartbreak sorrow love abd possessive book.
2020-11-02 13:49:58
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Loved your style of writing! I was feeling pity for Mina at first but I think Fred did the right thing. can't wait to see how the rest of the story unfolds. update soon❤
2020-10-13 02:46:51
50 Chapters
"Get out of this house, woman!" Fred Maklaw, the 32-year-old man barked at his wife, Mina Maklaw. "Excuse me?" She huffed, getting to her feet from the vanity's chair.  
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1: The Next Wife
"Good morning." Jeremy Hem, Fred's personal assistant/Manager greeted him over the phone. "What do you have to say?" He replied crankily, getting into his room from the balcony that was extended from his room. 
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2: Wedding Night
Jayda and Fred had gotten married.  Tonight, being their wedding night, they were heading to Fred's home. 
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3: Crush “Your Wife's a Gold Digger.”
"Where the fuck are you already?!" Jeremy barked into the phone, slightly angered that Fred hadn't arrived when they had an urgent matter to discuss. "Shut up, dude. I'm right in front of my office." He rolled his eyes then opened the door. He didn't bother to use the key because he was certain that Jeremy was in already. 
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4: I Need Your Trust
"You, bitch." Jayda barked at Adalyn. Adalyn's eyes bugged out in fear. She knew she was done for. 
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5: My Hot Wife
"Good morning, sunshine." Fred's voice was the first thing Jayda heard when she opened her eyes. She scanned Fred crankily. He was grinning like crazy. 
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6: Please Don't
The hard blow on the back of Jayda's head made her fall to the floor, groaning in pain. She whimpered painfully and was starting to feel dizzy. Raising her head up to look at the monster, Roland Ernest, a tear rolled down her cheek.  Roland was the leader of a mafia group. Jayda's late father had bo
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7: Bring Mom Back
Fred started to scratch the back of his neck playfully.  "Who is he?" Jayda re-questioned. 
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8: In Love
"Yes, our honeymoon." Fred repeated, snaking his arms around Jayda's waist possessively. "Wow, that just sounds nice." Samantha beamed. 
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9: Honeymoon!
Jayda and Fred had gone on their honeymoon with Fred's private aeroplane. Jayda was quite excited about the honeymoon and also glad that she was going to be in a private aeroplane. Jayda happened to fall asleep even though she claimed that she was too excited to fall asleep. 
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