Chapter 135 Unable to Satisfy Her

“What do you mean I bought this, my husband gave it to me as a gift!” As soon as Gu Xi said this, she became even more smug, like she was afraid that Qiao Zhi and Qiao Zhen would not be able to see how happy she was now. She quickly reiterated everything that had happened recently to the pair of men.

The father and son could not believe their ears; they never would have thought that such a cold man like Xing Beiyan would actually treat his woman with such love and indulgence.

They originally thought Gu Xi had married Xing Beiyan because both their families were on good terms.

However, since he treated Gu Xi well, they were relieved on her behalf.

After bidding the both of them farewell, Gu Xi immediately contacted Gu Xue’er to let her know she now had her hands on the shares.

It had gotten very late by the time she arrived back at her dormitory.

Once she got into bed after washing up, her group text went haywire as soon as she turned on her phone.

It was Luo Yang and the rest sc
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