Redemption: The president's second Chance

Redemption: The president's second Chance

By:  Sunshine  Completed
Language: English
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"Mommy, can you give daddy a second chance?" Jasper asked sadly, Leah sign as she looked at the fearsome president looking at her with sad puppy dog eyes. Leah's marriage breaks down, and she keeps her son's paternity a secret. But when her son needs medical treatment, secrets unravel, and Axel, her ex-husband, discovers the truth. He must decide if he will fight for his family and if Leah will give him a second chance.

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70 Chapters
Chapter 1
Leah's PovI clutched the report tightly in my hand, feeling a rush of excitement and joy bubble up inside me. "Congratulations Mrs. Russo, you are three weeks pregnant," the doctor's voice thundered in my ear. I was filled with an overwhelming mix of emotions; I laughed, cried, and then laughed again. This baby had been long awaited, a dream finally coming true.The thought of sharing this wonderful news with Axel filled me with anticipation. I walked briskly to the sleek black car waiting for me at the other side of the road. As I settled in the back seat, the chauffeur asked, "Ma'am, where do we go next?" I pondered for a moment, contemplating the best way to celebrate this momentous occasion. "Take me to the grocery market," I told the driver. A good news like this should be shared over a delightful meal and a glass of wine.The car ride was filled with my continuous grinning as I read the report over and over again, rubbing my stomach gently and silently asking, "Are you the
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Chapter 2
Leah's PovThe following morning, as I sat in the dining room, waiting for Axel to come home, my mind raced with thoughts of reasoning things out with him. Perhaps he would reconsider; after all, I couldn't fathom leaving behind a marriage that I had grown so accustomed to over the years. My contemplation was suddenly interrupted by the honking of a car outside. I quickly rose and was shocked to see Axel walk in with a lady.Axel was 199cm tall, towering over the room, and was dressed in a casual white sweater paired with black pants. His eyes, blue as the ocean, gave him an unparalleled allure. The lady standing beside him, despite appearing slightly unwell, radiated a quiet beauty. At 160cm tall, her hair flowed down her waist like a waterfall, and she was wearing a white knee-length gown. As Axel gently guided her into the house, they looked like a match made in heaven."Axel," I called out, my eyes brimming with tears. Watching the man I had shared a bed with, caring for another
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Chapter 3
Five years laterLeah's Pov"I won't let you take my grandson away!" my dad screamed, his voice echoing through the room.I looked at my dad, feeling the weight of his resistance bearing down on me. "Dad," I called out calmly, "Jasper needs radiation therapy after his brain tumor surgery. The province doesn't have enough medical facilities, so they recommended us to take him to Country H."My dad snorted and muttered, "Wasn't it Country H where you met that man? Hmmph, I won't allow you to take my grandson away from me, even if I have to die."Turning to my mom, I exclaimed, "Mom, please help me."Sitting down on the sofa, I sank my face into my hands. My dad would never support my decision to go back to Country H, but I had no other choice. It was the best place for Jasper to receive the radiation therapy he needed, and I had to do it for my son's sake."I won't agree for you to take my precious grandchild from me," my dad said stubbornly."Do you prefer him being isolated from his p
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Chapter 4
Axel's PovMy lips quivered as I looked at the figure who had just planted a kiss on the window. "Leah?" I muttered. "What's Leah doing in country H?"I watched as the woman looked confused as the car drove by. I gripped the laptop on my legs tight, feeling a surge of emotions. Could that be Leah? Leah of five years ago had long, silky hair that felt like silk to touch, but this lady had a short bob cut. However, I couldn't be mistaken by the mole between her eyebrows."Master," Secretary Derek called out, "I am so sorry about the mess on the window; I will get it cleaned up immediately."I looked at my secretary, who was already sweating. All my workers knew I am a clean freak and that I couldn't condone a speck of dust. I looked towards the love-shaped kiss, which reminded me of her kiss. "Don't bother," I smirked. "Don't bother cleaning it.""Boss is really angry," I heard Little Nine, who was in the driver's seat, whisper to Derek. He continued, "I wonder what family that lady c
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Chapter 5
Axel's PovLate in the night, At the city Club, Vvip room"Here, have some alcohol," Marvin passed a glass of alcohol to me as he sat down on the sofa opposite me. I closed my eyes and ignored the looks of the others around me. The atmosphere was lively, but I felt out of place. It had been years since I last joined my friends for a night of clubbing."What is Axel doing here? Now tonight clubbing won't be fun," Tony whispered to the group. Our group consisted of me, Tony, Joel, and Marvin. Each of us had our own unique personality - Marvin in the medical field, Tony in the entertainment industry, known for his flashy dressing, and Joel, the quiet one, often lost in his own thoughts, is into oil and gas. They were all avid night clubbers, while I had long since stopped."Why are you here tonight?" Marvin questioned, his eyes mischievous. "Brother Axel, do you need me to help you look for hot babes, like this one over here?" he gestured to a lady beside him, earning a hearty laugh fr
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Chapter 6
Leah's Pov "I didn't say he was my child" Axel replied. I hugged Jasper tightly, fear and anxiousness gripped my heart. I never knew I would meet Axel this way. Coming to Country H, there was always a possibility that we might encounter each other, but I never expected it to happen like this.As Axel walked towards us, his handsome face brought back memories of our past. His casual attire and sparkling diamond stud earrings accentuated his charm. His dimpled smile was a clear resemblance to Jasper, and my heart clenched with a mixture of emotions. When he said, "I just want to ask him a question," Jasper beamed and replied, "What question, Handsome Uncle?"My heart raced as Axel made a gesture to playfully tug at Jasper's cheek, but I quickly dodged it, mindful of the precious cargo in my arms. Axel's hands lingered awkwardly in mid-air, and he smiled as he explained, "There's this new toy that just came out, and it's categorized by age. I want to get the one that's just right fo
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chapter 7
Axel's PovI kept on looking at my watch impatiently, Leah was supposed to be here by now. "President...are you sure this is a great idea?" Derek asked, but I ignored him, walking to and fro impatiently in front of the emergency room."Where is he?" I heard Leah cried out nervously, she was limping while walking, her beautiful palm-sized face flushed. It looked like she had gone through a lot of trouble getting here. She went straight to the doctor standing nearby, "Doctor, what happened to my son? Where is he?" she asked nervously."Erm..Ms Leah, Jasper suddenly fainted in the hallway and we found out that he was short of blood after a series of tests," the doctor explained."Then give him blood, please, don't let anything happen to my son," Leah pleaded. She was almost on the verge of tears, her tears threatening to spill."Ma'am, your son has a rare blood gene, and we don't have it in our blood bank," the doctor said."Oh no, oh no," Leah held her cheek in despair, "Then what can
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Chapter 8
A month LaterLeah's povIn the conference room"What?! That's not possible," Mia exclaimed, her wide eyes reflecting her disbelief.As the youngest designer on the team, she had a boundless imagination and was tasked with designing dreamy gowns for kids. "I agreed with Mia," Jason chimed in, adjusting his glasses and adding, "The International Fashion Gala competition is not just an ordinary event, Leah. It's a big deal."I could see the doubt in their eyes, but I remained determined. "I know you all won't agree, but this international fashion gala competition has the potential to elevate our brand internationally," I gently tapped my nose, trying to convey my conviction.Lilian, who had been focused on sketching, looked up and replied, "As much as it might have the potential to make us international, it's not meant for local brands like ours, Leah. This fashion gala is only for well-known and established brands.""I think Lilian is right. Besides, getting a slot for this competitio
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chapter 9
Axel's povAt the hospital "Are you happy getting discharged today, are you? Are you?" I heard Leah's playful voice as soon as I stepped into the children's VIP ward. After discovering that Jasper was my son, I had changed his ward to the VIP section, giving him a large room only to himself.The room was filled with toys, resembling an amusement park. Jasper was sitting on the bed with his tablet in hand, while Leah was tickling him, trying to make the little man laugh."Aiya!, mommy, stop tickling me," Jasper said, scowling in frustration. "I am no longer a baby."Leah looked at him surprised. "Who told you that you are no longer a baby? You will forever be mommy's baby," she said with a smile tugging his cheek.Jasper retorted, "I am already a big boy, mommy. I am now five years old, and I will be starting kindergarten soon," raising five fingers to show Leah.Leah scoffs and walked over to the luggage by the side, indicating that it was time to leave. Jasper looked up from his t
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Chapter 10
Leah's PovI gently wiped my mouth and stood up, "Axel we need to talk," I said, leading him to the balcony. "Here" I said, as I stretched my hand, giving him a file. Axel looked at me with raised eyebrows as he flipped it open."These are some ground rules," I began, a firmness evident in my voice. "You need to visit Jasper once a week, and you are not allowed to let him know you are his father. Also, you can't introduce him to any of your family members," I announced to him.Axel waggled his eyebrow in disbelief. "Why am I allowed to see my son just once a week?" he asked, puzzled by the limitations I was imposing. I took a deep breath, trying to keep my resolve. "That's the time frame we've agreed on. If you know you are not interested in signing the agreement, please hand them back to me," I replied, my tone firm and unwavering.I made a move to collect the agreement file from him, but Axel swiftly dodged it and quickly signed the document. I handed him his copy, and as his fro
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