Worlds Apart (WA)

Worlds Apart (WA)

By:  Oluwafunmito Star  Completed
Language: English
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Love finds you irrespective of your religion, race, tribe or color. They were caught up in a web of love when they lest expected it, both were from different backgrounds. It was hard to admit at first but after falling in love. It was more difficult to let go. Will they surmount all difficulties and obstacles? Will they fight for their love or watch it while it washes away with the rain that's about to pour? Join Ben and Roshan as they go through the hurdles of life together on a journey of true love.

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172 Chapters
The sun was shinning brightly, it was almost blinding. Its rays penetrated the window of the room where Ben was relaxing on the divan, lost in her own world different thoughts wandered through her mind some of which were of her ex-boyfriend, Daniel. "Bad dude" she muttered at the thoughts of him, she let out a small smile. He really explored her as much as she tried to loathe him now she couldn't he was a player but was also good in his nasty ways.The sun rays penetrated the window heavily this time, beaming its lights directly on Ben's face."I thought there was an ozone layer to prevent this ultra violet rays." She groaned, if she was to make a wish at the moment, her one wish would be for the sun to shine less but who was she to stop nature from taking its course?She changed the direction of where she was seated and flopped on her queen-sized bed, the rays penetrated less at that side of the room where her bed was placed.
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 Ben unplugged her earphones to listen to what the driver was saying when he stopped driving, it annoyed her when she found out he was communicating in Hausa language, she raised a finger to interrupt the conversation. "Abeg mena speak pidgin at least." She told him. "I talk say make you buy wetin you wan buy now before we continue the journey." He told her rudely. "I'm not buying anything." She frowned and plugged in back her earphones. She disliked everyone seated with her on the bus. "Hi lady, you so pretty. Where you live?" The man that sat next to her asked. She didn't hear him so he tapped her lightly and when she removed the earphones he asked same question. She looked at him, he was already riling her. "Wetin concern you?" She asked angrily.
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 Getting up from bed every morning was one of the tasks Ben considered herculean.Her mother always performed the ritual of pouring a half bucket of water on her whenever she was sleeping deeply and needed to be somewhere early. She whined when the blaring alarm woke her up,"Mom." She cooed, then opened her eyes and realization hit her that she wasn't at home."My bad." She chuckled, "Thought mom was here." She stretched and yawned, "Work starts today." It's been a stressful three weeks for Ben , moving to the camp ground was no fun at all from the morning exercises they had to go through everyday to the parading of different venues, collecting of call-up letters and looking for the director in charge of mobilization. The stress of walking around in the sun almost darkened her skin and she vowed never to stay in camp.
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Ben sat on her armchair rocking the chair back and forth her mind was far away from the screen in front of her.She needed to revenge, he must pay for calling her a dumb head by telling her she wasn't smart.Seeing him everyday, walking into the office elegantly without worries irked her so much and she vowed to do something that would make him cringe.And what would that be?Mrs Hadiza walked into the office and informed her the director ordered her to make some coffee for him."That's not part of my job description, or is it?" She asked uncertainly, hoping for a negative answer."Of course it is, you are his secretary." Mrs Hadiza smiled at Ben, she disliked that harmless smile now.Ben frowned, annoyed she had to make coffee for her boss she didn't like him a bit.Then suddenly an idea crossed her mind, she jumped startling Mrs Hadiza."Coffee! Perfect! Yeah coffee i
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Three months since she joined ABDULLAH HOLDINGS, and exactly four months she got to Kano. She smiled just like yesterday when she got to Kano she doubted if she would survive but here she was surviving beyond her expectations.Kano has been nothing but good to her, she played with her tresses and spun around on the chair happily. Ben was about to start typing on the computer when a lady walked into the office clanging her heels against the marbled floor.She looked tall, the 6 inches heels she wore supported her heights, she was fair but Ben was fairer, she looked pretty from the excess make up on her face, she wasn't fat nor slim she was in between with the right size of breasts for a lady and a good size of derriere She wore a black gown that hugged her curves tightly and completed it with a pink hijab, the only clothing on her that would make people convinced she was a Muslim."Orisirisi (differ
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Her feet were now hurting from the walking exercises she's been performing with her boss since morning.She grumbled as her stomach rumbled, not eating the previous night was a really a bad decision to make, She regretted not eating before leaving the office too.Everything on her mind was how to get to lunch after the stressful inspection activities she was doing with her boss, they swerved down the quiet streets checking the houses out.The company houses suited in a newly developed area of the town, the ones built down to be leased out in future."How many houses are in this Estate?" Roshan asked the contractor in charge of building the Estate."We have about thirty five incomplete buildings sir." He replied. "Twenty have been completed already, and the remaining are under construction as you can see sir." He moved over to the edge of the plank placed on one of the uncompleted buildi
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"Bestie!" Ben yelled excitedly, she was in a real good mood."What's up Bes?" Esther asked from the other end."So tell me about the new guy in your apartment, I was sleepy last night." Esther had called her the previous night and as usual, they were gisting and talking about everything that happened during the week but Ben was sleepy and she had doze off while Esther talked."Ain't you at work?" Esther questioned."Of course I am, wait let me switch the call to video call."  She did and squealed when she saw Esther. "Oh my baby, you glow, glow girl!" "Don't flatter me." Esther blushed."I'm not, I'm being serious now." She grinned. "So tell me about him.""First, he's cute." Esther started."Checked!" Ben raised a thumb to praise Esther."His name is David, he studied medicine at Obafemi Awo
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"I have to submit this letter today but I need your signature first." She told him, not interested in whatever he was busy with."Which letter?" He questioned, wriggling his eyebrows in confusion, he didn't remember telling her to prepare a letter for anything."My resignation letter." She retorted, she loathed standing there in his office and exchanging words with him, he was a boring human and she was a loud one.They always contradicted each other just like fire and water."You want to resign?" He asked shockingly, the news was new to him and he wondered what was wrong."Yes, I want to." She said not sparing him a glance."Why?" He asked calmly, starting intently at her."I'm tired of working here, you do not appreciate the things I do and you complain too much about me. I can't deal anymore." She was really tired of his complaints, she looked away from and her fac
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He walked into the office and she didn't bother to greet him, that was the third day she had ignored him like he didn't exist on the planet earth.He wasn't willing to talk to her either, so he just let her be. They didn't have a cordial relationship to begin with.The meeting with the members of Josiah's company would be taking much of his time today, so he asked her to cancel every other meetings with other clients.The contract was too huge to be lost and the fate of the company winning the contract would be decided today.He got into his office and said a brief prayer before starting with the day's work,They've bid for the contract alongside other big Companies and Roshan feared the competitors would win it over."The clients are here." Ben informed him through the phone."Let them in." He said and she ushered them into his office immediately she ended the call.
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As she walked into the restaurant, she took in the information she needed to know about the place in case anything went wrong.She didn't feel safe around the vicinity.She hated secret meetings particularly the ones that involved someone her boss didn't want to have anything with.As she walked towards the bar, she thought of what would happen if Roshan saw her with Saheed but she still needed to know what was going on between those two.She called the number again and informed him she was waiting for him, he directed her to the VIP section.She met him seating alone, sipping in a bottle of Hennessey and a stick of cigarette that wasn't lit was in his hand.So, he smokes?She didn't sit very close to him, but there was a little proximity between them."Good evening." She greeted him."Evening beautiful."
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