Rejected And Desired

Rejected And Desired

By:  Krystal Watt  Completed
Language: English
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Running away from your home isn't easy. Running away from your home because your mate rejected you is disastrous. Feeling she is doomed for life is the only thing that India knew. After getting a humiliating rejection, she was all set to live a life as a lonely, sad, cat lady who sews cute little sweaters for her kittens. Well, she was, until he walked in. With captivating eyes and alpha asshole attitude towards everyone except her, he came in like a stormy wind, and then she was left with a whiplash and blank mind with thoughts filled with his memories. But as Daniel, her first mate changes his mind and wants her back at any cost, a war start to build up that she was not prepared for.

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Charlie Saffron
Is this definitely complete? Just seems a bit short
2022-04-19 04:45:34
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Traci Williams
The story was ok, the plot line and characters were a little underdeveloped, but for a quick read it was ok. The writing seems to be a translation, or written by a non native English speaker, this doesn’t bother me so much, but it may bother some readers.
2022-11-03 01:13:53
default avatar
Good story, but it feels like you’re only getting snippets of information. The characters aren’t even described in detail.
2022-04-29 22:01:37
20 Chapters
Chappy-1Alpha is my MATE! (Edited)Yeeekssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!It’s my seventeenth birthday today! I have been waiting for this day for so long. After my parents died two years ago, I worked both day and night, in order to live an independent life. I hadn’t had any reason to live my life; finding my mate on my seventeenth birthday, gave me a lot of hope, hope for a better tomorrow.I’m so happy today! I’ll be meeting my mate for the first time. I just have to wait for the full moon to appear tonight, and I will grasp my mates intoxicating scent and the same for my mate. Our scents will pull us together and we will be inseparable. I just need t
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I woke up panting heavily. Sweat covered my whole body. I was still having flashbacks of that day.I left my pack and Daniel that day. After his rejection, I was so broken that I didn't have enough energy to face him every day. My wolf whimpered in pain after his rejection. I couldn't bear so much pain, and instantly leaving that pack I came here. Columbia. To live with humans.They definitely didn't know that I'm a werewolf. I just hope that my life here would be good enough to let me live far away from him.It had been three months since I moved here. I rented out a small flat and got a new job to pay for my expenses. A job at a bookstore. Though it wasn't enough to pay all my expenses but the money left by my parents was enough to make my life go smoothly.
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By the look on her face and her scent, I could tell that she was a werewolf, and she knew that I was one too. There was a look of hatred and jealousy in her eyes that she directed towards me."So, what can you do? You look like a stupid slut, so what about a stripping show of your upper body for all of us all?"I was getting angrier by every passing minute. I gave her a blank look, and answered, "First of all, you are the one who looks like a slut and the second thing is, I'm not here to entertain you all. So just move out of my way and do whatever stripping show you want to do here."She gave me an angry look, and came towards me hurriedly; her hand came to my top to remove it out of my body.That was it! I lost my control and my han
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The boy who sat next to me said in a hushed tone, "Hey! Hi. I'm Lucas."I smiled and gave him my introduction.He kept talking nonstop, and never gave me a chance to reply him, "Wow!! Aren't you quite awesome? Never saw a girl who can show Stella her real place. And that too, a landing on her arse? Mind blowing!"I chuckled at him and replied, "Hey! I'm India. But you can call me Indy. She deserved every bit of it, to be honest from what I felt.""I am from Golden Moon Pack. I am beta of Alpha Mason. Which pack are you from?" Lucas asked me, with a big smile on his face."I am from Dark Moon Pack. Who is Alpha Mason?" I looked at Lucas, curiosity flowing through my body like a wave.
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Before I could indulge more and get lost in the sensations, he abruptly pulled away from the kiss, making me whimper loudly at the loss of his lips.I tried to get a hold of my emotions, trying to not feel what I was feeling right then. I opened my eyes slowly to see him looking at me intensely. He did not have any wicked smile or victorious look on his face that I had expected to see. He freed my hands slowly and moved a foot away from me."What the hell are you talking about? And who are you to decide if I want you as my mate or not?" Mace said with a hint of anger and hurt in his voice.Truth to be told, I was kind of flustered after hearing his question. Only if he knew. He needed to know. Getting rejected is never good. I would never do to him what happened to me. But I was not so
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It was study period, so I went to sit in the library. What had happened just a while ago with Mace, just rocked my world. I could not help myself from drowning deep in the thoughts. Wow, I mean it has been just a week since I moved here, a day since I started my school and for some completely unbelievable reason, in my first class only, I met my mate, and just not a few minutes ago I was being kissed the hell out by him. SHIT!!!!!!!! Oh, how I wish to replay that kiss, again and again and again in my head. I LOVED that kiss. No one had kissed me before and if every kiss with Mace is like that, I can kiss him for hours. That kiss was, AMAZING! He really wants me as his mate. He is my mate! I saw the things that I had never seen in anyone's eyes before and well, I had completely dropped the idea of ever seeing those in someone's eyes for me. He had the love, the desire, the possessiveness for me in his eyes. It was like he would kill anyone to get me, a
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He was sitting on the sofa. One leg up on the other knee. He had that same signature look of intensity pointed straight towards me. Shit! He is angry. Damn angry. I was counting on my chances to run from there but my feet were glued to the floor. Though my mind screaming at me to get my ass out of that place as fast as I can but my damn legs were rooted to the damn floor. I couldn't make them move! His stare didn't leave me for a second. It was as if he knew what he was doing to my head & my body but was still enjoying my reaction to his presence. Suddenly he stood up straight and started walking towards me. I wanted space. I wanted him as far away from me a
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I gave my reply in the same angry tone as his, and well... the anger brought out the best cursing words that I was suppressing from the moment I met him,“First of all, you do not even know one god damn thing about me other than my name so you definitely do not have any right to go crazy on me or accuse me. Secondly, don't you dare to talk about my parents like that, without knowing anything about them, not knowing anything about what kind of situation I am in, you blurted out whatever things your head made up about me. They are not even in this god damn world. Stop disrespecting them! And lastly, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR GOD DAMN MIND? A fucking LIBRARY! NOT A STRIPPER BAR! Did you even listen to your words, what you just spat out without thinking twice? If you think that I work in a bookstore because I like all the manly attention that I get, then so be it. I DO NOT CARE and I don't give a damn about wh
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The bond of his hands & the stubborn attitude of his was getting on my nerves. And in that moment I really, really hated my weakness in front of his alpha strength.Even though my words and actions were not having any effect on his stubborn ass, I still tried,"I SAID I DON'T WANT TO EAT ANYTHING. Just leave me alone...!"To my frustration, instead of getting angry or annoyed, he seemed to enjoy the more I struggled. His face had that kind of emotion which said that he thought it was cute that I was trying to shrug of a wolf when I knew I was not more than a helpless rabbit in front of his strength.To my frustration, he smiled at me cutely and instead of trying to stop my struggles, his right hand entered inside my shirt from the back and reached till the underside
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When I woke up, I was alone in the bed. All tangled up in the covers with a pillow tightly pressed to my chest.Was I dreaming about Mace? Was it really just my imagination having Mace at home and sleeping with me? Was I going mad for not having a mate in reality? But all my assumptions died when I saw Mace coming out of the bathroom. He had only a towel wrapped around his waist and water was dripping from his hairs while little droplets were dancing on his chest and torso.Geezzzz... He is Hot!!"Like what you see?" Suddenly came Mace's teasing voice in my ears.I did not even realise that I was gazing at Mace like a hawk. All my senses came back (thankfully!) with Mace's mocking tone.
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