Rejected By My Mate, Chosen By Fate

Rejected By My Mate, Chosen By Fate

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I killed the Alpha. At least that's what everyone thinks. I'd always been regarded as the black sheep of my family and Pack, the cursed girl. Not only was I born mute, I never shifted at age 14, like a normal wolf should. That began my life of misery. Due to unfavorable circumstances, I was blamed for the Alpha's death and demoted to the Pack's slave. My life became hell on Earth but I endured it, hoping that one day, the truth would finally come out in the open. I realized my life was over, the minute I found out I'm the Alpha's mate - a man who despises me with every breath and thinks I killed his father........

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Best of the best.
2023-10-16 14:34:49
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Eve Beve William's
I enjoy this book even though it makes me cry
2023-08-28 06:11:58
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Chapter 1
The sound that resounded in my ear could not measure up to the sting I felt on my cheek as I fell to the ground, the thunderous slap I just received, a major catalyst."Didn't I just fucking tell you not to wash this?" He barked at me and I looked at him with teary eyes and nodded my head. "Then why did you?" He asked, his voice echoing in the room. I said nothing, well not that I could defend myself even if I wanted to. I just lowered my eyes to the ground, obeying what Tara, my inner wolf had told me. She has been more like a mother to me since my own family deserted me. I was always safe from half the trouble when I listened to her but whenever I had a disagreement with her and didn't listen, bad things like this usually happened and frequently too.I yelped inaudibly, pain striking through me as I felt like my hair was about to be ripped from my head.He continued pulling at my hair, not caring if I was in pain or if my head was gonna explode with a headache. Tears flowed down m
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Chapter 2
Although the bad treatment hurt me very much the first time, I quickly got used to it. It wasn't like I could do anything about it, I couldn't even give the people who mocked me a befitting reply so what was the use of worrying my head over it?I bore everything quietly and learned to take life as it came but a particular incident changed my whole life forever, it was what brought me to the situation I currently find myself in. It happened almost two years ago when I was 16. I had returned home from school and found that Moira seemed upset with me for some reason and I tried to find out the reason why. I wrote down what I wanted to say to her on a sheet of paper and passed it to her. She read it and laughed cynically before crumpling up the paper and throwing it right at my face. "Don't act so naïve with me, bitch. Do you want to know what's wrong? What's wrong is you, you're honestly the only problem I have in my life and I so desperately wish to be rid of you. Not only are you a
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Chapter 3
The werewolf magic usually fades after death so he reverted to his human form and though he was completely nude, I couldn't be bothered by that.The pain that I felt in my heart could not measure up to anything, I felt so guilty, the Alpha had died because of me. He had died trying to protect me from those nasty rogues. I cried until the tears stopped forming and all I could do was whimper. I looked at the Alpha once more and angrily punched the ground and in that instant, just like magic, I felt my heartbeat cease and an excruciating pain overtook me. I went into a haze as my body underwent painful transformations, my clothes tore right off of me as my body enlarged and became covered with fur. I could feel my body changing but all I felt was pain and after a while, it just stopped as quickly as it had started. Only then did I make sense of what had just happened to me, I had just shifted for the first time! Though I was two years late, what mattered was that I had become a real wo
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Chapter 4
It's been almost two years since the death of the Alpha and I've been made to go through hell. The Alpha's son, Prince Zephyr became the new Alpha and he hates me so much, his hatred for me is so deep that each time he sets eyes on me, the only thing he can think about is hurting me. I've become quite used to the abuse and my body is full of scars, most inflicted by him. As I had earlier mentioned, he comes to my cellar every night to beat me up just for the sadistic satisfaction of seeing me in pain. His hatred towards me is understandable, he thinks I murdered his father in cold blood even though the man had taken me as a daughter but the truth that has been hidden for all this while remains that I'm innocent and I'm being punished for practically nothing. Alpha Zephyr is quite the playboy type and I'm the one who is always supposed to clean up after him. He had brought Clara to his bedroom, she was just another slut in the pack and they had managed to stain the bed sheets with th
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5'I've long given up on that Tara, and you should too. Even if we do find our mate, he would never even accept us because he too would be under the impression that we killed the Alpha so it's no use hoping. We'll probably remain lonely slaves, all our lives.' I cautioned her. "Please don't say that Evelyn, we can't give up now. Hope is the only thing we have to hold on to in such a cruel world. Have you forgotten the words of the Alpha before he died?" She questioned and my smile faded. 'How can I forget? That day changed my life forever. I only just consider what he said as the last words of a dying man, they don't mean anything so stop thinking about it, Tara. This is our reality.' I told her bluntly and put what little strength I had left into standing up. What was left was to clean the seventy-five rooms in the packhouse, I would be allowed to eat after then and the rest of my day would be spent babysitting the young pups. If I was lucky, I would only be bullied and der
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Chapter 6
My eyes opened but I shut them back up quickly due to the bright light that washed on my face from the window. I opened my eyes once more and blinked severally before my vision finally cleared. I looked around and saw I was in a beautiful room and on a soft bed. It took a minute for my brain to finally register that I was in the Alpha's room! But how did I get here? I tried to think back and my brain finally remembered what had happened. The hit to my head by Ruben must have caused me to lose consciousness but the realization that I'm awake, almost made me want to cry. Then this only means that I'm not dead, I'd only passed out and despite all the abuse, I've woken up again to continue this miserable life. I had to start wondering if I was immortal or if the moon goddess was just playing a cruel trick on me. My eyes roamed around the room and finally caught sight of the Alpha and a woman who I vaguely remember to be the pack doctor. They were seriously conversing about something
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Chapter 7
His gray eyes did not leave my blue ones and neither did the anger dispel from them, I began shivering, fearing he would hit me again but his expression softened and he let go of me and left without a word, leaving me confused. "He knows that we are his mate so why didn't he react?" Tara questioned and I shrugged, not having any answer to her question. 'We should just be glad that he didn't hit us.' I told her and heaved a sigh before heading back to my room. I laid on my bed but I really couldn't get any sleep, I just couldn't believe how cruel fate could be. The same man who has constantly abused me, the same man who I fear so much has turned out to be my mate. At that moment, I wished I hadn't listened to Tara and come out of the room but I knew deep down that even if I hadn't, I would have still found out that he is my mate, one way or another. I eventually got over the shock, as there was apparently nothing I could do about it.Different disturbing thoughts soon clouded my min
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Chapter 8
He discarded his clothes, leaving only his underwear before he moved to the bed where I sat. I reflexively shifted backwards as he approached me. "Don't try to get away from me because you can't. We are mates, aren't we? So it's only natural that we complete the mating process by actually mating." He said and I shook my head vigorously but I knew that my refusal wasn't going to stop him. I would have laughed at how funny his words sounded if I wasn't currently the one in this terrible situation. Mating? This isn't mating, this is more like rape. Mating is a consensual act done by mates when they want to express their love for each other and seal their bond so this is totally far from mating. He doesn't love me and he definitely doesn't want me, he's only doing this out of his hatred for me and because he wants revenge. I also don't want to have anything to do with him, I don't want him to be close to me and I would do anything to get out of this situation unscathed so this act of his
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Chapter 9
A completely wet feeling overcame my whole body, just like something had been poured on me. I instantly woke up to see that Zephyr had poured water on me.I tried to wipe off as much water as I could from my face so that my vision would clear up and when it did,I saw that Zephyr was fully dressed and he had a grave look on his face.He threw me some clothes. "Go get ready quickly." He ordered and I wasted no time in obeying him. I took the clothes and tried to get up from the bed, despite the fact that I was still naked but I found that I couldn't even stand properly.My leg muscles betrayed me and I fell back down on the bed on my butt. "What are you waiting for? I said, get in the bathroom." He barked. I wanted to tell him that I couldn't walk because I was still so sore underneath so I was experiencing terrible cramps but of course I couldn't.He sighed and ran a hand through his hair before moving to where I sat on the bed. I thought he was going to drag me to the bathroom but he
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Chapter 10
"It's a good thing he's banishing us Evelyn, we wouldn't have been able to stay anyway. Having to see him everyday and be reminded of the rejection every time would have surely caused my heart to stop." Tara said and I nodded.'It's a good thing he is making us leave. I've always toyed around with the idea of leaving and because they wouldn't have let us leave, I've kept the idea buried deep inside my mind but now I'm free. Think about it Tara, this is a good thing. Banishing us from the pack means we are no longer going to be forced to be their servants anymore and by extension, he's granted us our freedom. We don't have to live the rest of our lives as slaves anymore. Don't worry about it, Tara. I am going to stop considering this pack as my home from today henceforth, they have given me nothing but pain, scars and misery.' I told her and she cheered up a bit. "But where are we going to go?" Tara questioned and I refused to let the thought of that bother me. 'It's pretty simple Tar
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