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Hemilia Gran is a student in Hevialia Academy, it's a magical academy where only supernatural people studies there. She is pursuing her dream to become the first female physician in Rosla. Prince Rhyker Danker, is an intelligent man who changed the country, he was the perfect human which every woman wants. Looks, intelligence, personality, everything that is perfect, he owned that. What will happen when she will meet the third Prince of Rosla? "Prince Rhyker, you know well that we can't be together." I said sternly, the society and his entourage were judging us because he is the perfect man in Rosla while I'm just a student who is only going to be a physician. "Do you think I care about that?" He asked, he rubbed my moist lips with his finger, pushing his finger in my mouth. "Do you think I care about them?" He asked harshly, pushing his finger down on my throat. He slammed me against the wall and pushed another finger in my mouth. "I don't care about them, I only care about you." He scowled and let go of my mouth, I gasped and tried to breathe but then he smashed his lips against me. me aggressively. He was the prince, he could take any beautiful woman he wants but instead, he marked me as his.

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Jay Patel
Storyline might be good, but I am distracted because it is poorly written.
2021-10-03 09:36:52
41 Chapters
Chapter 1
Library  H E M I L I A"Hemilia, try to think." I said to myself, frowning my eyebrows hard."You can do this." I encouraged myself and sighed heavily.I looked at my computer and note down the important and essential information that could help me for my presentation.I have a presentation tomorrow, the theme is about natural herbs that could heal any wounds. Of course, tomorrow I will be laughed at by my classmates, but I can't fail this presentation."Crap! Where is my Gelium book?" I said panicked, ruffling through my folders."Faine, do you know where is my Gelium book?" I asked loudly to my r
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Chapter 2
Presentation "Hey, Faine." I greeted my roommate who yawned and scratched her hair, she hummed in response and took a seat next to me."Good morning, Hemilia." She replied tiredly."Not enough sleep?" I asked with my cup of tea in my hand."No shit, Sherlock." She replied with a cute annoyed face. Faine is a beautiful Asian woman with sarcastic comments. She's pursuing to be a teacher in economics, her personality was nothing like me, she was bubbly and outgoing with everyone, social and you feel at ease around her; it's like she's an angel purifying your soul."I will assist in your presentation if you want." She suggested as she took her morning coffee to wake her up, it was currently 7 am and we were preparing ourselves for the rest of the day. She had a class about finance for the whole morning, it's better if she didn't assist in my presentation. I love her, but speaking in front of 20 males who are supporting misogyny e
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Chapter 3
Natural Herbs"This is how natural herbs solved most of our wounds by using magical techniques, we use the water to mix with the herbs and put it on the patient wound." I finished my speech with a silent sigh, the prince looked at me with pride in his eyes. The sound of his clapping hands echoed in the auditorium along with the professor who had a big smile plastered on his face."I loved it." Prince Rhyker told me with a grin, it feels incredible to hear a compliment from a royal member."Thank you, my highness." I bowed down.He smiled and stood up to walk toward me, I widened my eyes. What does he want again? I hope he won't do anything inappropriate, I heard from many students that nobles love taking advantages of poor students who are in need of money to clear their debt."For your spectacular performance, I would like to take you out for lunch?" He proposed with eloquence, his beautiful smile on his face, hazel eyes softened at me. I
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Chapter 4
StoryR H Y K E RWhy did I choose her?I don't know, I have no idea. When I met her eyes, it felt like the time stopped, there was only her and I, alone, in a lonely world."Brother!" My brother yelled loudly, I groaned and pushed him away."Fuck off." I grumbled."No, get up!" He said stubbornly, sometimes I think of him as a child instead of a man."I'm up." I said lazily and get up from my bed, I looked at my brother's face, grinning happily."Why are you grinning at this hour?" I asked, glancing at my alarm. It was 9:00 am."Our butler told me that you are going to meet a woman, that's special." He squealed.That's right, I'm meeting the woman that I met yesterday.I only knew her name and her academy rank, so I told my butler to look into it deeply and I received some information that showed the woman who I was looking for.Hemilia Gran is 19, she came from a small village out
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Chapter 5
Royal GuardianH E M I L I A"I don't think this is going to work between us." The Prince said to his lover, who began to cry. It's Princess Flora, her beautiful body covering her forms with prestigious clothing as a person from the aristocracy like a golden gown, her face spotless and round suited her perfectly, her blonde hair sparkling under the hot sun framing her face and lastly those blue eyes filling up with tears, heartbroken and desperate for his attention. You may be wondering where am I?Well, I'm hiding behind the bushes with an earpiece, it feels like I'm spying on someone, which I'm kinda doing it. Observing the Prince breaking up with someone but gently and not harshly, explaining why he doesn't want to be with the person, but it seems that he doesn't understand the concept overall. The word gentle doesn't exist in his dictionary."Be nice." I hissed to the earpiece, I'm pretty sure the m
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Chapter 6
Intership C H A P T E R  6 "Faine, where is my charger?" I asked my roommate as I come into the living room, I don't think I should wake up her since she's sleeping with her loud snores coming out of her mouth, her student copy is placed in her face. I pity the kid who is going to have his copy back with her saliva on it.It's internship period time, she started in a high school for an internship while I'm getting started for my stage. I walked in front of the mirror and tucked my shirt in my skirt.I sighed and get ready for my day, I took my bag and got out of the dormitory, the hallways was still dark since it was 7 am currently, I wiped my sweaty hands on my skirt and walked straight. Starting an internship with no one to accompany is nerve-racking, apparently I'm the only one who got accepted in Baltes which surprised me. I heard rumours that the President was sympathetic and kind to his interns,
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Chapter 7
Meine Blume    "This is Hemilia Gran, some of you may know her or not, but starting from today she will be joining you." Rhyker announced with his strong and dominant to everyone who stood there in the beautiful warehouse outside the cattle, many flowers were on the ceiling making me gape at how lovely it looked. As my eyes wandered around, they stopped at the head of the table who smiled kindly at me, I blushed and smiled at him as well. The majority of the persons here were people who I know that got accepted, most of them were scorning me while the others were ignoring me, not caring which I agree with. I don't want to be the center of the attention He led me toward them while rubbing my back softly, we were very close, like definitely, people can mistake us for being in a couple. It made me insecure, but he won't let me go since he wrapped his arms around my waist. As if I could disappear from his sight, which won't happen
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Chapter 8
Brothers    C H A P T E R   8 R H Y K E R "I'm fucking bored!" Roman groaned in annoyance as I read the last chapter of my book, it's about the human brain and its behaviours. This book describes a lot about experiments on human beings, treating them as if they were guinea pigs.  "Dude, what the fuck are you reading?" Roman asked me like someone who is always annoying, and I sighed deeply, throwing the book away at the wall, making him jump out of fright. "Can you shut the fuck up?!" I snapped angrily at him, he huffed and pouted like a deadass grumpy child. "Hey, I protected the princess, as you said." Ashton came into my library place with his undercover face, he changed as he passed a hand over his face, then returned to his usual face. His power is basically copying and changing his face into an undercover, useful for spying, Roman is skilled in flying and moving quickly like a flas
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Chapter 9
Sword   C H A P T E R   9 H E M I L I A This shit is fucked up. Why destiny is always making my life hard? "Are you listening to me, Hem?" The asshole shouted in my ear, his disgusting voice filled with ugliness. I can't even describe his flaws because he has so many imperfections that are uncountable.  I pushed his face harshly out of my face, dude, don't fucking come close to me. This is a sign of rejection, not acceptance.  "Ben, please work." I sighed annoyed. Today it must be my day to cry a lot, I can't wait for this day to finish, I need a milk coffee after this hard word. Obviously, I had to be partnered up with Ben the pervert in our academy. He's a disgusting man with his saliva always out thinking that he's looking hot, nobody dared to tell him because he's ruthless and a dangerous stalker. He can stalk you and bully, worse than Peter. "Hem, don't you think we
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Chapter 10
Royal familyC H A P T E R 1 0I hope it's a joke. Can you honestly believe a young woman, who is a commoner, meeting the royals? Who would love to meet a young person who is pursuing to be a magical physician and also literally breaking the stereotype because she doesn't give any fuck about the King's statement?That's the joke of the year."I guess it's a joke?" I asked, furrowing my eyebrows confusingly, if it was a joke then I would probably laugh at it since I'm used to jokes, even horny jokes. When you stay with horny males for 24h, then you would know the feeling of how annoying it is."I'm not kidding." He narrowed his eyes at me, he's so cute with his confused face.
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