Dr. Liebe

Monday came, and I was not ready to go back to work. Spring break had just ended, and it was back to real life. Rolling out of bed, I quickly showered and dressed. As I walked out the door, I got a text message from Dylan. “Hey, so just to be clear, nothing is ever going to happen between us?”

I rolled my eyes. The day after Owen left, he came over to “hang out,” he asked if I was ready to move on yet. I explained to him that I wasn’t, and I wasn’t sure when it would be, but defiantly not while I am married. He understood but wanted more. When he finally got that I couldn’t give him more, he asked for a clean break and if we would still be friends. It was all I wanted, so I agreed without hesitation.

I answered with a quick, “no, sorry.” Then headed for school. Walking around campus was starting to become harder.

Getting to the office, I

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