Farewell Alpha

I brought Owen to the back entrance of the club, he got out and grabbed a spare key from inside a fake rock. Unlocking the door, he ushered me inside. We walked into his office, “Sit on the couch, and I will go grab the first aid kit.” I turned and left before he could argue. Going up to his apartment, I grabbed the first aid kit from inside the master bathroom. Opening it quickly, I checked the kit for gauze, tape, and disinfectant spray. Finding everything in place, I shut the kit and went back downstairs. “Okay, can you either lean forward or lay on your stomach?”

“What would be easiest for you?” Owen’s eyes traveled to my stomach. “Are you okay?” His eyes went back up to meet mine.

“I just need you in a position so I can get at the cut. I need to clean it and find out how deep it is.” The look in his eyes told me that his worry is far greater than

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Lorena Halverson Arnold
Seriously A hole, your mate AND other pack members warned you about Jennifer and you didn’t listen. You cheated on your mate and you knew Mel hated that woman yet you kept Jennifer AND made her your Luna, you definitely don’t deserve Mel.
goodnovel comment avatar
Deniece Smith
it is about time, he should have done that along time ago
goodnovel comment avatar
Lori Overby
Thank goodness, about time.

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