Four Years Later

“Wyatt and Maverick, Nana is here.” I heard little feet running down the hall while I finished fastening Amelia into her car seat. “I think I packed her enough milk for the weekend.”

“She will be fine, Mel; I am excited to have my granddaughter for the first time. It’s your fifth anniversary, go out, and have fun. They will be fine; if anything happens, I will call.”

Little voice screamed, “Nana!” and wrapped their arms around Vanessa's legs. Wyatt looked up at me. He is now four, and I don’t know where the time has gone. “Is Millie coming with us this time?” He was protective of his little sister. Amelia just turned ten months and had both of her brothers, as well as her father, wrapped around her little finger. All she needed was to make a noise, and one of th

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Fawn Blanchard
Tho was a great story, thank you
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Imelda Huerta
Love this story I couldn't put this book down. sad that is over. Thanks for this amazing story.
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Dani Udelhofen
Omg I loved this book. I kinda wish there was more cuz I didn't want it to end. You are an amazing writer and I thank you for the time and energy you put into writing. I couldn't put this down when I first started reading. I would fall asleep reading lol. Anyways thank you again! xoxo

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