Rueful Blessing

Rueful Blessing

By:  Madhvi Vashisht  Completed
Language: English
5 ratings
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Xavier Starkborns, the most dangerous and the most powerful creature all over the globe. He can do anything, he can have anything. He doesn't show mercy to anyone, he is rude and arrogant and unimaginably hot. But what happens when an ordinary human girl, who doesn't like to be controlled, crosses his path? Tiny excerpt:-"You think I'm a monster, you're right actually." He speaks as he immediately leaves one arm of mine and his hand travels straight to my face, to keep it from moving.Panic is on its way to crash on me as I'm trying my best to distance myself from him, but he is not moving even slightest.I reflexively tried to push him away by the trembling arm of mine but he, in a split second, pushed his body to mine, killing every distance we had. My breathing starts to become heavier as I struggle even harder to get out of his grip."I should really show you what monsters do." He says while he starts to kiss on my neck and harshly sucking at a particular area.Well, did I mention that Xavier Starkborns is the Vampire King?And is that human girl really ordinary?

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user avatar
Ramsha Ismail
Totally not satisfied with the ending
2023-01-12 00:43:22
user avatar
Sheyla Garcia
nice love story between a human and vampire. so sweet that he save the king.
2021-01-08 00:36:36
user avatar
Emerlinda ILarde
It's incomplete for my taste😭😭😭😭
2021-01-15 19:03:29
user avatar
I am upset with the ending. I feel there are many loose ends.
2021-01-29 06:54:19
user avatar
Ramsha Ismail
Feel like it was left incomplete all of a sudden
2023-01-12 00:43:47
61 Chapters
Chapter 1
Emma's PoV
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Chapter 2
Emma's PoV.
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Chapter 3
 Emma's PoV. I open my mouth to scream but a huge rough hand blocks me. I'm roughly pushed to what feel
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Chapter 4
Emma's PoV. KING XAVIER STARKBORNS!! He is going to take my intervi
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Chapter 5
Emma's PoV. I look above to see King slightly leaning against Lykan. I was so engrossed in checking out the lavish front look of this car that I did not notice him coming out of it.
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Chapter 6
Emma's PoV. I stand up from my place. I really am assuming that these pure blooded ones derive pleasure by hitting off humans on the ground! 
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Chapter 7
Emma's PoV. ( Next day )It's eight o'clock and I just completed my workout. I wo
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Chapter 8
Emma's PoV. "He-y, what was that?" "I don't know, I'll talk to you later."
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Chapter 9
Emma's PoV. "The new manager will serve me." I hear Royal Jack. I immediately look at him and see him smiling, evilly. His eyes showing the same bright red color which I saw yesterday. Oh man!
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Chapter 10
Emma's PoV "EMMA!" Aliza, out of nowhere, comes in front of me with the biggest smile on her face. I lean back in surprise. 
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