Blackmailing The Billionaire

Blackmailing The Billionaire

By:  Feral  Completed
Language: English
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" You'll have to warm my bed every single night, you will always be available for me. And during this period you will not come in contact with any men- " Mr. Noah puts out his conditions, his voice emitting authority. " I'm not in a relationship with anyone so I won't be having sex with anyone except you, you can trust me on that one. " I reply quickly. " Oh no sweetheart, I'm not talking about that. You will not talk to any man or come in contact with them, as long as you are my mistress. You see I am a bit possessive of my things. " He says with an evil glint in his eyes, standing awfully close to me. " I'm not a thing but a human being. " I object. " Doesn't matter now. You're body is my property for the entire month. " He replies carelessly. " As I was saying, you'll be my mistress and work for me in this office at the same time. You'll be my personal secretary. Make coffee, fetch me lunch, mop the floors if I say so and much more." He states. " And one more thing waitress, I hate disobedience and disrespect. Make sure you have no trace of that when appearing in front of me or else I'll make you hate your existence." He threatens, who does he think of himself to be, God? I just nod to his unfair demands, bowing my head down. This is more like slavery. But what other choice do I have? Blackmailing the most notorious Billionaire in America can't end so well, now can it? Well Emma made the mistake, and now the devilish Billionaire will make her pay for it!

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default avatar
Sequel? Did not like the ending but would live the sequel
2024-02-24 19:13:36
user avatar
Rhea Sharm
hey author I really don't understand your concept here...I do love this book but the ending is not that was acceptable... I don't think Lucas deserves to be with her and she will accept her after Noah death that easily...and worst of all Lucas is more cunning to be with her..
2023-03-21 05:40:21
user avatar
Martha Ervin
please we are waiting for a sequence to this story
2022-12-13 03:58:22
user avatar
Ann Villarosa Arangilan
Nice story but i really hope emma would end up with noah.........
2022-08-08 19:28:14
user avatar
Nicole Morrow
I would love to see a sequel, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen since I can't find anything about it.
2022-07-28 13:02:52
user avatar
Cynthialopez Olivarez
a. good. book to read. but as the author said Noah's death is not confirmed yet it would be great. if there's sequel and I have. no doubt that the author have so much twist and turn stories.
2021-11-21 12:22:28
user avatar
Daja Hazelton
Would love a sequel Lucas is way too cunning for his own good he do not deserve Emma at all
2021-11-09 04:02:14
default avatar
Is there a sequel?
2021-08-21 22:42:33
user avatar
Arti Rodolla
wasn't noah was the protagonist??? how did she ended up with lucas??? u ruined this book
2021-08-09 01:30:16
user avatar
Melinda Shirley Hoffman
Great book.
2021-08-05 08:14:31
default avatar
Daljit Mangat
No Noah shouldn’t die otherwise very bad
2021-08-03 05:18:42
user avatar
Mandi Hartman
bring Noah back pls. Let him and Emma get married she needs to leave that jerk Lucas.
2021-07-05 09:31:04
default avatar
yes i want a sequel in which Noah comes back alive.....plsssssss
2021-06-23 13:51:21
user avatar
Thess Ramos
nice story.. loved it. i like the character of lucas.
2021-06-09 11:10:38
user avatar
Ricarda Mendoza
awesome from beginning to end. had its moments that made me angry but loved it very much.
2021-06-05 06:42:43
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42 Chapters
Umm the usual.This book contains-Strong sexual themes.-Strong Language.-Dark themes as well.-Abusive relationshipI do not support any wrong decisions made by the characters so please do not take any wrong advice from the story.Please do not read if you aren't comfortable with such themes.Do read, if you are definitely comfortable with such themes.Age Preference: If you are 15-35 years old this book would suit you. But hey! What's age gotta do with a wild imagination?I hope you'll like it.Thank you for reading.If you want, you can also leave a good review. Thanks!
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Chapter 1
" Are you fucking blind? " The Greek god in front me screams in agony.  I had accidently spilt hot soup on our most important customer, he was our boss's special guest. Kill me, now!" I... sir I am so..sorry " I stutter due to fear. I remember our manager informing us about this certain customer. The man right here was described as " The Most Notorious Billionaire Of America ". He owns multiple casinos bars in Las Vegas, but that is not even half his empire, he is the CEO of one the leading company with multiple branches all around the world. Surrounded by wealth, he has a high temper and attitude. He dates the most famous models only. That is what the paparazzi have posted. and what did I do? I tumbled a 85 degrees Celsius hot soup right on him. Wait a minute, rich people wear expensive clothes! That 3 piece suit must be the work of the most famous designer, rich people don't expect anything less. I grab the handkerchief and st
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Chapter 2
You know, the rich man, Noah he could have just forgiven me. 50 thousand dollars isn’t much for people like him, but he had to make a fuss about it.He did that, because he had the power to do so. Rich people are so insensitive, they can never understand the problems of people like me.I was acting destitute, that is because I have certain obligations, I did that because of my conditions. I would have never begged him if I was a free person, who didn’t have to worry about the bills, the rent, making ends meet, my little brother’s expenses and most of all, the goon Morty. He is the problem!“ Hey Emma, that was Noah Enrique. “ Jess, a waitress in the same restaurant explains, reminding me of the existence of the man due to whom I lost my job. “ But why was he harassing you? “ Jess asks confused.“ Harassing… ““ I mean why was he holding your wrist like that? Is he interested in you? Did he offer you something and you denied it. Is it the rea
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Chapter 3
You would be wondering what a girl like me is doing with her life. Well, my name is Emma. I’ve been taking care of my little brother since I was 16, I’m currently 18. I work part-time jobs and jobs with minimum wage. That's all you can get with a high school degree. Last year, my brother Tim got sick. His sickness felt like never-ending pain. No medication would work and in the end, we had to opt for surgery,  but surgery itself was expensive. The surgery required 90 thousand dollars and I didn’t have that much money. But I couldn’t just do nothing and let my brother die. From there, I heard of Morty. A local gangster who sometimes lends people loans with interest. I took a loan from him to save my brother’s life. But the amount was so much I couldn’t return it all back in the promised time. I worked several part-time jobs, without even caring for my own health. But they was never enough. Recently I got a job in a 5-star hotel. It
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Chapter 4
I walk back home, with a cheque of 70, 000 dollars and the title of a mistress. Was it worth it? I don’t know. I reach home and call Morty. “ Hello, you can pick up your money. I’m sorry for the delay. “ I whisper and then put the phone down.He arrives in 10 minutes and takes the cash.“ How did you get this money?” He asks“ That’s not your business,” I state.“ Whatever.” He says happily and leaves with his money. I hope he doesn’t come back now.Tim jumps towards me. He gets bored in the house sometimes. We play a little, watch some cartoons and then I get him ready for bed. After putting him to sleep I go to my bedroom and think about today’s events. “ You’ll have to warm my bed every single night, you will always be available for me. And during this period you will not come in contact with any men- “ Mr. Noah puts out his conditions, his voice emitting authority. “ I’m not in a relationsh
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Chapter 5
I have to jog down the stairs due to my heartless boss. I don’t even know where the restaurant is? I find the location on Google Maps and then run towards it. It is only 5 minutes away. Reaching it, I look bad but I don’t care. If I don’t get it in time. I am doomed! Mr. Enrique will roast me alive. “ What’s your business miss? “ The guard asks. Of course, they won’t even let me in looking like this. My clothes are cheap and I look nothing like someone who can afford this. “ I’m here to get lunch for my boss, Noah Enrique. “ “ Okay miss. “ The guard replies politely and lets me in. I state my business again at the reception and am seated in the lobby. Noah’s lunch is handed to me instantly, I guess they have an arrangement or are fond of him. I mean who wouldn’t?  The mighty and powerful Noah Enrique who likes belittling people.  Anyways I job back to the building. I have to climb a hundred floors now.
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Chapter 6
The rest of the day is spent in cleaning the entire floor. I have to mop the floors, dust the walls and the expensive decoration pieces. “ A single piece is worth more than your entire existence. Do not break them “ He had advised in the same taunting manner. Rather than that, I have to fetch the boss’s dinner at 7 pm. I also have to mop the floor every single time someone comes in from the floors below. Only moping takes me 2 hours as the floor is huge, cleaning the walls takes me another 2 hours while dusting takes me 3 hours as I have to be extremely careful. I then clean the kitchen, cleaning any extra dishes, and then the dining room. I finish at 6:50. Almost 7, I have to serve him dinner by 7, only ten minutes left. I run as fast as I can down the stairs, my feet almost slipping but thank God I make it. I pick up his dinner and then jog up the stairs in a hurry. I’m fina
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Chapter 7
I march out of my bedroom, dressed in only a T shirt, the first thing I saw in my closet. I see Mr. Enrique sitting on my sofa. The audacity, after raping me, he is chilling on my sofa. “ How dare you take me in such a vulnerable state, while I was sleeping you took advantage of me and you’re sitting on my sofa as if nothing happened you four eyed demon! “ I shout. He is taken back by the intensity of my voice. He raises his brow at me. “ You might be forgetting that you are my mistress, I can do anything I want with you. You signed your body to me for one month. So lower your voice. “ He threatens. “ I might be a mistress, but that didn’t mean you could rape me. “ I object angrily. “ Well you did sign a contract Emma, now tell me, didn’t I tell you that I own your body for the entire month. Why would I need permission to touch something I already own? “ He asks, coming dangerously close to me.“ You could
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Chapter 8
Mature Content!!" Here is your coffee Miss. Sophia. I apologize, I didn't know you are specially permitted to use the private elevator. " I reply looking down. I place the coffee and start doing my chores which basically involves mopping the floor, dusting and so on. My arm hurts badly, I can barely work with it. I do the chores with my left hand as my right hand hurts badly. It is hard to do so many things with a painful arm and leg. Just then, the bell rings again. What now? Does he want to torture me more? " I'm going out with Sophia. Clean my office. Please the files in the shelves accordingly, also tell my assistant to cancel all my appointments for today. " " Yes Sir. " I reply, now scared of him. He doesn't give me a second glance, instead leaves with Sophia. If you're pretty and rich like Sophia, people will care about you. If you are poor and not desirable, no one will car
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Chapter 9
Noah's POVI wake up late, my head is aching due to the hangover. I reach my office in my Mercedes. Going towards my office, none of my employees rush to greet me or try to please me. They know that it doesn't work on me.I always prefer those employees who are focused on their work. John my manager is the best example.I reach my floor and I am see the sight of the most unprofessional and useless employee ever!Emma." Emma bring a strong coffee in my cabin. " I order." Morning sir. Yes sir. " She replies scared.Why is she scared? Oh fuck, last night!Emma arrives with my coffee." Emma about last night- " " I don't want to talk about it. Just fulfilled the duty of a mistress, so nothing to talk about. " She replies bitterly.Who is more bitter today? The coffee or Emma?" Did you take the pills? " I ask taking a sip of my coffee." What pills? " She asks confused and I swear I coughed
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