Chapter: 83.


The court case had lasted longer than they had all expected, Vera was mentally evaluated after her records evidence was played and relief flooded their faces once she wasn't found mentally unbalanced. She had murdered Jenny Jean while she was a minor but due to the brutality of her action she got trailed as an adult. She was convicted of several charges in addition to murder, so she got a separate sentence for each additional charge ending in her twenty-five to life but there was still very little to hold her father for and JC didn't like that bit. Call him cruel, he knew the father supported his daughter and aided all her evil plots even providing her with the means to carry out those plots. He should be getting what comes to him but there was very little provided. But, he lost his political chase and got five years. Steaming in anger, JC drove both him and Arthur down the lonely road, they were both headed for the nearby restaurant for what was supposed to be th
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