Chapter: 86.


"You moved on pretty nicely without her didn't you, DJ, then once you realized Louis and Danny had returned you got happier, moving on with life and Mika was just a figment of your imagination she never existed right?"

"That is not true! I left my current address in my letters, I desperately wanted to reconnect with her. She told me she got married, she was happy, she had kids even before I had mine--"

"Lies, all lies, my mother never married, she got pregnant with me just like her mother did with Louis thus fate repeated itself through mother and child. Grandma was never supportive of her, she considered her ill-fated and she was only allowed anything only if she abided by their rules, doing only what they expected of her but not a day went by that she didn't keep your stories alive!"

"Not a day goes by that I don't think about her too!" DJ told the boy but he didn't believe him. "We all do. We love her. He loved her most!" He yelled pointing towards Danny. "Wh
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