Moving Into My Ex-Husbands House

Moving Into My Ex-Husbands House

By:  Ronan  Ongoing
Language: English
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Memo's parents died in the car crash, being the only son he has no choice but to step up and became the CEO of their company, but to his surprise, all of his assets were frozen. He then discovered that to get his assets, he must marry Rowan Palmer, his parent's business partner. Since all of his assets were frozen, Memo was forced out of his house and he has nowhere to go. So when his ex-husband shows up and convinces him to live in his house, his dwindling options lead him to bite the offer. But with the two of them living together, how big is the chance that their old flame will be rekindled?

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89 Chapters
Author's Note
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.REMEMBER: The world of fiction where the characters of my story reside is void of realities of HIV and STI. In the real world where we live in, HIV and STIs exist. The story is merely an escape from that world, so that I can release my subconcious, which is full of crazy and messy sex fantasies. The scenes in this story should never be recreated in real life. Guys, never ever attempt barebacking, rape or other unsafe sex acts. SECURE CONSENT. USE CONDOMS. GET TESTED. EDUCATE YOURSELF.I hope you enjoy this GoodNovel as it unfolds. I'd like to hear from you guys soon! Please do leave a review on what you think about this story.ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDCOPYRIGHT © RONAN
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Chapter 01: The Beginning
MemoI drove my car so fast, my tears streaming down my eyes that I could barely see the road because it's covering my sight.But I don't care.I just kept on driving at a speedy pace. I don't care if the drivers behind get angry as they keep on honking like there's no tomorrow. Fuckers! Can't they sense that I'm broken? Is it too much if I want them to adjust because my heart is so heavy right now? The pain is consuming me.How could they do this to me? How can they betray me? I thought I can trust my boyfriend and my best friend but fuck to trust and fuck them for cheating behind my back. Now, it all makes sense, that's why every time Leo is absent, my wanton best friend is also absent. They'll meet without me knowing, they have been fooling me for a long time and I am so stupid for not believing all the rumors that I've heard.I tightened my grip on the steering wheel and start overtaking every car in front of me, drivers horn and horn but my mind is clouded with anger already. I do
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Chapter 02: Paradise Island
Memo "Are you trying to kill yourself, Memo?" My daddy yelled looking at me furiously while my mom is treating the wound on my hand. I could not answer because I was busy crying. It has been three days since I was discharged from the hospital. Fortunately, no one died in the accident, the car who's about to smash my car immediately turned into the opposite direction causing my car to hit a large tree, a tree branch penetrated through the window and stabbed me on my stomach, a good thing and the wound is not too deep. I don't know if I should be thankful that I am still alive. "Darling, don't scold him can't you see he's hurt?" My mom scolds daddy while applying the bandage on my hand that I tried to cut earlier, it looks like it's still not my time to die yet because every time I tried to end my life there is always someone stopping me.
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Chapter 03: Seducing His Driver
Memo Sandro was still sound asleep. He was lying down while his hand is above his bulge. "Whoah!" I heaved a sigh and slowly climbed into the bed. I climbed on his body and bent slightly, he was snoring softly and didn't even notice that I was taking advantage of his body. I bend forward until my lips get closer to his lips. He didn't respond because he is still sleeping soundly. I stuck out my tongue and licked Sandro's cheek. It makes my body warm, I suddenly remember Leo and all the things he's been doing to me when we're still together, this is what he did to me while I was sleeping in his apartment, Leo said it was one of his fantasies, like a rape scene, where you force your partner to have sex with you. "S-sir?" I gulped upon hearing Sandro's voice, he's now awake. Our eyes met and I barely smiled at h
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Chapter 04: Wild Night
Memo Sandro crawled closer to me, he separated my thighs and positioned my foot in his waist, our dick touched. Sandro lowered his body and kissed me on my lips, I almost lost my breath on the way he claims my lips, our tongues fighting, until I could feel his hand applying lubricant to my asshole, he rubbed the lube around my hole which delivered a tickle to me. Our kiss continued when he suddenly tried to insert a finger into my asshole, because of the viscous liquid scattered around my asshole and on his hand it was easy for him to insert a finger, I also did not feel any pain when start fingering my asshole. "Ahh, ugh." I moaned and stopped kissing Sandro when I felt a little tingling. He wasn't even contented with one finger, suddenly his three f
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Chapter 05: Blow Job
Rowan "There's a party here on the Island tomorrow, we'll just meet there? I hope you take your girlfriend with you. Looks like you have no plans to introduce her to me." I said on the other line, I was talking to my cousin who is soon to be an engineer. He asked me a favor if he could do his practicum on my company, I didn't grant his favor and instead told him to visit me here on the island, I'm thinking of giving him the position as the assistant architect for the casino I'm building in this island. "All right, I'll be at the party tomorrow. Just don't forget to send me the location through GPS so I don't get lost." He replied on the other line as if he is avoiding the topic about his girlfriend. We talked for a few minutes before saying goodbye. I tossed my phone on the soft mattress. I took off my clothes one by one, I was only wearing my brief when suddenly I h
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Chapter 06: Sex With Mr. CEO
 Rowan A few minutes later Baldo raised his chin to meet my gaze, I grabbed his hair and pulled it closer to my penis, he did nothing but open his mouth and fully accept my already erect penis. His saliva covers my whole dick like a slimy lubricant. The tip of my penis reaches his throat even though I haven't been able to put my whole length in his mouth completely, it looks like his mouth can only swallow half of my size. I can't blame him, my dick is massive. I let go of his hair so that he can suck my dick at his own pace, even though that he can't swallow my full length, it still feels amazing because his mouth is warm and tight. "Stop." I immediately pulled my penis out from his mouth. It seems like I'm going to cum if he never stops sucking me. He was s
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Chapter 07: The Business Partner
 Memo "The car is ready, sir," Sandro informed me and immediately left the room. After what happened between us last night, we agreed to just bury it in oblivion, we agreed that we both wanted what happened and we also clarified to each other that it was just a call of lust and nothing deeper reason why we did it. Sandro and I are in good terms now. I glanced at my appearance in the mirror, I was wearing a white shirt and denim short. Auntie Inda, the caretaker of the resthouse, invited us to a party. She said that the party is a celebration for the bountiful harvest that the people of Paradise Island got this year. There will be a small party and there will also be a disco at ten o'clock at night. When I am already satisfied with my appearance, I left the resthouse, the car was parked outside. After I got inside the car, Sandro immediately turned on the car engine and started driving, the drive to where the party was held is no
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Chapter 08: The Cheaters
We went inside the hall where people are dancing and drinking, we stood in the table where we were earlier while we waited for his cousin. Maybe the reason why Rowan and I got along right away is that we both have no acquaintances in this hall, so we need to talk for the sake of not being out of place at this party."Hey! Rowan." I tensed upon hearing a very familiar voice, for a moment my body stiffened like a statue. I can't be wrong, that voice belongs to someone I know, Leo, my ex-boyfriend. Is he the cousin Rowan is referring to?Small world indeed."Leo," Rowan called his cousin and before I knew it, Leo is already in front of us, worst is Lily is with him, they were as shocked as me when our eyes met. Leo looks surprised when he saw me, pain reflects in his eyes but I just ignored it, that's what he's good at, acting like he's the one hurting. "What a pleasant surprise to see you here, Memo," Lily spoke wit
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Chapter 09: Going Home
Memo When I came out of the hall, I immediately picked up the cellphone in my pocket, "fuck," I cussed when I couldn't find my phone on my pocket, it's either I forgot it in my room or maybe in the car, I can't remember because my mind is still fuming with anger, I know I should not be angry at what Lily told me earlier, about Rowan making me his boy toy since I know it's not true and it will never happen, Rowan is just generous enough to help me from the embarrassment. Still, I couldn't help but get annoyed at her remark. Since I couldn't find my phone, I decided to just go back to the hall and find auntie Inda to borrow her phone when Rowan suddenly approaches me. "Hey! Are you going home?" He asked in a monotone. "Yeah! I'm just waiting for my driver to pick me up." I replied to him. I
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