Chapter. One.


With his satchel crossed over his shoulder, Dylon pulled his hood over his head and threw a glance to his side to find his twin sister standing there. He smiled. She was like his personal guardian angel. Ever since they were old enough to learn and understand his conditions, his sister has taken it upon herself to make sure he never did anything to hurt himself but that was funny since he tends to find a way to do just that. 

"Let's get this day over with." He told her and made his way towards the gates. He paused when he reached the entrance, just seeing the school name written in ridiculously bright blue color did nothing but make him cringe. They went to a private school highly recognized for its attractive students with genius-level IQs and he was amongst the brightest but he hated school, life is sometimes seen as meaningless. 

What kind of a life can one who knows no pain possibly have? 

His mother and sister were constantly looking out for him, checking for bruises, and making sure he goes to the doctor just in case. 

He understands they are worried for him but he couldn't help but want an end to it all. 

As they walked through the courtyard, he heard his sister muttering something between 'be careful today and don't hurt yourself on the fields' before running off to the group of her friends already lined up in wait for her. As the head cheerleader, she was both the chicks and guys magnet, the center of attention, and a very beautiful young woman.

Dylon nearly rolled his eyes when he saw the school's number one jerk approaching him, he couldn't comprehend why he has to be friends with a complete douche who bullies those he was stronger than for a living but that jerk was his best friend who would give his life for him without a second thought. He has refused to see the badness in Keller but instead was hellbent on bringing out the good he knew the boy always tried to hide. But that in itself was a hopeless course at least it justified his reasons for making him his best friend to some certain degree.

"Hey, dork of ages...," Keller ran into him and crushed him in a welcoming hug as if he hasn't seen him in years. 

"Alright, you clingy bastard that's enough!" He playfully yanked Keller off of him and the boy whined with pouty lips. 

"But I've missed you." He fake-cried and Dlyon laughed, shoved the dramatic boy to the side, and walked into the main doors. 

"It's only the weekend, Douche." He told the other who ran after him.

"Dork," Keller mumbled.

"Geek." Dylon returned as he moved to his locker, opening the door and a flood of letters rushed out and littered the floor. He could hear girls giggling as they walked by while he bent down to begin picking them up. The words 'I love you, Dlyon' 'Call me sometimes' and 'OMG you're so cute, Dlyon' filled his sights but he wasn't impressed by these letters anymore since he got these daily.

"Congratulations, Dork, you always manage to drive the girls crazy for you with all your ugliness." Keller pats him on the shoulder and walked over to the side, a scrawny kid with his books in hand and head bowed quickly walked by them but Keller being his usual annoying self had to block the kid's part with one foot and the boy stumbled over but didn't fall, his books however dropped and littered the place causing a burst of laughter which ranged throughout the hall as the kid quickly gathered his belongings and scampered off once again. "They're so easy to mess around with." Keller scoffed and Dlyon rewarded him with a hard punch to his side. 

"Jerk, stop messing with people." He scolded.

"Oh, come on, don't be a sore joy, it was funny and everyone agreed to it." He demonstrated this by pointing to the kids still smiling from before. 

"Because they are all jerks like you."

"You're an arse."

Dylon snorted at his remark and dumped the last notes into the trash. Changing out his books and closing the locker, he shuffled down the hall with Keller in tow as they went up the stairs to homeroom. Keller slides the door open while he brushes off his hood and strengthens his shoulders. Outside he could hear the sounds of typical school kids giggling and running around the room chasing each other but as soon as they made their appearance known the room turned silent and instead, the girls sat and ogled at him while the brave ones walked into his view, clinging to his sides and making boring jokes. 

Dylon walked towards his desk and there one of the girls dropped in his hand another note containing her phone number then she whispered into his ears. 

"I'm a friend of your sister so do call me sometimes." 

Dylon nodded without argument and she giggled and sauntered over to her desk. 

"Yo, cheesecakes!" He laughed at the sound of the stupid nickname given to him by Dalton, another of his friends who was more on the dumb side of the group but always the light of the party. 

Dylon got on his feet to hug the nearly arrived and they both sat down, while Dal and Kel gave each other a fist bump, he pulled out his pencil pouch along with his study book and dumped them on the desk. 

"Cheesecakes?" Dal called to his attention.

He threw an inquisitive glance the boy's way, with brows furrowed he asked. "What?" 

"The triplets placed a bet of a hundred bucks each if they could stab a fork into your thighs and you wouldn't feel it." 

Dylon gawked at his stupid friend in disbelief. It never failed to amuse him how dumb these people can be. They all knew he felt no pain and yet for some weird reasons they kept on betting and losing in the end. 

Well, that's three hundred bucks for him so why the fuck not. 

"Sure." He shrugged just as the classroom door slid open and in walked Mr. Woodstock, the time was eight-thirty on the dot, the man was punctual like that. The students not in their seats hurried over to their desks and everyone was sitting in no time.

"Alright, kids..." Mr. Woodstock began and already Kel was yawning and ready to fall asleep while Dal rotated a crumpled-up paper on his desk, the class hadn't even started and he was already bored to death. "I've gotten words that the class rankings would be out soon and as class one I always expect that we would be first as It would be a shame to lose any of you." Mr. Woodstock, spoke with a condescending attitude while arranging his desk. "That would be all you may prepare for self-study, I will tell you when I get the ranking results."

This was going to be one heck of a boring long day, Dlyon could already tell. Good thing the triplets got stupid again. 


The day went by uneventfully and after gym practice, the boys were gathered in the locker rooms to get cleaned, and that was when Dal appeared with the triplets just as Dlyon left one of the shower stalls. 

"We are here, Cheesecakes!" He announced their already known presence causing Dlyon to chuckle lightly before taking a seat on the bench, towel pulled up to expose his wet thighs which he had stretched out for them. 

He looked around the room to be certain they were the only ones available before speaking. "Knock yourselves out, boys!" He relaxed further with his back against the locker and watched as the boys pulled out their bet money and handed them over to Keller the money collector. 

"Your mom and sister would kill you if they found out about this," Keller mumbled as he took the money from the triplets.

"Maybe," Dlyon shrugged "but I've gotta make some money out of this shit." He replied nonchalantly.

"Oh, mine too, I wanna bet!" Dalton called out and both Keller and Dlyon questioned the boy's sanity with identical raised brows but neither objected to him putting out his cash. 

That's more money for him.

And four forks to your thighs, you dumbfuck, you are so stupid! 

The last thought on Dlyon's mind as the first fork got impaled into his thigh and with a twisted smirk, he watched the blood slip from his broken flesh.

No pain.

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