Map Of The Soul

Map Of The Soul

By:  Authoress Kamara   Completed
Language: English
4 ratings
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In a reality where the eyes can only experience color once a kiss is shared with a certain destined soulmate. Kai wants to find his soulmate, desperately. However, Finn wishes soulmates didn’t exist at all.

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slow burn was worth it seeing as Kai and Finn still got together in the end...
2022-11-10 19:16:07
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I really liked the way you showed the main character’s insecurities... you didn’t sugarcoat anything but still gave them a happy ending... love this, good job author
2022-11-09 21:27:42
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Really loved this story. Everything. The good and the bad. The soulmate concept and the ever realistic description of depression and anxiety and social insecurity, which made me think that only those who experienced it can so fully understand it. Although it never goes away I hope you’re doing well.
2022-09-20 03:31:33
user avatar
Authoress Kamara
The soulmate stuff is a new approach. It’s a really good book if you try it. Highly recommend.
2021-12-31 20:08:12
27 Chapters
Save Me
Map Of The Soul.Written by Authoress Kamara .Chapter 1: Save Me.Kai Webster wanted to fall in love so badly, the thought of it had been on his mind more often than usual for the past few weeks, occupying the back of his mind as he tried to concentrate for his mid term exams.  Right now, he saw it all around him, as he watched couples walking together around campus, gloves hands clasped together, bundled in jackets against the cold.  He shivered under the woolen layers of his own parka, his breath coming out in white faint puffs. 
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Map Of The Soul . Written by Authoress Kamara . Chapter 2: Run . Kai almost collapsed when he realized who the voice must have belonged to, half from the shock and half from the terrible state he was suddenly in.   The fear was still throbbing like a bruise in the back of his head, a stronger feeling than he had ever experienced from his soulmate before.   And he knew whatever happening must be bad because his soulmate must have be so desperate for help that he decided to contact him.   “Help me, plea
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I’m Fine
Map Of The Soul.Written by Authoress Kamara .Chapter 3: I’m Fine .After stumbling off the bus and into his new room on the university campus, all of his muscles aching from the sheer tension of the whole ordeal and his head spinning with exhaustion.  Finn almost asleep as he got inside.  Throwing his belongings down on the floor, and collapsing onto the bed full clothed, he passed out immediately at 4:00 in the morning.  So, when he woke up at 7:00 that same morning to get ready for a campus tour, h
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The Act Of Ignorance
Map Of The Soul.Written by Authoress Kamara.Chapter 4: An Act Of Ignorance .As Finn shuffled a step away from Adonis.  It wasn’t that he hated human contact, he was okay with handshakes and things like that.  But he was on edge today, and he had only just met the boy five minutes ago.  He didn’t seem too keen on accepting physical contact from someone he just met.  Thankfully, Adonis seemed to have noticed that and withdrew his
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His Fear
Map Of The Soul . Written by Authoress Kamara . Chapter 5: His Fear . Kai’s head rested in his hand, propping it up by his chin as he struggled to stay attentive during the lecture.   The professor, a short, old man with a talent for sounding incredibly boring, was talking on about something-Kai barely took in a word of what he was saying.   His eyelids felt leaden, threatening to close and swallow him in a much needed sleep.   The issues with his soulmate has been plaguing him for weeks now and it wa
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Map Of The Soul.Written by Authoress Kamara.Chapter 6: Euphoria . “What about you, Finn? You have a soulmate ?”. Jax asked.  It obviously wasn’t a serious question, just something to get off the topic of how miserable Adonis was, but it hit him all the same.  Smacked him in the face, slammed him with a brick wall, more like that, really.  The word coming out of Jax’s mouth, the word the one he hated, and the one he feared, and the one he despises with all of
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Map Of The Soul.Written by Authoress Kamara.Chapter 7: Empty.Finn woke up with a start, his forehead drenched with sweat and his fists clenched into tight balls.  Blinking rapidly as he attempted to steady his erratic breathing, he panicked for a moment as he took in his surroundings. He was still in the cafe, the bright lights glaring down harshly at him. He wasn’t sure how long it had been since he first lost consciousness and lost himself to whatever dark hell he had been stuck in but it couldn’t have been too long, the sun was still up at least though bar
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Thank you
Map Of The Soul.Written by Authoress Kamara.Chapter 8: Thank You .Kai woke up lying on his back, in the middle of campus, his books strewn about around him.  Hurriedly, he scrambled up and gathered them, shaking his head as he straightened up to try and clear his thoughts.  People barely spared him a glance as he began to speed away, heading for somewhere he could clear his mind.  He remembered falling down, he remembered losing consciousness. 
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A deserving hug
Map Of The Soul.Written by Authoress Kamara.Chapter 9: A deserving hug .Finn had woken up not with contentment from a good night’s sleep but with fear and regret.  He remembered, he remembered talking with Kai and then later he remembered reaching out to his soulmate and thanking him.  Two of the most outlandish, probably idiotic, things he had ever done in his life.  What had he done ?  His soulmate probably had his hope high now, p
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Focus on me
Map Of The Soul.Written by Authoress Kamara.Chapter 10: Focus On Me .Eventually the voices in the other room were too much to ignore, so he groggily rolled out of bed, nearly taking the covers with him.  It was only nine in the morning, impressively early considering that Kai had history of nearly sleeping into the afternoons on weekends. Pulling on a shirt from the selection thrown in a pile from the dresser, Kai Webster shuffled outside, curious to see who was here. The last person he expected was Finn
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