Chapter: 79.


Once the audio had finished playing, all was speechless and without a word. Nothing could have prepared them for what they've just listened to. JC didn't seem so surprised since he had listened to the audio a couple of times before coming out but it didn't make it any less hurtful when he saw the flashes of pain cross both Keller and Dylon's eyes, he saw them holding back tears the deeper they went into the recording.

"None of this makes sense." Keller snapped getting onto his feet and began pacing. "Why wasn't it among the ones sent to all of us? Why did you get this especially? Most of all, who made these damn videos and recordings?"

"Maybe someone who knew about Dalton being a lying bastard and--" Keller was neck-locking Owen the second he called Dalton that and Dylon was beside him in a flash, his eyes bloody and ready to attack and the other men had to get into position as they wouldn't want a fight to break out amongst them.

"Call him that one more fucking
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