Chapter 3

It was from a woman who is living about two towns away from mine. I didn't even read it cos it too far for my liking

I ignored it and continued my home work. After a while, I checked my laptop again and saw another request. 

Hey, I'm Katie and I need you to look after Rose, rose is my cat. Call me if you are interested (number) 

"Ew, no, I hate cats" I said to myself. 

A lot more request came but I'm not comfortable with all. Just as I'm about to lose hope, another request came.

Hi Melody, I'm Tanya and please I want you to look after my mother. It's just from 3-7. I do come back from work around 7. I have a son but he's useless lol, I'll be glad if you can accept my offer. This is my address (address) and my number (number)

I smiled as I read the letter. "Yes! This is the one and it's just the next street". 

I picked my phone and called the number "Hello" I said. Then I heard a very sweet voice, "Yes Hello, this is Tanya, may I know who's on the line?"

"Yes, this is Melody and I..." but she cuts me off

"Hey, Mel" she paused, "Sorry can I call u Mel?" she asked carefully as if afraid to hurt me. 

I chuckle "Yeah, sure you can" I said and smile to myself

"So, I read your request and I'm interested so, I just wanted to ask that when can I resume? " I said

"You can come now darling, I'm about to go out so I'll just explain a few things to you" she said

"You've seen the address right?" she asked

"Yeah. Okay, I'll be there in 10"

I hung up and quickly called Catherine to update her and she was so happy and she blabbed about wearing something nice before we hung up and I promised to tell her more at school tomorrow. 

I changed into a tank top and sweatpants. I tied my hair in a high ponytail and a white shoe. 

I went downstairs and saw my aunt already drunk in the sleeping room. 

"Naagaaalie... Ish dab you" my aunt said

I shook my head and gently opened the door and slid out. 

It took me about 8 minutes walk to get to Tanya's house. 

The house is a big house at least bigger than my aunt's house. 

I knocked on the door and what I saw shocked me. I felt like entering the ground then the first thing I asked was that I'm I in the right house. 

I wanted to turn back when I saw Kendall King, the School's bad boy, my cousin's boyfriend when the door opened wider and a young beautiful lady appeared. 

"Melody right?" The beautiful lady with shoulder-length brown hair with brown eyes said. 

"Um... Y.. Y.. " I stutter staring at Kendall in shock. 

Perhaps, is this where he lives. I'll have to quit this job

"Yes. Mi.. Mi.. Mrs. K.. King right?" I asked

"Yes darling and please call me Tanya and this rude boy here is my son Kendall" she said. 

This young woman is his mother? He is her son? Or did she adopt him? I thought to myself. 

"I know her. She's my classmate. Melody Tragers" he said smirking. 

"oh, you know each other, that's great. Please come in mel," she said 

Kendall and Tanya stepped back and I entered while Kendall closed the door behind me. 

The inside of the house is amazing. There are pictures of Kendall and his mom, Kendall, his mom and another older lady, not too old though, at least in her late fifties. 

Just then, a woman came in to the sitting room "Ah, you must be Melody" she said. 

"Yes, ma'am" I said. 

"I'm Gracy, the mother of Kendall's mother. In short, he's my grandson. And My! have anyone ever told you how pretty you look? You and my grandson will really..." She didn't get to finish her statement when she was cut off by Kendall 

"Aunt Gracy!" Kendall said warningly.

He's calling his grandmother aunt?

"Okay, okay son" she said smiling and I chuckle silently.

"Darling, please call me Aunt Gracy, I'm not that old for you to start addressing me like an old woman" she said and I smiled 

"Okay, Aunt Gracy"

Tanya explained a few things that all I need to do is keep her mom's company and she always love preparing dinner so I should help her and some other stuffs before she went out.

"I'll be in my room" Kendall said before going upstairs which I assumed is the way to his room. 

I sat down beside Aunt Gracy and we started chatting. 

I love her company. After a while, she told me she wanted to prepare dinner and I should get her some things from the store. 

She gave me a list of things to be bought. 

"You should call Kendall me. He always give me a ride whenever I want to go out" 

Before I could protest, she started pushing me up the stairs. 

"Go on...go on" she says repeatedly. 

After climbing about five steps, she stopped pushing but didn't stop saying go on 

I turned back and she gave me a thumbs up. 

I sighed and continued up the stairs. After all the steps is an hallway with six rooms, three to the right and three to the left. 

Then straight down, facing me is a balcony. 

I sighed cos I didn't even know which one of these rooms is his. 

Then, I heard shuffling from the last room. Since no one else his home except his grandma, who's in the living room and me, then that's probably his room. 

I stood in front of his door and knocked twice.

"Ugh... Aunt Gracy can't I... " the door opened and he paused.

"Mel" he said calmly. 

I'm starting to doubt he was the bad boy who assists my sister in bullying me. 

"Melody" I said correcting him. He doesn't have the right to call me Mel. 

I saw disappointment flash through his silver eyes but it quickly cleared. 

He cleared his throat "Why are you here?"

"I um... Aunt Gracy Um... To the... I Um... I... Auntgracytoldyoutogivemearide" I said. 

"can you be a little... Slower?" he asked

"I... Aunt Gracy said to give me a ride, we're going shopping" I said fiddling with my fingers. 

"Okay, lemme get my car keys" he said and entered his room back. 

"Where have you been all day" my drunk aunt barked as I entered the house after the day's work.

"Since when did you start worrying about my whereabouts" I said back calmly. 

"You bitch!, you now talk back isn't it, you've been sleeping around with boys isn't it?" she barked again furiously 

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