Chapter 28


The following day, Kendall offered to drive me to work.

He didn't even apologize or explain the reasons for his change of behavior the past days but I understood that everyone of us is tensed so I didn't bother to ask since he is back to his original self now.

He dropped me off at the front of the restaurant.

"Don't leave when you close. I'll come pick you up okay?" He said and I nodded.

He gave me a light kiss on the lip and I smiled. Yeah, we are back to this.

"Later" I said as I unlocked the car door and got down from the car. I watched as he drove off and I turned to enter the restaurant.

I looked around again, feeling someone's eye on me.

Everyone was busy going to their own place of work. Everyone was busy walking or chatting.

I wanted to start enter the restaurant when I saw a man on wheel turning his w

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