Chapter 8

I dragged my weary body to the door stop and I knocked on the door. 

I knocked again, then I heard my aunt's voice 

"I'm coming" she said "Natalie is that you?" she said as her footsteps became close and I readied myself for anything. No, I readied myself for everything

She opened the door and gestured me to come in. I was not shocked cos I know my aunt too well.

She didn't want the neighbors to interfere so she didn't attack me at the entrance.

I'm dead. I know it.

"Aunt Natasha, I.."

The next thing I received was a slap and everything became blur 

"You're just the same as your mother... You're a bastard" she said throwing anything she sees around her at me.

I winced at the pain but she continued not caring. 

"You ungratedul soul..."

That was when the real

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