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A dark-age gap-mafia romance about a little girl who finds herself keeping a 10-year promise to a shadow but will it be worth it? She's never seen his face. Will she still love him once she finds out who he really is...but one thing still lingers on her mind Is he real? If so why hasn't he tried to find her

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why she must die? is there sequel for this story.
2023-11-12 14:26:40
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don't make me regret reading this book... like why would she die?? and that's all..
2023-10-01 05:49:43
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please update author...and am glad Daniel has started to realize that amari cant be for him.... although I love him but i love shadow
2023-10-01 00:30:44
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This is a dark romance/first love romance and I really hope you guys like the story...please feel free to rate and comment your thoughts
2023-09-23 20:05:34
default avatar
I won’t be reading after the comment about her dying
2023-11-12 20:33:33
63 Chapters
Chapter 1: The promise
Amari POV: I must have dozed off because I felt a pair of hands wearing cold metallic rings touch my shoulder tenderly. Looking up I find myself staring at his silhouette "Hey sweetheart" I can't see his face but I know his smiling "Ahhh you touched me," I say almost screaming but I close my mouth shut. He places his finger against his face as he peels back to stand straight "Sorry, I'm just so excited you've never done that," I say softly. Shadow is a boy I met a couple of months ago every since then he's been coming over and reading me stories. He doesn't know it yet but in the future, he's going to be my boyfriend "And I'll never do it again but I know how much you wanted to talk so I woke you," he says his voice suddenly deep. He must also be growing up too "Your voice is getting deeper," I say smiling and he grunts "Yeah, I guess," he says nodding his head. Today for some reason he smells like the way my mother's car smells when something is broken and there's just smoke
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Chapter 2: Change
Amari POV:It's been a year and I haven't seen or heard from him. Each night I stayed up hoping that he would be back to talk me through the night but he never came. My birthday is today. I know that falling for some random stranger is not okay but his no stranger to me. He made me feel like a princess just by hearing me talk about my day. Yet now I'm alone all over again. Sometimes I get mad at the fact he walked out on me but I tell myself that he had his reasons and I understand that. My mom says if something is meant to be it will come back to you. At least all I have to do is keep our promise "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday to you Amari " my mom sings the Italian version as she kisses me on the cheek while dad takes a video of the whole thing "My darling is 9 years old today" he starts sniffling as he looks at us through the camera lens "Don't you dare cry Dad " I roll my eyes smiling "You are just getting old and more and more beautiful" he starts tea
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Chapter 3: Change part 2
Amari POV: Last night I couldn't sleep. A man kept screaming in the early morning to be let out. I cried during the whole night. I'm stuck here and my parents haven't tried to come rescue me. I don't even know where I am. I just want to go home. I'm still chained to the bedpost like a sad dog. I have no more tears left to cry over after this Sounds of locks being unlocked are heard before the door swings open "You a menace little lady," a male voice says. He comes to sit next to my bed in a wheelie chair. I don't say anything I just turn and I stare at him. "Well darling all you have to do is behave and take your medication and in no time you'll be out of this place free to go," he says tapping a syringe filled with a strange liquid. He brings it close to me and I try to get out of the chains away from him but it's useless "Calm down darling, it will all be over soon," he says rolling up my sleeve and injecting me with the syringe. I don't scream and I don't cry I mean what can I
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Chapter 4: Who the f*ck is Shadow
Amari POV : 2 years feel like a lifetime. I've been locked up in my assigned room since I attacked Bella that day. A doctor comes 3 times a day to give me an injection and a nurse comes to give me a couple of books so that I don't get bored. It turned out that there are words that can trigger my attacks and Shaow happens to be one of them. The nurse told me that I have a chance of getting out at 16 if I just control my hallucinations and I agreed but is she dumb if I could prevent them I wouldn't be in this freaking hell hole. I have lost weight and I've grown some boobs I'm glad about that. Period cramps haven't made my situation any easier but the nurse said it all comes with growing up I last saw my parents at the park that day and I've grown hatred towards them. How dare they keep me in this facility without even trying to see me? They put me here. They made me this way. If they just loved me right I wouldn't be sick "Amari " Jax whispers through my hatch "What" I murmur
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Chapter 5: Hi Honey
Amari POV:I can't believe it's been 5 years living in rehab. I'm 14 now. Whilst other girls get their coming of age parties .I stare at a Tv screen 24/7 , drinking 10 pills a day, getting injections and honestly I'm getting tired of this life. A few years ago I got interrogated by a police officer about Shadow . I didn't believe it at first I mean I could of hallucinated it all .It's hard growing up with my condition. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep and other days I pull out my hair and because of that they decided to shave my head.Could Shadow be real ...ah no the doctor said I need to stop thinking about him and I'm going to do exactly that.Flipping through the channels I hear a knock at the door. Yes they gave me a door and now I get to leave my room whenever . I'm getting better well better at not hallucinating "Come in" I say looking at the door. A girl with blonde hair comes into view and I smile "Hey bitch" she says throwing her tote bag on the floor"Ahhhhh your back ,
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Chapter 6: Home
Amari POV:"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Amari" Susie the nurse sings as she comes into my room with a cupcake with a candle on top ."Thank you , Susie" taking the cupcake I make a wish "Your finally leaving us after 7 years. Oh I'm going to miss you my little schizo" she squeezes me tight "Yeah yeah" rolling my eye's I pull away from the hug "Well you get packing I'll see you at the front desk at 10am" I nod my head and she leaves me to be.I don't know I have mixed feelings about this place . I mean I'm going to miss all the people in here but I will not miss the amount of medication and injections I had to endure. I no longer depend on the injections which means that I only take my prescribed meds. Maybe 1 or 2 pills a day to control my anxiety but that's not that bad .I packed my stuff even though it only took me five minutes I mean I only have a phone and the clothes I first came here wearing which isn't muchLooking at the watch it's 8:5
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Chapter 7: Home part 2
Amari POV:"Jason" I yell into the phone"You sound mad , what's wrong" he quizzes"I don't know what sick joke your playing but what the fuck Jason" I scream"Amari I don't know what your talking about" he says truly confused "The fucking teddy bear Jason , you know exactly. I just got out of rehab and you pull stunts like this" I drop to the floor and I sob"Amari I didn't get you a Teddy bear" he says and my eyes widen. My heart starts beating really fast in panic "Then who the fuck did Jason...please...please just say it was you" I sob even louder"Amari I think you should calm down" Bella tries to touch my shoulder and I shrug her off"Don't fucking touch me " I stand up and I back away from her. Happy 16 birthday sweetheart Love S The note haunts me.There is only one person I know with the intials S and it can't be him because his not real. His not "Jason....please - please just say it was you " I plead into the phone"Amari , I honestly don't know what your talking abou
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Chapter 8: Home part 3
Amari POV:Not one of my best nights of sleep but it will do.Picking up my phone a thousand messages pop onto my screen from Mom, Dad, Bella, and oh... fuck face JasonRolling out of bed I go towards the bathroom to freshen up. Removing all my clothes, I step into the shower. Turning on the faucet ice-cold water sprays onto my skin. I got so used to showering with cold water because of rehab that I realized that cold water is way better than hot waterI wash my hair and body with the hotel bar of soap and shampoo. Rinsed and done I step out of the shower to dry my hair and bodyEntering back into the room I wrap the towel around meKnock knock knockYou have to be kidding me, who could be knocking on my door right now? Walking towards the door, I look through the peephole"I know you're in there Amari" Jason calls out. Letting out a loud sigh I answer him "Go away, Jason," I say rolling my eyes"I put a tracking device in your phone," he says waving his phone by the peepholeOh my g
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Chapter 9: Welcome to high school
Amari POV: It's been a year and I haven't heard from my dad well it's not like I wanted him to call or anything. After we got kicked out of my childhood home we went to live with my Aunt and Uncle well until the incident. Flashback "Hey Amari" Uncle Will says coming into the guest bedroom I'm sleeping in "Hi," I awkwardly smile. It's not like him to come in here "Where's Bella " he quizzes looking around and closing the bedroom door "She uhm went to go visit her nonna," I say raising my eyebrow. I'm feeling uneasy right now but I'm telling myself it's fine. He starts coming towards me and I slowly start backing away pressing my back against the headboard "So how old are you now" he quizzes sitting on the edge of the bed right by my feet "I'm 16 " I hesitantly say bringing my knees closer to me "Oh wow your growing, you know in other countries kids your age are allowed to give consent" he chuckles as if he's trying to convince himself. Shivers go down my spine and I clutch hard
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Chapter 10: Enough
Amari POV:"Say you believe me " I grab my mom's hands"I mean sweetie I-" she frowns trying to come up with an excuse"You don't believe me " I let go of her hands and stood up feeling like she backhanded me "Honey I love you and if you say his real then I believe you," she says softly"Can you leave my room" I walk up to my door holding it open for her"Oh okay" She sounds hurt but I don't care.She leaves my room and I close the door behind her. Biting my nails I start pacing. I can't wait to turn 18, I can't take this anymore. I want people to meet Shadow. I'm tired of being the crazy psycho chickI am not crazy .....rightGoing towards my drawers I take out my pills. Putting two in my mouth I go to my bathroom and pour a glass of water. Chugging down the pills I look at myself in the mirror"This isn't you" I sigh turning around. Looking at the time it's 2:45 pm, I need to get back to school to attend detention. Putting on a hoodie I exit my room. Reaching the front door my mom
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