Sindy Kate

Sindy Kate

By:  Gia Hunter  Completed
Language: English
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Sin Series 2Have you ever experienced while browsing the Internet, all of a sudden, the ads pop-up? It’s annoying, isn’t it? Well, not in the case of a Brit heir to the Linton Empire. That’s how Clyve Linton meets the cam girl. In a millisecond, his eyes widen, his jaw drops, his muscles tense everywhere, and his um— Well, his life knocks over when he comes face to face with Sindy Kate, Westley, Harry, or whatever her real name is. And the only rule he never plans on breaking, he ends up throwing out his bloody window. Westley or better known as Harry Bloom left her luxurious life after being humiliated for some false claim. Her best friend took her in. When their lives turn upside down, she has to do something even if it means destroying the little reputation she has left. She becomes Sindy Kate. What happens when one of her viewers appears on her doorsteps, calling her the character she created? Is she willing to admit just for a promise to keep it secret? How far will she go to fight against her attraction when it is way stronger than her troubles she’s going to face in the future?

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complete both sin series.. absolutely amazing from gia
2023-04-23 18:31:38
user avatar
This is one of the best stories I have read.............All emotions are soo raw and nice. Lovely main characters ...️ I have read your other books author and they are awesome too.............️
2021-12-26 08:21:19
user avatar
another beautiful story, thank you Gia.
2021-11-15 07:11:50
default avatar
Great book!
2021-04-12 14:38:40
48 Chapters
Sindy Kate
CLYVE  All I COULD think at this moment was how good it felt to hit my bed and snore under my sheet.Alone.Not with the blonde who talked a lot— Emily.She kept batting her eyelashes as she told me about her first photoshoot experience. She was a boudoir model according to her profile on HeartRated owned by my
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Good News
WESTLEY  THE OAK trees rising out on both sides of the driveway were like a gateway to paradise. Those were one of many things around here that I learned to appreciate and love. There was also something in this place that I didn’t find in the city, perhaps its the serenity that the city couldn&r
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CLYVE  “YOU CAN’T and won’t ever control my life anymore, Skip because Dad told you so. It
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Definition of Hot
WESTLEY  Oh, boy. I’m in big trouble.I WAS SUCH a pig for treating the only guest we had so badly. My words just came out strong and wrong. Although, I must admit that I did it on purpose.To be honest, Clyve was hot, yet you couldn’t see an aura of a cocky playboy from the city who had only one goal in life—to get into your pants.
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CLYVE  ONE THING I knew about Keene and Westley was they were not together. I could see how they looked at each other—no eye-fucking, Keene’s eating her up with his eyes, or exchanging dirty looks between them. They were not romantically involved.Okay, that’s enough of snooping around, Clyve. Why did I even care? And why in the hell do I feel like it’s a relief?I watched them together while I was still in the cabin. Westley, Sindy, or if she was even that Sindy Kate. Although, I was pretty sure
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Westley & Clyve
WESTLEY  This is not a good idea.I TOOK a deep breath before knocking his cabin. Then a few moments later, the wooden floor squeaked, and the door swung open.My breathing held in my lungs for a moment and my wide eyes landed down below his face. Unconsciously. Holy! Why in the hell was this man so hot? I mean like off that chart freaking hot. Groaning, I turned around because my face was probably beet red. I could feel the blood rushing up my n
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Her Voice
CLYVE  This woman is something.ONE MOMENT she was fiery, then became friendly all of a sudden. It was not that I was complaining, but she was like having a switch—transforming into a beast when the clock ticked midnight—a stunning beast thoug
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Jack, My Mate
CLYVE  I STROLLED around the property, taking pictures after the breakfast we had together.I stole glances at Westley every now and then when Keene was not looking at us. The bloke seemed so gormless. They were friends for a few years, and it was impossible he didn’t have any idea what his roommate had been doing at night, or he chose not to question her choices in life.I was still wondering why she had to be a camgirl at night if she had a day job in the antique shop. I knew it didn’t pay much, but that would do the bills.
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Sell to the Devil
WESTLEY  Crap!What was I thinking? I knew something didn’t add up. Did he really want me to be his model or he was up to something?My head snapped to the footsteps behind me.Keene showed off his cocky smile. “Good job.” He raised his mug.“I’m doing all of these for you, dumbass.” I got back to my swing. “Any news?”
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WESTLEY  THE SILENCE stretched between us. Bad idea. Now I completely regretted coming over, asking for his help because he must be damn mocking at me right now.When the tingles swept at the back of my neck toward my face, I stood up. My shaky legs numbly stepped away from the still silent Clyve.Fear of humiliation had already gotten into me. I swallowed hard as I gathered myself, ready to bolt out of this ca
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