Chapter 9

"What the fuck woman?"

He seethed in rage. Never in his twenty seven years someone dared to slap him. And here this fragile woman with fire in her eyes slapped him. Either she is extraordinarily brave or she's simply a fool.

She felt his fingers tightened around her throat making her breathing sparse. She was clawing at his hands but to no avail. He didn't even budge. His eyes were looking so vicious long gone was the icy cold gaze but was replaced with dark raging one.

"Ssss-top!" She whispered heavily.

He did the total opposite and jerked her forward towards himself. His face was merely inches away from her. Her feets were barely touching the floor and her eyes and face was completely red. Black dots started to form in her vision. At that moment she felt like this is it. She's going to die! She started reciting kalima shahada.

"Never! Just never even think of disrespecting me again. I won't be merciful next time." With that said he let go of her and she fell on the floor taking large gulps of oxygen.

She hasn't even gathered herself, he crouched down in front of her and caressed her cheek lovingly.

Bipolar barbarian!

His face was cold as always and there was no ounce of emotions on his face.

Psycho! bipolar! beast!

She jerked back from his touch as if it burned her. She was scared of him and it was evident on her face. He kept on staring at her. She hesitatingly backed away from him and slowly stood up on her wobbly legs and ran towards her room.

She locked the door but that wasn't enough. She knew she isn't safe in this place but what he offered her was so disgusting and ridiculous that she wanted to kill him. And like always without thinking much she did what came first in her mind. And it almost got her killed. She must leave this place as soon as possible.

She removed her hijab in front of the mirror and saw bluish finger marks on her throat. Tears slipped down her eyes and she cried in front of her lord.

Alex was frustrated from past four days. Those doe like blue orbs were eating his brain cells. He couldn't understand why he kidnapped her in the first place. Even the answer is clear as crystal that she's here to pay the debt.

Huh! Keep convincing yourself.

His brain retorted. He closed his eyes in annoyance and her face appeared in his thoughts. "FUCK!"

He cursed out loud.

He wasn't visiting the mansion from past four days so that he could clear up his mind. But he didn't know, it will all be wasted. When he'll see her again. He could still smell her rosy sent. Feel her soft curves.

When he offered her the deal. He never expected her to be this angry or violent. And his reaction was instant as he is a short tempered man. That was necessary to teach her to never disrespect him again. He was paying one million dollars for one night and it was enough. Any other woman would have taken the offer at once.

But this feisty blue eyed tigress is something else. His lips twitched up in a slight smile.


"Jack stop eating my food or else you'll face the consequences." Alizey warned him threateningly. But all he did was continued to feast on her breakfast. Mia on the other hand was completely engrossed in eating her own food. She felt so angry.

No body messes with my food!

Alizey started rattling the cabinets until she found the thing she was looking for. She made a paste of red chili powder and slowly she moved to stand behind him. Mia gave her a pessimistic look to which Alizey only winked. Before Mia could utter a word Alizey poured the chili paste on his neck.

He shrieked like a girl and stood up abruptly due to which the paste went further inside the shirt at his back. "What did you do?" He asked extravagantly.

Alizey took his seat and started eating her breakfast instead of replying. He just stood there glaring at Alizey. But after few seconds his nose scrunched up and his facial expressions changed into painful. "Holy fuck! It's burning. You vixen! What did you put?"

"Never mess with my food again. And it's a chili paste on your back."

His face morphed into a horror one and he started screaming like a girl. "Oh My! Fuck this. Get this thing off me. Oh GOD!"

Mia and Alizey started laughing as he started dancing like a monkey to get the paste off. He gave them a glare as he ran to his room to take shower.

After dinner Alizey retired to her room. She did her ablution and did her Esha prayers. She hold her hands up for dua. "Ya ALLAH please keep my family and friends safe and protected. Please save me from this world. Give me enough strength to protect my respect and dignity. Please help me Ya ALLAH I wanted to escape this hell. Guide me please. Always give me strength to stay on the right path. Ameen."

She completed her prayers and wiped the tears. She stood and folded her prayer mat but stopped abruptly as her eyes landed on the man standing in front of her door as her door was half opened.

He was looking keenly at her.

His body was that of a wrestler. He was so tall and intimidating.His neck and hands were completely covered in tattoos and there was scar on his jaw which was giving him a more scary look. His cold blue eyes observing her. She just prayed that he didn't heard anything. She moved towards her door and now she felt even more intimidated. "C-can I h-help you?" She asked hesitantly but that wrestler just left without a word, to the room in front of hers. So it's his room she thought. "Rude!" She whispered under her breath.

Beast is emotionless but this man here is epitome of emotionless!

In morning Alizey always wakes up early to do Fajar prayers. After she prayed. She immediately started working on her plan. It was her chance the beast wasn't in the mansion. She got at least three hours before everyone wakes up.

She changed into a large hoodie and tights. She wore her hijab and took a small bag with her which contains a water bottle, few pieces of bread and an apple.

She made a long rope like thing with the curtains that Cane brought for her. She knew if she asked the curtains from Mia, she might suspect something suspicious and Alizey can't risk to get her involved in this. Cane was the safest option at that moment because his posture indicates his authority as he's someone important to these criminals after beast. And nobody can suspect him for helping Alizey. If they do suspect him they won't dare to question him. Where as on the other hand they can harm Mia as she's simply a maid.

She secured the curtains sort of rope with the bed post and slowly walked towards the window.

I can do this! YA ALLAH guide me.

With internal motivation she slowly started to move out of the window. When her feets were in the air and her full weight was on the rope. She felt her heart beating erratically. Slowly and gradually she started moving down.

"Alizey? Where are you?" Mia's voice from the room panicked Alizey. Mia must have noticed the rope as she dashed towards the window and when she saw Alizey, Mia looked scared. Mia motioned Alizey to come back as she couldn't speak because someone can hear it. Alizey felt her eyes tearing up because now it's up to Mia if she spoke up. Alizey would be a dead meat.

"Please!" Alizey pleaded silently. Mia was also crying by now and nodded her head for Alizey to go. Alizey contemplated a bit but offered "Come with me." Alizey mouthed and in reply Mia smiled softly and mouthed. "I can't." With that Mia moved back in.

Alizey's breathing was labored. As soon as her feets touched the ground she felt an adrenaline rush through her system.

In front of her was the large forest. It was at the back side of the mansion because from the front side there were so many guards with guns and all. But the thing that irked her was why there were no guards or anything at the back. But she had little time to think about it.

With the new found energy of freedom she ran into the forest. She has planned everything out. She would go to Amir the first thing. Because if she went to her home the beast will catch up to her. With Amir's help she can move out of the country, Amir always have strong people as sources and he is very rich. She can start a new life with her family. And when she'll complete her studies she'll pay back Alex every single penny.

She was continuously running for so long that her breathing was raged and her lungs were burning. She was panting heavily. She was scared because she was aware of the wild animals which might eat her up if she won't fasten her pace.

By now she was well aware that where ever she is. Is far away from the civilization and dread started to creep into her heart.

Out of no where she heard the horn of a car and in an instant she dashed towards the sound, highway was now visible to her and from her peripheral vision she saw a sleek black Land Rover

speeding. She abruptly ran in front of the car.

The car stopped with a screeching sound and hit her legs. She fell back hitting her forehead and elbow in the process. There were no serious injuries. It was rational of her doing this but this is her only chance.

Ignoring her pain she immediately stood up and moved towards the drivers side. The windows of the Land Rover were tinted black so it was impossible to see whose inside.

She started banging on the glass slightly. "Please pl-please help me!"

No reply not a single voice. She was panicking by now. If this car left her here then there are really less chances of her escaping from the beast. "Please someone is after me. Help me! please."

Alizey heard the door being unbolted. She moved a bit back to give enough space to person to come out.

Her steps faltered as she saw who it was. Her blue doe like orbs met with the icy grey ones. Her face paled.

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